The Food Stamp Capital of the U.S. is WHITE and REPUBLICAN


In spite of the prevailing stereotypes and assumptions about who uses SNAP Food Stamp benefits the most in the United States, the highest usage is not in Compton, Queens, nor the South Side of Chicago. Instead, a city that is 99.22% white and 95% Republican comes in the lead. Owsley County, Kentucky is a community of about 5,000, residents earning the lowest median household income in the country outside of Puerto Rico, according to the U.S. Census.

The decline in the profits from coal, tobacco and lumber industries led to a harsh toll being taken on the community.

Cale Turner, county executive of Owsley County told ABC back in 2010 that economic hardships have led to a high incidence of drug addiction.

“Those with drug addictions end up in prison without effective treatment. And it happens over and over in this community. The drug problem continues to get worse every year.”


Strangely enough, the residents of Owsley County are almost entirely Republican, in spite of the traditional opposition to the Food Stamp program by the GOP. In fact, just last November, residents of Owsley saw their SNAP benefits reduced drastically as a result of Republican opposition to funding the program.


This might rank among the greatest of ironies in history: the Food Stamp Capital of the U.S. is almost entirely white and Republican.

About the author: M.B. David is the author of several scholarly works on Middle Eastern politics, history and religion, such as People of the Book: What the Religions Named in the Qur’an Can Tell Us About the Earliest Understanding of “Islam” as well as the recently published Sci-Fi novel Sleeper Cell 2240: Memoires of the 21st Century Interplanetary Revolution. He is currently working on his doctorate, writing a dissertation focused on the non-profit Hashlamah Project Foundation and associated global study circles.

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  • Politically Constipated

    Unfortunately, fraud and abuse is blind to political affiliation when access to the handout is practically mandated . But more to the point of the article. It’s not the people on the welfare, its the rampant promotion of the welfare that incites the abuse. That is the political debate and the Democrats are for expanding the abuse

    • jimmywitz

      No wonder your screen name is “politically constipated” because you’re totally full of sh*t, Sir.
      Do you have any evidence of “rampant” fraud and abuse? And what exactly did you mean that “access to the handout is practically mandated”?.
      This is obviously a community which has been totally devastated by the decline of its traditional industries, and which has been abandoned by not only the rest of its state, but by the country as a whole as well.And there is real and palpable suffering going on here; suffering which you, Sir, seem to be totally immune to both emotionally and intellectually.
      The fact that they consistently vote against their own best interests by voting for the very people who would keep them in such desperate poverty only adds to the tragedy. And you, Sir, not only have no heart, you have no love for our country or its citizens.

      • Politically Constipated

        Typical response … call people names and neglect to debate the issues. If you actually read the article and were able to interpret it, the tone was to the effect that the community with the highest food stamp usage was a white community not a black community. The article’s author made it racial. I replied to that tone and I merely point out that poverty is blind. However, there is rampant abuse in the system. Proof, there is plenty of it if you venture beyond the confines of MSNBC.

        Oddly, you postulate that these particular conservative white folks, who vote for Republicans, have voted themselves into their situation. Apparently, you are not aware that it is the Democratic Party that is regulating the coal industry out of business, not the Republican Party. So you are way off on that assertion.

        Whether I am compassionate or not is irrelevant to the undertone of race baiting in this article, to which I replied.

        You will note that I did not denigrate you in my reply I just succinctly point out that you don’t know what you are talking about.

        • Rick

          “Proof, there is plenty of it if you venture beyond the confines of MSNBC.”

          No, that’s not “proof”, it’s an assertion.

          You made a statement filled with unsupported accusations. A person replied with an argument and you claimed that no argument had been made. And then you make the same argument again and claim that an assertion is a proof.

          You claim both that food stamps are “rammpantly promoted” and that Democrats are “promoting abuse”. Both claims are risible and unsupported.

          • Politically Constipated

            So, because you won’t look beyond your own comfort zone, you believe there is no fraud?

          • wiseoldsnail

            there is rampant, enormously costly fraud by those receiving corporate welfare . little to none when it comes to programs used by individuals and families

            do your homework

          • Jerry

            Actually I have seen proof on my local news as they sent out their own investigative unit and made actual buys of food stamps from people selling them. These people would rather work for their money in one of the most dangerous jobs out there in the mines but Obummer is shutting them down and they have no choice. Not like the people buying their food with food stamps wear high priced jewelry and clothes fat as all get out and an attitude to match. They leave the store in car others can’t afford and you say there is no fraud???

          • Angel

            A- anecdotal to say the least. Anecdotal “evidence” doesn’t qualify as real evidence. Also why did you not name the specific channel and perhaps the name of the reporter? Could it be that you are making this up?

            B- I am just guessing here but methinks you are on snap yourself. I’ve never seen a snap receiver drive a car that a working man supposedly can’t afford. They ride the BUS. Apparently, you are not very well aquainted with REALITY, are you?

          • kurtsteinbach

            Actually, some SNAP recipients own cars and have nice clothes. When you get SNAP, they do not make you sell your nice clothes that you already own. In addition, i can and have bought very nice clothes at thrift stores myself. They also do not make you sell your car when you are on SNAP, since most SNAP recipients work and use their car to to work….

          • lheurebleue

            In SE KY? Are you kidding? What bus is that? Might be a few rusty school buses around.

        • Ronin

          Since when is stating a fact race baiting? Let me tell you something you already know but choose to ignore. Ronald Reagan fired the first salvo in creating the black welfare queen stereotype when he ran for president. Republicans have carried on that BS stereotype for over 30 years and have only grown more rude and incendiary with it. These poor white people somehow believe that voting Republican will get them out of their present condition. Considering the rhetoric of Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Paul Ryan, Michelle Bachmann, Rand Paul, numerous other Republicans that push the stereotype that its blacks but not these people themselves that are poor and they believe it is unreal. Its absolute poppycock but nevermind that for a second. You said that its Democrats that have regulated the coal business out of existence? IT seems to me that every time I watch TV I see commercials for clean coal or read Wall Street reports that energy companies with heavy investments in coal are doing just fine. So do give us all on this board a crock of S on Democrats regulating the coal industry out of existence. Wall street and energy corporations say different.

          • kurtsteinbach

            The only “Welfare Queens and Kings” out there are the Kocks, Walmart, McDonald’s, and the oil industry via corporate subsidies. By the way, “clean coal” technology doesn’t exist. It hasn’t been invented yet. It’s a myth….

        • Yoodig

          There is little to no regulation on the coal industry. How ’bout the tons and tons of coal-ash put right into the rivers and streams of Kentucky? Do they have to clean it up? NO! they DON’T! What regulation?
          The point of the article was that they vote republican, and these people would take the food right out of their mouths, since it comes from food stamps, or SNAP, that is. They would starve due to lack of money from a paycheck, due to no jobs, due to offshore-ing all the jobs to 3rd world nations, if not for the supplemental nutrition of SNAP, and they still vote for these D bag republicans.
          You still don’t prove any “fraud and abuse” of the SNAP program. The people of the Kentucky county really do need food, no abuse there. They just want to eat until they have a chance to get a job or go somewhere that there is a job. And so do millions of others in other places.
          I didn’t call YOU names either you dumb ass.

        • Ellen Hopkins

          Um… the coal industry is is running itself out of business. Have you read the news lately? It is poisoning the water of those who work in it. It is spilling chemicals and spewing garbage into the air. There are alternative energies available, and this country better damn sure invest in them because coal and oil and natural gas will poison the human race into extinction.

        • Librarian

          Politically Constipated: College English 101, sir.. link a source and who funds it.. otherwise your argument doesn’t hold any weight and might as well be disregarded as bias fluff.

      • Applachianborn

        It wasn’t the Republicans who decimated the coal industry in eastern Kentucky, or the tobacco industry, for that matter. It’s Democrats and their “global warming scam” and their determination to tell everyone what they should or should not eat or smoke, that has devastated these industries. Obama made it very clear he intended to destroy the coal industry and he kept his word on that one thing. As for welfare, it’s always been Democrats pushing welfare and dependency instead of work and personal responsibility. Spin it any way you want to, you can’t hide the truth!

        • Thors45

          What did the coal industry in was fracking. It’s been a game changer and natural gas supplies have never been so plentiful or cheap. Coal is going the way of the whaling industry, it is being supplanted by new sources and technology.

          What did the tobacco farmers in was the tobacco companies. Under Reagan the import duties on everything fell – including tobacco. With cheaper sources they didn’t need to buy from American farmers.

          • wiseoldsnail

            fracking, like coal digging, are both deeply hazardous to the health of every person and to the planet … the waste is all around us, while the ‘developers’ and ‘investors’ laugh all the way to the bank, leaving ruined lands, poisoned water and air, and sick people and wildlife in their wake

        • lheurebleue

          The truth is, you’re full of pickled baloney. You sound quite typical of the Kentuckian who will by God fight CLEAN solar, wind power, and natural gas and cling to FILTHY coal and tobacco even though the first gave him blacklung and the second gave him cancer. Thanks for proving me right. You can’t be taught ANYTHING.

        • paul123454321

          The main cause of the depressed coal economy is cheap natural gas. Not only does natural gas burn cleaner than coal it is much cheaper.

      • Roy

        We all know that there is a lot of fraud and abuse going on being championed by Demonrats and they want to expand on this,thats so they can control everyone. The Demonrats know what is good for you and will force you to accept it.How STUPID do you think the American people are????Time to get ol NUMNUTS out.

        • wiseoldsnail

          the fraud and abuse is done by those receiving corporate welfare, to whom republicans and democrats alike grovel daily

        • Angel

          You only prove the stupidity of the american people- well at least in your party! By the dumb comment you just made!

    • Ron Jacobs

      It’s always somebody else’s fault, isn’t it? The biggest problem with GOP rightwingers is their refusal to accept responsibility for any of the ill effects of their anti-human pro-super-rich policies. May you end up on SNAP benefits AFTER they end them.

    • aspen

      feeding people is abuse…hmmm

    • Sierrall

      I don’t think the Democratic Party made any of the 99.22% of this White Republican City and made them accept food stamps. So, the next question how many in this town, ABUSE SNAP??????

      • kurtsteinbach

        Politically Constipated: No one makes or forces anyone to accept welfare or SNAP, certainly not the Democratic Party. If Republicans hate SNAP and Welfare so much, they can always choose to starve and become homeless. Sounds absurd, but no one is forced to take SNAP or Welfare, and those who are on it, 99% of them need it and want to get off of it. There are job search requirements that go with being on SNAP and Welfare/TANF now. An Obama era addition that Bush wasn’t interested in, and didn’t want to fund….

    • Joe

      And what about the rampant promotion of corporate welfare? Don’t see a problem there huh? They take billions more than any other group, so if you’re going to slam welfare don’t you think you ought to include the rich? Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

      • Politically Constipated

        Well, my original comment was to be succinct and actually was addressing political blindness of poverty, but its expansion under Democratic initiatives.

        On corporate welfare, I might start with GE and its CEO Jeff Immelt. But, the problem is that corporations create jobs and corporate welfare is often used to entice a company to locate in a particular area. Are you against the jobs that are created?

        A balance has to be struck on all welfare. Unfortunately, self serving politicians help propagate abuses.

        • wiseoldsnail

          you don’t know anything about this . do some work . one thing increasing the welfare rolls is the practice by enormous, insanely profitable corporations of underpaying workers

          if you don’t already know this, nothing you say matters

          these companies are the ones reaping benefits of snap, as it is their FULL TIME WORKERS who are having to receive assistance to get by . this is indirect subsidies of obscene profits for corporations

          learn it

        • Angel

          Corporate welfare does nothing more than enrich CEO’s and allow companies to move OUT of the United States. Ignorant like most all GOP’ers aren’t you?

          • Judith_Priest

            Kisses the hand that smacks him, like ALL middle-classers and working-classers that love, Love, LOVE them some GOP!!!

    • http://politicalblindspot Nevy

      Man. you must be poorly educated. Republicans have always been the highest beneficiaries of any government money or care they can get. Democratsare stupid to give any gutless republican anything for ther racist,bigotted,hateful attitude toewards the poor. Funny they should attack there own party and dems should cut you dunb-asses off of welfare.

      • Politically Constipated

        You are right, those crazy Republicans like Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi pretending they raise bees or have farming operations on their land to get farming welfare. Although, when the government makes it easy to abuse the system I would say that is rampant promotion.

        And yes, all of us conservatives are hateful and bigoted. Actually, I wouldn’t mind the Dems cutting off the welfare spigot and retuning the care for our fellow man back to us as friend, neighbors, and community members. Unfortunately, progressives believe government should do that because that way they don’t have to do the heavy lifting themselves. The government can do it!

        • wiseoldsnail

          your beloved michelle bachmann and her gay husband defraud the system (and their own clients) by accepting medicaid payments for debunked ‘pray the gay away therapy’ in their unlicensed ‘treatment’ offices

        • rahollier

          Since that worked out so well in the past for needy families who relied solely on the kindness of their communities for food, clothing and shelter. Why before food stamps, Medicaid, and the like, we had not poor in this country! BTW – “government” isn’t some abstract entity. WE are the government, and WE, as a majority want to have programs in place to help those in need.

    • Grey Parker

      All this “abuse” you keep making assertions about make a snappy bumper-sticker but they aren’t reality based.

      Actual abuse in the form of overpayments and payments to the ineligible is at an all time low.

      In fact, total fraud and abuse across the entire benefits system you’re smearing tops out at under 3%. This makes SNAP one of the MOST efficient and least abused programs of any governmental department. Period.

      • wiseoldsnail

        don’t confuse constipated with facts … it’s head might pop off

    • 0z79

      I’m unable to work due to loud noises and unexpected changes really freaking me out; I also have serious issues with my feet and legs.

      I have tried and tried to work; unless I’m guaranteed a place to work quietly, with no interruptions and no side-bars or comments from the peanut gallery, I can’t work with other people.

      SSI allows me to live with a little dignity.. I truly need it. People love messing with one another too much for someone with a social learning disability to work with them.

      So.. whenever I see someone from outside of this country coming in with umpteen children, who can barely speak this language (after all, to visit France you must understand French), and cut into what so many of my fellow U.S citizens rely upon because they’re just ill-equipped to deal with people’s drama…

      OK, whatever. Come into this country, take money from its citizens and add to the issues of everyone, including those who have enough problems dealing with the ultra-competitive bullshit we call a culture…


      • wiseoldsnail

        ? this is a really strange comment . we don’t have a national language in this country . you know that, right? france is the size of colorado … people come into this country and work … and contribute in many ways, including by spending what money they make

        willard romney doesn’t do that … he has never worked for a living, has ‘invested in’ and helped ‘run’ companies whose task is literally to drive companies into the ground for a profit … and hides his money in offshore accounts to avoid paying taxes

        i know which type of person i’d rather have for a neighbor

      • lheurebleue

        Do you believe that if all the immigrants went home tomorrow that you would get MORE SSI benefits? Please. That extra money would mysteriously disappear overnight…

  • zenobia

    Hi “Politically Constipated”! i’m not sure if you read Jimmywitz’s response or not, but cause there was no name calling. also, he asked for proof of the “rampant” abuse, of which you gave none. you said to venture beyond msnbc. um…. that is proof? wow. well then, write your thesis up and publish it! also, the issue was clearly debated. not sure how welfare is promoted… also not sure how dems are for the abuse of welfare. ask any democrat (if you know any, that is) if they are for welfare abuse. try it. see what they say. i PROMISE you that they are not for the abuse of welfare. are you seriously, as in, in your functioning brain, thinking that dems are for the abuse of welfare? jesus christ on a stick.

    • zenobia

      “but cause” should be “because”- sorry for that.

  • http://Facebook Rudewaitress

    The biggest fraud is JP Morgan Chase bank making billions of the SNAP program!!

    • Politically Constipated

      Well then, why doesn’t anyone do something about that? If JP’s action are fraudulent and Congress does nothing, are they not complicit in the fraud? That wouldn’t be proof though, would it?

      • wiseoldsnail

        why don’t you do something about it? instead of sitting there blaming u.s. economic woes on those receiving food stamps?

      • Thomas Hillgardner

        Starting to wake up? Did you just learn today for the first time how much money JPMC makes on the SNAP program? If so, then you had no place in this debate as you failed to educate yourself about the facts before spouting your uneducated opinion. And that in a microcosm is exactly the same problem with all the whites who vote Republican in America’s #1 County for receipt of SNAP benefits. They, too, are uneducated about SNAP benefits before they pull the lever in the voting booth. As long as you let the two major parties divide us on guns, abortion, marriage equality, and gun rights, you fail to appreciate how important it is to get money out of politics and end income inequality,

    • Mary


  • kj kramer

    The reason these poor republicans vote republican is because they hate gays, blacks and democrats. They are too stupid to realize the food stamps, welfare and social security are from the Democrats.

    • Nolan

      Have you been to this part of Appalachia? I live in the next county over and understand it very well. So if you would like to discuss the reasons for our voting positions on election day I would be glad to explain them. Just let me know and I will answer any questions that you may have.

      • JonEdHil

        OK, so what are they?

        • tr60

          Yeah, why did you make your statement without bringing out your points. You haven’t said anything, just made noise.

          • Jay Rasco

            The rest of us got the point though!

          • JonEdHil

            Which was…?

          • kristine08


          • Michael Bath

            dumb. most of the people in that town have never even SEEN a black person up close. that is a community of FIVE THOUSAND PEOPLE who’s livelihoods were utterly DESTROYED by ivory tower liberal policies.
            THAT is why they vote republican.

          • Corey L

            Not really..Nightline did a show on that area a few months back and most said they vote republican because they are christians, anti abortion and pro family (which usually means anti gay) So, anti abortion, anti gays usually has anti Black not far behind…

          • Betty Eyer

            Never seen a black person? Oh, come on. They don’t drive their cars into walmart now and then. Please.

          • tr60

            Eh, I gotta defend him on this one. What most black people don’t realize (and many urban whites) is there are wide swaths of this country where no black people live, or visit. They have no experience outside of what they see on TV. I grew up in the rural Midwest and all the way until I graduated from HS (1975) I knew of only one black family that had ever lived in the area. There were some old black guys that worked on the railroad but they didn’t live in that town. I don’t recall having a conversation with a black woman until I was twenty.

            I remember the name of the first black woman I knew personally. She was beautiful, extremely intelligent and a far better scholar than me. She kept hinting that she was willing to go out with me. My thoughts were what would this gorgeous creature, the daughter of a college professor, see in the son of a hog farmer, and I was terrified she would find out what a hick I was….

      • JonEdHil

        Still waiting.

        • Jay Rasco

          Well don’t hold your breath!

          • JonEdHil

            Well, fine. Unfortunately, my question wasn’t asked of you, and the person I DID ask still hasn’t followed through on his promise. Is that yet ANOTHER characteristic of Appalachia?

      • Kenny

        I’ve been to the part of Appalachia. The vast majority of them are racist, bigoted and ignorant. They’ve been brainwashed to believe white people are superior to minorities. They’ve been brainwashed to believe conservatives are “makers” and liberals are “takers.” When the facts say otherwise.

        • rejectrepublicanlies

          West Virginia is like that too.

          • Kenny


        • jkld

          and yet, they themselves take it in BIG quantities.

          • Kenny

            You’re absolutely correct.

      • rejectrepublicanlies

        You vote based on your love for guns, hate of abortion and your racism.

        • Pet_Orange

          Says the real bigot and racist.

          • kristine08

            says nobody except you……GREED is the mantra of the GOP.

      • jkld

        I grew up in Appalachia and still have relatives who are miners. And yes, they ARE bigoted and YES they vote primarily GOP, and YES, they ARE on welfare/black lung/social security. I left because my parents were professionals and told me to get out into the real world and don’t EVER look back.
        They were right.

      • Harbinger08

        I know it, and I know Wolfe and Lee, too. You know as well as I that people there are not happy about the president being black. Open racism is very commonplace. Even among registered Democrats Hillary Clinton destroyed President Obama in the primaries. I recall her getting up to 80% in some of the rural counties. And those were the Democrats. I can’t even imagine how many white Republicans in the entire state would even consider voting for a black person. I expect it has to be pretty near zero.

    • Politically Constipated

      That’s very tolerant of you.

      • rejectrepublicanlies

        Constipated, you’re attempting to dodge that facts stated in his reply. Spare us the phony indignation. You folks hate blacks, Hispanics, gays, etc. We know it and you’re not fooling us.

    • Kenny

      You’re absolutely correct!!!

    • kristine08

      Thank you…..a voice of reason.

  • Johnny Chaos

    Ironies aside… the fact that the biggest concern is squashing the ambiguous concept of SNAP system abuse, instead of the mentioning the real cause of the problem here. More importantly, no mention of the issue of lack of educational resources available to the community, ironically brought about by purely Republican policies.

    As for Democrats regulating coal industry and production out of business… well, that seems like its actually good for the planet to happen. I’d ask them to find something else to do that adds value to the earth instead of acting entitled to that job, regardless of the environmental consequences to everyone else in the world.

    Intelligent Americans laugh out loud at Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina and West Virginia… bless your Jesus loving, gun-toting, animal killing, gay-hating, self-righteous, racist hearts.

    Fat, white, red-state Amer-cuns living in poverty would rather do without Food Stamp or government assistance in order to prevent similar aid that might go to African or Latino Americans. They vote Republican, even though Republicans keep poor white-trash Amer-cuns at the bottom of the poverty barrel. Hilarious!

    • Nolan

      Glad to know liberal America feels that way about us here in the Appalachian Mountains. I thought the Democrat party was the party of love and this country is big enough for us all. Well looks like it is, unless that is if you are from my neck of the woods here in eastern KY. What’s that thing the progressives are always saying about prejudice and stereotypes.I guess you missed that segment during the DNC.

      • Angel

        Why should anyone accept willfully ignorant people? In all the tolerance, “tolerating” people who harm themselves and others is not part of that whole deal. And if you talk about hatred the GOP outstrips any other political group in the world except perhaps Muslims. It’s ironic- Christians hate muslims (and reasonably so) but they are almost exactly the SAME!

        • Midge

          Yeah…. but at the same time, as twisted (and perverse) as they are, they’re not beheading people, raping corpses, blowing up children or stoning women.

          • Angel

            They would if we let em!

          • SuYe

            It is likely Angel. If not for the regulations they hate so much who knows!

      • lheurebleue

        Well, then, what are you doing to fight the stereotype? I live in Somerset, not quite coal country, and what I see here disgusts me to the core. People living like pigs, screwed out of everything by corrupt local bigshots, and STILL VOTING REPUBLICAN for reasons that are nothing less than insane.

        • Midge

          Yeah, this country is nuts. Everyone out there is sedated and brainwashed.

      • JonEdHil

        Same thing I tell “gangstas”: if you don’t like stereotypes, quit being one.

      • J.R. Crews

        Mainstream progressives aren’t true liberals. They’re frauds! They’re nothing more than right wing extremists in drag! People who discriminate against people over appearance are nothing more than bigots! There is only one race in this world and that is the human race!

    • Politically Constipated

      Watch out for that climate change regulating government you so desire. They just might regulate all that CO2 you are emitting.

    • wolfendenpackleader

      actually all of the oil and other byproducts from fracking are the true culprits of the demise of coal and besides, mines are not safe and Black Lung disease is not something I would wish on anyone.

    • J.R. Crews

      And what does their skin color have to do with anything? That’s another reason why I can’t stand political hacks. Their policies are garbage. The far left wants to over regulate companies to a point that jobs are destroyed and the far right will do just about anything to get rid of food stamps and other benefits for the needy. How can you pick one over the other? Both policies (getting rid of food stamps, over regulating businesses) are equally as destructive!

      • Thomas Hillgardner

        The destructiveness of government regulation is vastly overstated usually by corporatists who are just interested in more money for themselves and who do not really care about their employees.

    • fifthdentist

      I agree with your comment. Except for the Georgia part. We are not to be compared to Kentucky, Tennessee and West Va. Georgia will be a purple-ish state by 2016, not quite there but moving in that direction.
      We have close to the numbers, it’s just getting them out.
      Another impact of the Citizens United decision showed up huge in this election, I believe. The impact of three months of non-stop political ads on TV, day after day after day turns people off from politics and participating in the process.
      But your ‘baggers are going to be motivated, no matter what, and they will show up to vote against their interests every election day.

  • Johnny Mac

    In an attempt to blame white conservatives, they do like to twist their numbers about. To what purpose?

    Even if every person in the town were on SNAP, it doesn’t come close to equaling the SNAP recipients in Detroit, or the South Side of Chicago, or New Orleans.

    So a small town is not, perhaps, the best choice for a Capital City of “Food Stamps.”

    • Deon

      That’s the problem with stats and numbers….like the numbers conservatives use to disenfranchising millions of voters with voter ID laws when there is little or no proof of voter fraud.

  • Cella

    The fraud in SNAP is t ll times low. You have to jump through hoops and work to get them. Fox will never tell that. The biggest fraud is big corporations paying little or no taxes. The attack on the poor has been ramped up since the recession. Republicans blaming the poor with no jobs instead of the rich corporations that the tax payers paid to pick up and move their business to China.

    • wiseoldsnail

      second biggest fraud : large corporations, after already getting tax exemptions and tax cuts, receiving subsidies in the form of snap and other benefits to their low paid full time workers

      • tobyspeeks

        Third biggest fraud: JP Morgan and a couple other big banks administer SANP at a cost of millions to the taxpayers. It’s in their best interest to keep people poor and on programs such as SNAP.

        • wiseoldsnail

          ‘zactly . the ‘cost’ of providing food to hungry people would be greatly reduced if we weren’t paying a middleman … same with private prisons, private schools receiving public funds by calling themselves ‘charter’ …

      • rejectrepublicanlies

        Wal-Mart does exactly that.

        • kristine08

          GREEDY WALMART with their BILLIONS, paying workers the bare minimum, while in Florida, people getting arrested for giving them something to eat.
          IF WALMART could pay less than minimum wage, they would.
          These same greedy a-holes complain about anyone getting subsidies…and its THEIR FAULT.

    • wolfendenpackleader

      there is less than 1% fraud in the SNAP program currently. People earning $ 50,000.00 a year pay about $ 36.00 a year for all of the food programs in America, yet these same people pay about $4,000.00 a year for corporate welfare and tax cuts for the rich and never complain about that.

      • rejectrepublicanlies

        You can thank the Right Wing morons participating on this forum. You can also blame “Fox News” and Right Wing Hate Talk Radio for deceiving millions.

    • SuYe

      ..and those corporations often receive government subsidies, aka welfare.

  • niccole

    This is so sad that people want to act like we are all on drugs cause we are not we actually suffer from dumb local politicans who dont give a fuck about no one but them so do nothing to try to bring jobs to our county. Yes thier is not enough jobs for as many people as we have this is sad that everyone wants to pick on eastern ky and then have enough nerve to blame it on the GOP no we was doing great until Obama came along so get your shit straight. Thank you Obama for taking food out of my childerns mouth. Thank you GOP for trying to stand up to the SOB

    • wiseoldsnail

      obama didn’t take food out of your children’s mouths

      • Judith_Priest

        But …. but …. Fox News, AM Talk Radio, and PASTOR all TOLD Niccole that Obama took food out of her childrens’ mouths!

        And she believes every goddamned thing she hears from the media that want to tear down America and the POTUS.

    • Angel

      Wow you “be” un-edu-ma-cated y’all. Obama didn’t do anything to you and the rest of the world is doing you a favor by even letting you breed! If you don’t define white trash…

  • AD

    Those poor, sad, ignorant people…still voting for the party that put them in that horrible state. It must be a lack of education or perhaps extreme racism, though that’s kind of doubtful. I read the comments on here, that Politically Constipated fellow needs a swift kick to the rear and a “should have had a v8″ slap to the head and that’s all i’m going to say on that matter.

    • Judith_Priest

      It’s the Jesus Thing. (BTW, I like Jesus; I just can’t stand most of his Official Fan Club.)

      Some people have all the discernment of a *snail*, and will trust ANY flimflammer as long as he says something properly pious.

  • Mary

    Quite simply. If a person is in need of SNAP or other subsidy, they need to qualify. There will always be people (regardless of race) who opt to cheat the system. If not SNAP, something else. SAD fact. The bigger issue is big money and political corruption. The CEO’s etc..who make profit but never does this trickle down to those who are actually out there on the front lines. They pocket the profit, claim financial loss, lay off to minimize outlay and dump all of the extra work on their existing staff. How many of you are doing your jobs + that of others (including your superiors) just because we are afraid to speak up. Corporate America are primarily, thieves disguised by their titles.

  • WhatdidIjustread

    The flaws, the flaws, where do I even begin? First, why duplicate a story from another source that is well over a year old, and then provide exactly zero insight to the point of the “article?” Instead of delving into something you want to argue or prove, I just see a few buzzwords to incite trolling – political parties, race, drug usage.

    So there are some cool numbers. Ok. The sample size is a town of 5,000 in what is historically one of the poorest areas of the country and has been for generations. Also, define “usage.” Is it just based on percentage of the total population? All you said was “it’s 99.9999%” white yet you give no insight on how many are on SNAP. All of them? 88%? 23%? Is usage defined as the amount per user/family? What is the retention rate year over year?

    How does Kentucky’s payout compare to benefit value from states like California, Florida, Texas, or Illinois? How does this compare to cities with enormous urban poor populations that everyday live in squalor in such remote places like Los Angeles and New York and a far greater number of people enrolled in benefits?

    Congratulations, the depth of this “article” is like telling me you found a ghost town in the desert with one resident of [insert ethnicity here] and saying you’ve found the [ethnicity-est] town in the US!! Throwing out numbers without meaning or content to incite people to race bait is a low blow, but I can do that too! 100, 25, 18, 33, 2, 57, 88, republican, Hispanic! Whooo did I do it right?

    • Adam

      my sentiments exactly…

    • Charles Curry

      Really, the reality of it is that OUR country is about 12% black if you can understand that. That means a max of 50 million black people. A max. Let’s just lie and say half are on welfare, that makes 25 mil. America is 50% white, about 180 million. That means if 10% of white people are on welfare, that is almost half the black population. But we know more than 10 percent of whites are on welfare. So that just shows you who gets more money from the government and in just this part. I am not even going into corporate welfare.

  • sublimemindstate

    “Highest usage” would refer to per capita recipients. This fact alone destroys all arguments mentions actual numbers of recipients. Sure, more families in Detroit get SNAP benefits. If this county had a population equal to that of metro Detroit, that would not be the case. That’s how per capita works. It doesn’t matter what the sample size is.

    • Olpe Murphy

      Per capita, countrywide, 8X as many blacks get welfare as whites

      • Charles Curry

        You are a lie.

  • LandofOpportunity

    This article made me curious if this is truly a Democrat versus Republican issue. So here is some additional data from the US Census. Owsley County in 2012 had a population of 4,722 people. It is 98.5% white. Median household income in 2012 was $19,624. 36.4% of the population there were below the poverty line. 72% were registered Republicans in 2012. Let’s now look at Breathitt County also in Kentucky. Population in 2012 was 13,635. Breathitt is 98.2% white. Median household income in 2012 was $23,049. 31.4% of the population there were below the poverty line. 90% of the registered voters there in 2012 were DEMOCRATS. I guess I could have written the same article as above to show the opposite point. These types of articles are irresponsible and the only people they serve are the writers who are trying to advance their personal agenda. If you want to repeat my experiment, here are the two sites I used: and…/Elect…/2010-2019/2012/statcnty.txt. You can audit the results.

    • Angel

      You have a good point but the irony here is not the political stance of the residents, but the fact that the GOP is unquestionably harsh and prejudiced against poor people, whereas Democrats are well known to fund programs to benefit society’s poorest segments. That’s the real irony- the very people who benefit most from Democratic stances on poverty are all Republican despite Republican hatred for the poor.

      • Olpe Murphy


        • Jimmy_Sr…


      • Pet_Orange

        The ignorance of the left gets more astounding every day.

        • Colin Yapp

          Name three programs that the Republicans regularly go to bat for the poor. I dare you.

          • Pet_Orange

            Name three they want to end and prove any of them said as much.

          • Colin Yapp

            I know deflection is a natural response for conservatives but I posed the question first so answer it, if you can.

          • Pet_Orange

            No deflection. I don’t know of any Repub who wants to end any safety net program. Social Security is the big one. They tried to save that during the G.W. Bush terms but Dems were all against it.

          • Colin Yapp

            They wanted to privatize it and then have it in the hands of the investment banks. That could be a disaster, especially for a program that is depended on by millions to exist after retirement. The Republicans want to gut just about every poverty fighting tool out there but have no issues with handing corporate subsidies to companies that make billions. I am very moderate when it comes to entitlement programs and definitely feel that there should be limits but we need to make an effort to get these people work ready and skilled before we kick them off.

          • Pet_Orange

            It was a 4% partial privatization plan. In any event, it should be set up in a way that keeps the government’s paws off it. That’s why it’s in trouble now.

          • Colin Yapp

            So the greed and recklessness that we saw in 2008 by bankers did not open your eyes either ?

          • Pet_Orange

            Do Carter, Clinton, Frank and Dodd ring any bells?

          • Colin Yapp

            Also, the Republicans do not want to get their hands dirty with shutting down programs but they have other methods, they gut it by not funding them. This is what previous admins did to the EPA and various other programs.

    • YouKnowMe

      It’s how they vote, not how they register.

  • Angel

    And to add insult to injury those poor white hateful republicans want to hold democrats to a standard they are nowhere near willing to step up to themselves! They throw TOLERANCE in our faces when they have never once even attempted to exercise that particular quality!

  • Olpe Murphy


  • Judith_Priest

    All a Robbing Republican has to do to get elected is just say some smarmy silly sentimental crap about either Jesus or Fetuses, and their victims (aka “constituents”) love it, bend over, and grab their ankles.

    Like in North Carolina, where the fatcat legislature wants to make it a FELONY for anyone to disclose what is in fracking liquid!

    North Carolinians will vote for these evil bastards anyway, because … hey, they say the right stuff about Jesus, Abortion, and GUNS!

    • Midge

      They’re all sheep

  • Matthew

    One area of the country does not contradict the vast large quantities of other nationalities using this program….they are still a minority to the problem! Stupid propaganda. ..

  • emw12

    I’m thinking that we should track where these people work(if they are the working poor), and then make the companies that they work for pay for the benefits we are giving these people to survive, and they should LOSE any tax benefits(the companies) if we are supporting their workers. Walmart comes to mind as a good place to start.

  • The Voice of Reason

    I’m glad the article at least notes the reason why most of these people are on food stamps is because their source of livelihood was taken away from them.

  • Terry Grant

    It is completely misleading, more liberal word smithing, although the demographic is correct there are only 4,654 people in the county, in terms of SNAP per capita it is the highest. LA County CA has 1,015,000 people receiving snap 4,127,070 Californians receive snap. Kentucky has a total population of 4,395,295. Hawaii and California are 1 and 2 in SNAP per capita by state.

  • ksec

    LOL and they are the bootstraps party, right?

  • Pet_Orange

    “Political Idiocy” is more like it. If there are more White people on food stamps, maybe there’s more White people to begin with. WWWYP?

  • Pet_Orange

    Sure, but then you look at anyone White and still spit your hate.

  • Pet_Orange

    The premise of this article is racist. It’s just so typical of the intolerant left to judge people based on appearance instead of how they are as individuals.

  • Gene Gibson

    Why hasn’t anyone mentioned the real reason these destitute Republicans vote against their self interest. Their Dominionist ministers tell them to vote that way or they will be sinning against Jeebus who founded the Republican party.

  • Harbinger08

    I live in Kentucky, in an actual city with a diverse and educated population, and I’m also familiar with Owsley and similar parts of rural eastern Kentucky. Many of the people there can be decent to neighbors and people they know, but they are almost entirely very racist, and most of these people would tell you straight out they hate the president because he’s black. They’ll be using the N-word, of course. Any journalist could go there and they’ll say it right into the microphone. These are very poor, very low education and low information, xenophobic people. Lots of drug problems and trafficking plague the poorer areas, employment of any kind is very hard to come by. Even if you’re white and don’t look too out of place you’d better know your way around. Anyone of color should stay away.

  • Midge

    Guess the motto is keep them stupid, poor and drugged out. God bless America

  • Midge

    Yup. Shame folks can’t see through the haze and realize that this two party system is not working out.

  • H Town Psych

    Good. Let their dumb behinds keep voting for people who are driving them further in to hunger and starvation. But I notice no one ventured a guess as to WHY these dirt poor whites vote against their own self interests? Because they hate black people and think that doing so will keep blacks down.

  • H Town Psych

    This is hilarious

  • Scooterific2762 .

    I’m a republican… Obama made me one. I would have considered myself a democrat before he came along. I’ve been on food stamps a couple of times and got off of them as soon as possible. It was there just as long as I needed it. I was a single mother of 4 kids at one time, all with the same man I called my husband, and I needed a bit of help after being laid off from my job.
    I’m educated, none of my kids have criminal records. I have NEVER been on welfare… it’s a trap you can never get out of. I don’t care who you are, where you live, or what your color is… you are accountable for your actions and your life choices. I also support gay rights, sue me. I am for helping the needy but if you don’t have a reason to live off of my tax dollars… get off of it! Not sorry if I don’t meet your “ideal” republican.

  • David Light

    Percentages lie and those in Owsley County are less than a drop in the bucket to the numbers in the big city Democrat strongholds. It makes you wonder whether those people would rather work than be on government support. It appears that the economic devastation to the area has a lot to do with their dependency and it is not generational. With Obama’s needless EPA “war on coal” this area’s problems can only get worse.

  • JPeron

    According to Kentucky records 28%of the residents are Democrats, so where does this 95% figure come from? In addition in the last election 27% voted for the Democrat running for US Senate and another 4% voted for another candidate. It would appear that 95% is a gross exaggeration and the figure is closer to two-thirds.

  • kristine08

    and uneducated too. Some have made it to the 5th grade.

  • kristine08

    You made my day Adam, and saved me a ton of typing.
    You may have the rest of the day off, for your reasonable response~

  • Michael Bath

    ” community of about 5,000…decline in the profits from coal, tobacco and lumber industries”
    yes. put on foodstamps by LIBERALS. NO WONDER they vote republican. Liberal “do gooders” did them no good. with any more liberal help they’ll be eating dirt.

    • Michael Bath

      can’t mine coal. it pollutes. can’t farm tobacco. it causes cancer. can’t chop trees. owls live in them.
      you can collect food stamps though! because we democrats LOVE YOU.

  • Douglas Slayton

    So a majority of 5k people is irony but in every liberal stronghold of upwards of 500k-1m between 20-47% are on snap, so irony is 5k white GOP voters, compared to the 100k-470k snap recipients in the liberal mecas? Only liberals would find irony in that. This is like the claim that more white receive snap than blacks, but what about the percentage of each group? Less percentage of whites as a whole receive food stamps than the percentage of blacks as a whole, but since whites are the majority there is “more” white recipients. So let’s break that down, a MAJORITY of the MINORITY get snap benefits, and a MINORITY of the MAJORITY get snap benefits. Now that my friends is IRONY!

  • 25986

    you mean democrat bill clintons NAFTA that sent the whole garment industry overseas?

    • Adam Knapp

      Not gonna lie, I think NAFTA screwed us over, and the TPP is going to screw us more. It pisses me off immensely that Obama is going to go along with it.

  • veronica Alleyne

    this has been a statistical fact for some time but, it doesn’t serve the justification of discriminatory practices the way demonizing minorities does