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The Gaza Factor: Why is the Egyptian Military Destroying Tunnels to Gaza Now?

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On Thursday afternoon, the 4th of July, Egyptian bulldozers continued to demolish the tunnels between Egypt and the Gaza Strip which Palestinian activists say have functioned as the life-line to the besieged Gaza Strip since the beginning of the Israeli siege in 2006. The tunnels had been destroyed under the orders of the Muslim Brotherhood government of the now ousted president Morsi, but there was a long break in the demolition, which many did not expect the military to carry out on its own initiative, since what is widely acknowledged as the recent Egyptian “coup” this week.

The popular Egyptian facebook news network RNN reported on its page that big Egyptian military bulldozers started the demolition of the tunnels. They were protected by military vehicles.


Eyewitnesses from Rafah, Gaza’s southern city which is adjacent to Egypt, said that they had seen the bulldozers at work; that they had seen them arrive several days ago, but that they had only started working today.

Egyptian sources said that new military forces arrived in the area between Egypt and Gaza Wednesday, June 3rd.

The smuggling of commodities to the Gaza Strip was halted several days before the start of the unrest in Egypt, but many are wondering why the military has chosen to intensify the tunnel demolition which the Muslim Brotherhood government had begun earlier this year.

This may, however, be pay back for last August, when Gazan fighters in the Sinai killed 18 Egyptian soldiers who were destroying tunnels under orders from the then Muslim Brotherhood government of the now former president Morsi.

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