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“The Gods of Egypt” Film to Feature All White Cast


The new movie, The Gods of Egypt, being put out by the Australian filmmaker, Alex Proyas, is due to feature an all-white cast. Proyas is well known for directing films such as The Crow (1994), Dark City (1998), I, Robot (2004), and Knowing (2009). But the dark over tones of his movies are the only thing slated to be dark in The Gods of Egypt. Even the Egyptian deity Ra is slated to be played by the Danish actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, famous for his role on the Game of Thrones.

A petition by Thorne Studios on called this “a whitewashing of World History.”

“From an early age, we are incredibly prone to the images thrown in our direction from a many different ones, eventually shaping the way we look on the world and ourselves. The blunt westernization of African gods displayed here is without a doubt, shameless in its own right, and will not be accepted nor tolerated. This is an element of storytelling that has gone on for far too long, and must be put to rest as timely as possible. I try to imagine a reality in which Roman Gods are portrayed as Chinese, but my mind just simply won’t allow it.”

Please sign this petition, and get the word out. The 21st century should not be dominated by images of European Princes of Persia, and Gods of Egypt. Such casting is little different than the minstrel shows of a century ago. What’s so hard about hiring people of African descent to play African characters? SPREAD THE WORD and let them know that this is not going to be tolerated!

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62 Comments on "“The Gods of Egypt” Film to Feature All White Cast"

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  1. Houston says:

    It is my opinion that if you film this with an all white cast at this moment in time. It WILL ruin your career. This is a critical decision I hope you seek to portray the characters in their correct skin tone.

  2. Sidney Davis says:

    The Hamitic hypothesis proposes that Egypt because of its great civilization was founded by Caucasians and or Asians because it is not possible that Black African Bantus could have a history or a civilization of such great antiquity or advancement.

    • Theodora Anagor says:

      Not possible, we have had civilization in Africa for over 200,000 years, we build cities pyramids all over Africa,what is not possible is that cave dwelling people who had just come out of the ice age built anything in Africa, while we were in Africa building empires, not just in Africa we were all over the world, pale skins were trapped in the Caucus mountains.
      We built a city a metropolis in South Africa called, because the pale skins found like you could not perceive that Ancient African’s built it they, declare that aliens built it, we were mining gold 200,000 years ago. As for the Bible and you Hamatic rouse it comes from Ancient Egyptian mythology and religion.

      • Keith A. Jenkins, Ph.D. says:

        Theodora, while your reply is comprehensible, it would be more compelling if you had written it in correct English.

        • Theodora Anagor says:

          Get stuffed Keith, get over yourself.

        • Theodora Anagor says:

          Go and patronize someone else, really grammar.

          • Jeff says:

            Arguing with a fool is pointless. Thanks for the Facts Theodora; let the idiots dwell in ignorance for the rest of their days.

        • Robert Belcher says:

          The facts are the facts Dr. Jenkins. I read Medu Neter. I have a M.A. in Anthropology. This is a 400 year old Eurocentric lie. Kemet is in Africa. The Kamites self-identified as African and called Northerner Hane bu= People at the back of my head. The Greeks and the Romans affirmed their “Africanness” as a matter of fact. Seti established the Nile Valley civilization of Kemet/Egypt/MSR/Ta Merry as Southern. Europe has no analogs that support the European contention that Kemet was anything other than a native AFRICAN civilization. Sister Theodora your points are completely correct others need to spend less time looking for lexical errors that are not germane and deal with the facts. Good job Djhuti and Sashet are pleased.

        • Jihad Hamlett says:

          Lol…..but you get what hes saying he could of did better without all the name calling tho. But damn i just wish whites and the rest of the world would stop hating us. I wonder what did africans do to white in ancient times to get this treatment

    • Carlos says:

      you do know a hypothesis is not truth or fact however an Idea not yet proven however, it is truth that Europeans have only killed great thinkers and those whove made advances in mental and or social sciences. From killing thier own woman in the name of whitch craft to scholars in Rome no way could a people who looked @ science and mental fortatude as spookism could create anything of greatness @ that time only copy and or reinvent.

    • Rod says:

      You people were barely crawling out the caucus mountains at that time.

  3. Tif~N~E says:

    More of the white mans lies, before it was called Egypt its original name I’d Kemet which means the BLACK land. That’s in Africa, white people didn’t even have a civilization, they lived in caves eating each other while dynasties flourished in ancient Kemet. The white man is a liar and the entire media is ran by the racist-white supremacy system that dominates all areas if human activity.

  4. DaveOD says:

    I find the assumption that all Africans were black laughable. I’m no fan of whitewashing history, but the walls of ancient Egypt are littered with their disdain for the Nubians. All things being equal, being one of the first metropolitan areas, it probably had a mixed racial make-up you would see in any city today.

    • Theodora Anagor says:

      Your knowledge of history is laughable Africa in itself is a diverse continent all black that is an historical fact, no they were not the first metropolis it was one of many all over Africa.
      How can there a mixed racial make up when there were no Caucasian’s in Africa, the fact that Caucasian’s are Albino’s issue of the African’s who came out of Africa via India to Europe, Caucasian’s cannot even survive without high factor sunscreens now without getting skin cancer, it has been proven that cancer is a modern disease, so I can tell you that racial make up would not be the same as it is today.
      Also the notion of race is a modern concept, 500 years in fact, in Africa there were no such thing as racist construct as skin colour separation because they were all brown, black is not a skin-tone it is the colour of a crayon.
      I can tell you that if you go anywhere in Africa you will see people of many shades from light to very dark to very light in every direction, I am not talking about Arabs or whites in South Africa.
      Talking about South Africa the oldest metropolis is found there, it is 200,000 years.

    • Dorothy Hagerty says:

      I find your ridiculous assumptions that somehow all Africans are the same in appearance the most laughable idea of them all. Modern day Sudanese people are the descendants of the Nubians (their skin is literally the color black). However, Ethiopians are most likely what an Ancient Egyptian would like (brown skinned).

    • Imhotep says:

      Egypt was a Nubian creation. You also sound uneducated on the subject. Foreigners came into Egypt yes….but were considered barbarians and uncivilized. Foreigners came after the decline of Egypt.

    • Will Prodigy says:

      LMAO^. please head more and research, education is key dude. Next you’ll be saying Kemet doesn’t mean black land.

    • Rod says:

      What kind of wall were you looking at?I’ve seen the wall personally,and nubians looked like kings and queens killing the the tamahu. The tamahu sure looked caucasian to me.

    • Jihad Hamlett says:

      Ok im kill that now, like today there many different shades of brown and black i have a very dark skin friend and i hike on him and he hikes on me about my complextion, they were different cultures in africa in northen africa there were western africans southern africans eastern and central africans living in that society like there is today all over africa mixed up

  5. Theodora Anagor says:

    White Cleopatra debunked.


    • Chris R says:

      What? Cleopatra was the descendent of Ptolemy. The Same Ptolemy that was a general of Alexander the Great. Where did they come from? Macedonia. The Ptolemiac dynasty frequently married within the family (even brother to sister) in order to keep the Greek bloodline as pure as possible. Trying to argue that she was anything but Greek is just a willful ignorance.

    • Jihad Hamlett says:

      Ok you fucked up bro we cant make EVERYONE!! Black cleopatra was white she was a decendent of a greek man i believe she was greek fuck it lol but she wasnt black there were no black pharohs at that time my dude

  6. Rufus says:

    King Tut was Western European, his DNA haplogroup matches less than 1% of Egyptians. Ever wonder why the Egyptians living there now have never built more pyramids? King Tut himself wore sandals painted with Nubian (black) people on their soles so that he could “trample his enemies wherever he went”. The enemies of the Pharaohs were the Asiatics and Nubians, whom they used as slaves and warred with often. He also carried a cane with Nubian and Asiatic heads on them. The truth about history was changed after WW2 propaganda re-wrote the truth and replaced it with bunk. The Pharaohs’ family had blond hair and their likenesses (see sarcophagi) were painted with blue eyes.

    • Theodora Anagor says:

      Tutankhamen granmother was Nubian as was his father, he even had sickle cell disease which no Western European that is not of African descent can never have.

    • Imhotep says:

      Please stop commenting here. You sound dumb. Egypt now is populated with Arabs…who invaded and have been occupying Egypt since the 7th century. Know what your are talking about before you speak on our story.

    • Robert Belcher says:

      #1 His name is not Tut it is Tutankhamen.This is just one other way folk steal from Africa.Names are very important and chopping his name up reduces him to a cartoon. Your contention that the KMT has magical object like canes and sandals with Asian and Africans on them as slaves supports even further the contention that this was a native African
      population.It is sympathetic magic.By your rule the French,English,German and Scottish are not out of the same “white” stock. Please this is a very weak argument. The DNA haplogroup you insert in your argument does not nullify his Africaness. It actually support another truth and that is that Africans have been in Europe giving DNA to Europeans from the earliest of times. All human DNA is African.No natural blonds ever ruled Kemet until the invasions by the Greeks and Romans. I would remind you of the words of Herodotus on what the KMT would do to RED head. “kill them on site” because they would have been associated with Set.No No No “Rufus NebKheperu Tutankhamen was an African biologically as well as geographically.

    • Try agian…Your scholars lied to you again…SMH and LMAO!!!

    • niggerme says:

      Where in the fuck u see a europyramid? LMAO.Those greeks painted their sarcophagi cuase they couldnt make the original caste yall wack goodnite!

    • kjacks says:

      Rufus go crawl back under that red neck rock labeled ignorant. Have several seats please.

    • Jihad Hamlett says:

      Ok get that bullshit outta here that was a lie he didnt want to show the dna facts nkw what it said was something like this european 5.85 s.e africa 1238.98 central africa 1086.89 im just throwing numbers but they were in the thousands it said he was closer related to africans than europeans. Zhaif hawass what ever his name was lied to make it seem he was more european he had european blood so do i but im all black baby lol 😉 dont listen to the.first thing you hear you search search and search till theres no more searching then use logic if.that.doesnt work then idk but dna test proved he was more african

  7. dented says:

    They should not cast black or white but Egyptians. Blacks always try and claim credit for Egyptian civilization. And Cleopatra was descended from Ptolemy II who came with Alexander. She was not true Egyptian.

    • Theodora Anagor says:

      But her mother was Nubian.

    • Robert Belcher says:

      You should know that seven women named Cleopatra had the blood of General Ptolemy. Cleopatra the 7th is the queen that you are referring to and she and her father were mixed with African folk (Ptolemy the 12th was the son of a native KMT woman named Ausset). She was not a “pure” Greek nor was her sister Arcenoe. A fact that is supported by science now and ancient rumors from Rome. By the way neither she nor Nefertiti would pass the European racist one drop rule. Frankly Africans all over the world are getting tired of the need on the part of the European and the American white’s need to steal the historical narrative from Africans and Asians as well.

      • Derp says:

        What “science” do you speak of? If you are going to drop the s-bomb, you’d better back it up with proof.

        “Ancient rumors”? And how is this supposed to add weight to your argument? You expect me to believe ancient rumors, not even stated fact, but rumors?

        I would also like to know how you justify claiming that Cleopatra’s mother was of KMT, and that her name was Ausset.

        You are also misleading when you state that Arsinoe and Cleopatra were sisters. They are presumed to be half-sisters. This is based on historical record, as opposed to rumor.

        I have no beef with your political social and political agenda at the moment. I do however have a problem with lousy historical citations.

        • Will Prodigy says:

          @ derp, All the lies whites concoct can’t even be validated and are completely erroneous and sound foolish. All of the Egyptian statues, hieroglyphics, paintings busts etc are of BLACK faces, bone structures & skintones! Further more Egyptians were the first civilization to use and perfect math, science etc which helped them build the pyramids. You can attempt to talk circles around whom cleopatra is related to all you want but she was a black woman of color and so were all the Egyptian Kings & Queens and nowhere on their illustrations do you see whites or white features. Hell next thing you know whites will be saying that they are known for black inventions such as the traffic light (Which we all know was invented by African American inventor Garret Morgan!) but of course its the white mans nature to come up with every bs excuse in the world, and to whitewash true history and deny irrefutable facts and make blatant attempts to place themselves in black history because of their jealousy and insecurities. these are the same whites who lie about Africa not being abundantly rich in diamonds, oil & gold, it most certainly is. and the same whites who say black people didn’t serve in every american war in the US. We have! So quit pretending and wishing whites have anything to do with anything associated with our divine and rich culture and history. beware this is an argument that you are no prepared for and can’t win.

    • Derp says:

      Casting modern Egyptians I believe would be the moderate decision in this case. Afrocentrists view modern Egyptians as mostly the descendants of Arab conquerors. They don’t give two shits about today’s Egyptians. It’s all about repainting the ancient past “black”. To do this they’ll call out their detractors as racist, claim all facts countering their claims as distortions, and focus on only the details that support their point of view.

      Example: In my African Studies class, our professor was clever enough to only show ancient Egyptian iconography that depicted “blackness”. While there is nothing inherently wrong with showing these images of paintings, reliefs, and statues; it betrays the wider spectrum of iconography that shows what could be considered a diversity of ancient Egyptian “colors”. He couldn’t do that though. It would have led to questions regarding his acerbic lectures on the evils of white people.

      He also only focused on the positive aspects of ancient Egyptian society. It came to the point where I’d throw him a curve ball by asking him to clarify the darker and less appealing aspect of the civilization every once in a while just to see him perform verbal gymnastics.

    • Will Prodigy says:

      You have some nerve. Do you hear yourself?? YOU’RE WRONG! it’s the complete opposite. whites are always try to claim everything we do!!!!! inventions, success in world wars, medicine & Egypt, aka KEMET meaning (Black Land). But of course whites changed the name because they found out what kemet meant. not to mention including us founding rock n roll. Black artists such as lil richard, chuck berry etc were the true founders of rock, not elvis. That’s why whites didn’t play black music by artists on the radio back in the old days. That’s why whites got credit for our music that we produced! hell hound dog was by Big Mamma Thornton, NOT elvis’ bleach skinned a**. please Do your research and quit whitewashing our divine history. Cleopatra was a black woman of color! Where is your proof that she wasn’t? exactly you have none because she was indeed Black and so were Queen Nefertiti & Hatshepsut. just look at the real authentic statues, hieroglyphics, painting etc. they’re of black faces and skintones etc please read more you sound ridiculous and brain dead.

    • Will Prodigy says:

      @ dented. You have some nerve. Do you hear yourself?? YOU’RE WRONG! it’s the complete opposite. whites are always try to claim everything we do!!!!! inventions, success in world wars, medicine & Egypt, aka KEMET meaning (Black Land). But of course whites changed the name because they found out what kemet meant. not to mention including us founding rock n roll. Black artists such as lil richard, chuck berry etc were the true founders of rock, not elvis. That’s why whites didn’t play black music by artists on the radio back in the old days. That’s why whites got credit for our music that we produced! hell hound dog was by Big Mamma Thornton, NOT elvis’ bleach skinned a**. please Do your research and quit whitewashing our divine history. Cleopatra was a black woman of color! Where is your proof that she wasn’t? exactly you have none because she was indeed Black and so were Queen Nefertiti & Hatshepsut. just look at the real authentic statues, hieroglyphics, painting etc. they’re of black faces and skintones etc please read more you sound ridiculous and brain dead.

  8. derrick Witherspoon says:

    When talking about things that are positive, the scope of who is “black” decreases. Lol I’ve even had people who would argue with me that the Ethiopians, the Mandinka empire in Mali, or even the ancient Nubians either weren’t really black or that their accomplishments were the result of some “admixture” with whites (also curious that the people who are neither black or white are always lumped with whites when giving them props). When its time for mistreating people based on color, however, the scope of who is black opens back up – and people who are neither black or white are shifted into the “non-white” category from being lumped with whites so whites can take credit for their achievements.

  9. Unsurprised Sista says:

    Ok, all other arguments aside… While ancient Egyptians may not have been “Bantu Black” they damnnnn sure weren’t blonde haired, blue eyes Danes. Seriously, give me a break. This is blatant nonsense.

    • Richard says:

      So called “Bantus” (A name that was created for us by Europeans, not ourselves) come in several different shades , ranging from dark brown to lighter skinned individuals.. The Dinka’s of South Sudan (Nubians) are MUCH darker than us on average.. So-called “Bantus” and other W/African peoples (Not nilotics) are Israelites anyways, so I don’t understand why anybody would talk about “bantus” in a movie that’s supposed to feature Egyptians.

  10. Joann K says:

    Seriously?! I like Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, but he is no more the god Ra than Benedict Cumberbatch is Khan Noonian Singh!!! There cannot POSSIBLY be any reasonable excuse for Ra looking like Balder.
    We KNOW what ancient Egyptians looked like — we have their own portraits, we have their BODIES, for Heaven’s sake!!!

  11. Will Prodigy says:

    The racists saying whites are from Egypt sound so ridiculous and their lies are so transparent and see through. Definitely stupidity at it’s best. I could easily roast you all in an intellectual debate about Black History and I’d make you all look like the incompetent fools that you are. Not only do you not know Our rich Black history, you don’t even know your own history. It’s really sad that these lies are still present today, all the books and knowledge and proof out there and whites still insist that they’re from Egypt, SMH HA! complete nonsense. Egypt’s original name is (KEMET) meaning black land! How are could whites possibly be from Egypt??? It makes no sense. Look at all the real authentic Egyptian hieroglyphics and statues, they’re of black faces, and bone structure and black skin tone. next whites will be saying for e.g a black man didn’t invent the first traffic light, (Yes Garrett Morgan a black man invented it!). All the kings and queens were black in Egypt! Quit whitewashing Our Black History! Keep Black History BLACK!!!

  12. David Johnson says:

    White people seem to navigate towards our races they want to be a part of our culture from our women to our style ,history bares witness that white people have always tried to take credit for what is not theirs the Government tried to get the Blacks people to act like the White people . Instead we now have the White people acting like the Black people . Just look at the dress and the music the White Kids are into. Its like they are ashamed of being White,when you see a troll roaming around on the african american forums all out of control you got to ask yourself ,,,why !

  13. Charia says:

    Historical lessons and opinions aside…really people. “Hollywood” lost it’s ever-loving mind a long time ago. A realization I came to when they cast Tom Cruise as the last Samurai. :p
    And ignoring the racial baiting: it is possible the ancient Egyptians were black. It’s also possible they were simply dark skinned because of the lack of sunscreen. It’s also possible they were the same color as modern Egyptians.
    Totally not possible they were blonde hair and blue eyed but for the love of…who cares. Watch the film. Pretty sure people didn’t raise a big political stink when The Purple-Eyed Lady (Liz Taylor) was cast as Cleopatra (and I might add did a historically marvelous job).
    See the film or don’t.

  14. David Johnson says:

    Africans from all walks of life must identify and learn basic events that have been grossly misrepresented. World history began at the heart of Africa and spread throughout the continent. The main method of development was its waterways of the Nile, Niger and the Congo Rivers. And the world shared from the development of farming, domestication of animals and fishing and these contributions led to the development of other civilizations. There were over 300 kingdoms and Empires at both ends of the continent, some lasting only for a few centuries others flourished for millenniums.

    In today’s world, even though not verbalized some people still maintain the idea that Africans has not made any meaningful contributions to civilization. However, these issues have been addressed by noted past and present historians in addition to the Internet has unraveled distortions and misconceptions at an accelerating pace. In today’s world, there is no need to acknowledge these silly allegations.

    Africa and its history are thousands of years old and because of modern technology it’s expanding in both directions. Everyday, new discoveries and ancient artifacts are constantly being found, and African history month can be the cultural forum to identify and incorporate them into on going presentations.

    Now is the time for African’s worldwide to codify their history into one gigantic cultural forum. African history month is the inclusion of heroes, heroines, celebrations and events in all five continents.

    Currently, African-Americans and Africans celebrate a multitude of holidays, heroes and events throughout the world.

    Among them are Black History month, (USA , Canada, Europe in February and Great Britain in October), Dr. King (USA) Kwanza (Global), Zumbi dos Palmares Day, (Brazil), Saba Saba(Tanzania), Jomo Kenyetta (Kenya) or African day (Many African countries).

    There are a number of vacant days that could be used to celebrated and honor such heroes such as;

    Gaspo Yanga, (Mexico) Abdias de Nasciemento (Brazil), Malcolm X (USA), Marcus Garvey (Jamaica), Olaudah Equiano (Great Britain), Patrice Lumumba (Zaire), Kwame Nkrumah (Ghana), Haili Salasse (Ethiopia) and so forth. Additionally, out of over 300 kingdoms and empires certain weeks could be dedicated.

    With certainty, African History month would be a positive undertaking not only enlightening the contemporary world but also, laying foundations for the future generations. Most importantly, it would mutually benefit Africans everywhere.

    This is an open invitation for collaboration with activists, organizations, religious communities, newspapers, blogs, institutions; governmental agencies, and media to garner efforts to make this event a reality. Together with modern technology, the Internet, phone and teleconferencing have made global communications affordable and accessible. Additionally, and more importantly, it will help abate constant bombardment of negative media that discharges specious allegations against Africans worldwide.

    As previously stated Boy and Negro was used during western domination for obvious reasons that was exposed. In the 60′s Black was substituted for Negro and now its time for another progression. The next step is to reclaim African ethnicity.

    Although, Africans were forced to embrace other European cultures, it does not change ethnicity. This also applies to other cultures that migrated, for example, there are referred to by their separate ethnic group. After scores of generations, there are still reference by their own culture, such as, Chinese, Japanese, English, German and so on.

    The ancient city of Great Zimbabwe was deliberately destroyed by Whites in order to maintain the myth of White superiority
    Moreover, Diaspora victim’s exact location is impossible to identify. It sufficed to say; African should be used definitively with appropriate sub-categories. Here are a few examples: African-Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, Afro-Mexican and African-European, and Afro-Asian. Naturally, Africans on the continent is self-explanatory; Nigerian, South African, Kenyan, Ghanaian and so forth.

    Notably, when Black Africa is used, it’s presupposing that there is a White Africa. Most importantly, when referencing ethnicity, the descriptive word should ALWAYS be ” African. ” This usage is essential because it reconnects culture, at home and abroad. When examining Black closely, it’s only a color that promotes division. And also, when accepted it is an imposed division because it has no connection to land nor culture. Most significantly, when using African, it recognizes all aspects of its culture.

    Once more, it removes the contention that ancient civilizations and ruins in Africa are not Black. When Africans take charge of their ethnicity, these specious allegations will be ignored. Rationally, when Black is replaced with African, it would be ridiculous saying Egypt, Carthage or Great Zimbabwae are not African, especially when their origin is located on the motherland.

    One last point, every culture throughout the world defines their own ethnicity, and Africans should not be an exception. Especially, when the Japanese, Chinese or Koreans are never questioned. Significantly, these three cultures are distinctly different. Nevertheless, not one identifies themselves as being the color yellow. there are recognized as Asians.
    Finally, ownership would negate the non-sense, Egypt, Carthage, Great Zimbabwe, Ethiopia or the Moorish civilizations are not African. We have rejected Negro and now it’s time to put aside Black, and reclaim African ethnicity.

  15. Kissi Stephen says:


  16. DAVID says:

    My body shined the Cristal light. the black man, I the son, I the prophet, I the Black Jesus, I the Malcolm X, I the Medgar Evers, I the Martin, I the faceless warrior, plead my cause, you are the image of thee, I shall not let the world darken the spirit of my cause, The eyes of the almighty has breathed upon my trust. The deep breathes from the immensity of the heavens, dreams within the bleeding palms of humanities. Reactions of a divine soul. My spirit shall not die.

    The light continue to follow me, and the vision walked slowly to the front, as it carried the image of a black carcass, the light began to speak, I give back to thee, the carcass, I blow air into the lungs, of my spirit that lives within thee, heal cried the vision, heal, and the carcass, stood up straight and said world, I have return to claim my rightful place, I have lived and so I shall dye, I am the anatomy of the black son

    The inner surface shall never die.
    Within the legacies of my humanitarian,
    The historical fruit shall never rot.
    Nevertheless you claim victory; I shall meet you in the answering to God. Chain my mind wraps my feet upon the anchor as I drown.
    I shall be resurrected as Jesus said my God.

    You can kill my caucus but my spirit shall never die.
    I embrace the harp of the sweet sounds of rejoice,
    I give to thee of thou most honors.
    Thy father of creations, release me oh lord of the inner spirits,
    that bound me to a hell within thy self.
    Freedom, freedom, freedom,
    I the blood of thy on hands,
    Of resurrection that my spirit be free.

    • A Historian says:

      Wow, pretty depressing to see how deeply the black racist Afro-centric white-hating revisionist pseudo-history fabrications, distortions and outright lies about world history concocted out of thin air by the 1970’s racist Black Power movement have entrenched themselves in modern culture. People in the black community must have been working hard to get so much so wrong about history in the cause of making up stuff about history so black people can claim the achievements of non-black people. What does it say about black culture today that blacks are so insecure about themselves they feel compelled to re-write all of world history to attempt to claim (steal?) the achievements of non-blacks? I would have thought blacks would treat their children better than to lie to them about their history.
      And Cleopatra was Macedonian Greek, not black African, and black Africans built pyramids in imitation of the non-black Egyptians who built them first. Black people, stop telling your children fairy tales about your history.

      • Derrick W says:

        “And Cleopatra was Macedonian Greek, not black African, and black Africans built pyramids in imitation of the non-black Egyptians who built them first. Black people, stop telling your children fairy tales about your history.”

        I’m not sure what makes the ancient Egyptians “non-black” to you when they depicted themselves in their art as being a range of colors, most of which we would consider the color of a “black” person. They depicted THEMSELVES as what both what we would typically think of a modern Egyptian and what people generally think of as “black”.

        Also, I notice that people will put an anti-black slant on everything and try to group everyone away from “black” folks when given the chance, but riddle me this – all of the cultures that built pyramids were people of color – Pyramids have been found on EVERY habitable continent except two – Australia and EUROPE.

        So who’s version of history is really the fairy tale?

  17. Derrick W says:

    I always love how racists try to use the Egyptian contrast with their depiction of the Nubians in their own imagery to make a case that the Egyptians weren’t black.

    Sudanese are the DARKEST PEOPLE in the world on average, why wouldn’t the Egyptians be significantly lighter than them? There are other groups in Africa, from Fulanis to Igbos and Yoruba, Ethiopians, Moors, Modern Day Egyptians (some of them), etc. who are in the exact same range of skin tone that the Ancient Egyptians depicted themselves.

  18. Spenser says:

    Picture Mubarek (sp?) ,if you had to racially classify him ,he is olive skinned , dark hair ,dark eyes ,now if you had to racially classify him however if your choices were African American or Caucasian you would probably go with the latter. If you visit the museums around the world that have Egyptian bas relief, statues,etc.etc. you will find a multi racial society depending on the era. Who was the leader before Mubarek (sp) …..Sadat. Sadat was very dark and if he had to be classified under the stupid black/white choices he would be (by most) be classified as black. Ancient Egypt was a variant . Sometimes Egypt was dominated by those from upper Egypt and it was a darker society. Google Akhenaton , his profile gathered from numerous depictions indicate that he had profound Negroid features . His wife Nerfetti was pasty white per her many images. I am sick of arguing over such mundane things. I over one racial classification …fudge ripple ,because if we go back to the 18 or so hummanoids who spread our species they were all very very dark. The had to be per their location near the equator. Now re Cleopatra. When Cesar brought her with child back to Rome she was paraded thru the streets. We not only have numerous consistent descriptions but we have her likeness on a Roman Coin. She was light skinned to pale , she was not a beauty (far from it) she had an enormous nose not of he African variety but of the high nose of the people of the eastern Mediteraining Sea. She had a hook in the end of her nose.The Romans expected attractive, what they saw was slightly less than their average. Re Africa being all dark that is not true of even areas south of the Sahara. When the first Europeans came to South Africa there was a very light colored race of people near Cape Town as well as some very dark skinned people in the same area. To argue over color is a huge waste of time. If we evolved or if we were spun from Adam and Eve ,in the beginning we were very very dark. Racists come in all colors .Shameful that we spend such valuable time on color.

  19. Spenser says:

    DNA indicates we are all from the same source. It is ignorant an unproductive to argue over skin color. If you do not believe that ,well then you are exhibit A.

  20. yaj aet says:

    Hope anyone defending this feels the same way about the Fantastic 4 casting

  21. Angel says:

    BLAH BLAH BLAH… make yer comments shorter, Shoestring Pie!

  22. J F says:

    There is no evidence that the Egyptians were black …. they weren’t white but they weren’t black either.

  23. Elaine Lane says:

    A Historian: did you know that in 2012 they discovered pyramids 1000 yrs older then the great pyramid of Giza. The white media covered it up again but you can google this. Europe does not have any pyramids don’t you think they would have built some for themselves?

  24. Elaine Lane says:

    Theres a bust of Queen Tye King Tuts grandmother she surely was not European.University of Cambridge acknowledged Black Egypt.

  25. wilhelmcoq says:

    She was mixed. They found the remains of her sister and she was black. She was half greek and have african. You are the one being disingenuous to think she was white. she was biracial.

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