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The Most ‘Locally Grown’ Health Food Store Ever


Whole Foods has recently announced it will open a new and long-awaited store, complete with a roof-top organic garden. The new store is set to open in Gowanus, a neighborhood in the New York City borough of Brooklyn, at 214 3rd Street. It will feature a revolutionary 20,000 square foot rooftop farm on top of the building itself, making it the most “locally grown” health food, sold at a Health Food store yet!


The rooftop garden (or is it big enough that we can call it a “farm” yet?), is being made possible by collaboration with a Greenpoint-based rooftop farm called Gotham Greens. According to them, this is the first commercial-scale greenhouse farm. The organization claims that the drive behind the partnership is the reduction of carbon emissions spent on transporting food from outside of the community.


The garden-farm will be entirely organic, pesticide-free, and the produce will be shipped all the way downstairs, for shoppers below. Check out the video below to see the plan in action. Here’s to more great ideas like this!

(Article by James Achisa; images via Whole Foods)

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  1. Remarkable Posting and as the Chief Marketing Officer for Market Connections we are building Sustainable Food Production System with a Village Called Deville for High Functioning Adults and Families along with a Sustainable Salmon Farm with a Greenhouse for Unique Kosher Fruits and Vegetables for our clients in both Food Service and Retail. Thanks for sharing this remarkable post.

    Kenneth A. Sull
    Chief Marketing Officer
    Market Connections LLC
    Based in Ca.Ny.Fla.Israel.

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