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The NATIONAL Anti-NSA Spying Protests TODAY



By Micah Naziri and David Warner

In the past few days we have learned a lot more about the NSA’s intrusive spying programs. We have seen the latest on the NSA scandal, with a new program that collects ‘nearly everything a user does on the internet’. We have also seen how the NSA spying program translates into everyday violation of our rights, in the example of a US family who received visit from the FBI after simply Googling “Pressure Cookers” and “Backpacks”.

These new revelations are the most shocking yet. The most recently-revealed documents reported on by The Guardian prove that the NSA used tax dollars to build a simple interface called XKeyscore that allows even low level employees to instantly access – in the NSA’s own words – “nearly everything a typical user does on the internet.”

These latest revelations not only show that the U.S. Government’s surveillance programs are even more far reaching and less accountable than was already expected, but they make it clear that members of Congress have repeatedly lied to the public about the NSA’s programs.

So many of us are piping mad about these NSA programs and the threat that they pose to freedom worldwide. If you’re aroundSunday, now’s your chance to turn your anger into something productive and take to the streets to join the majority of people worldwide who want to see the NSA’s illegal programs shut down and de-funded.
Enough is enough. Sunday, August 4th, people in cities across the U.S. will join rallies and protests to demand an end to illegal NSA spying.

The leaked training presentation that whistleblower Edward Snowden provided to The Guardian shows that any NSA analyst could single you out via your email, IP address, Facebook username, etc. and then easily read the contents of your email, eavesdrop on your chats, watch the websites you visit, see what you bookmark, and recall your most embarrassing searches – all without a warrant. They simply have to fill out an on-screen form to justify the search, and it’s never reviewed by a judge.

Can’t make it out on Sunday but still want to protest? Take this simple and oh so effective action.

No one should have that kind of power. It makes true democracy impossible. Join the protest TODAY and SPREAD THE WORD!

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