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The Seinfeld Episode The Cast REFUSED To Shoot


The cast and writers of Seinfeld didn’t shy away from controversial issues such as masturbation, the handicapped, or even retirement community politics. But Mike Ryan, who worked as a grip for the show, revealed to Screen Crush that one topic that was approached early in the show’s run was rejected outright by cast and crew… That issue was gun politics.

The show was entitled “The Bet,” and it would have been the show’s ninth episode.

The plot revolved around whether Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ character Elaine Benes would buy herself a gun. As it turned out, this mimicked a real-life firearm purchase by Seinfeld writer Elaine Pope, for whom the character was partially named.

But episode director Tom Cherones explains that he and the cast were uncomfortable with the subject matter. They eventually told the show’s producers that they didn’t want to film the episode.

Larry Charles, the director of Borat, wrote the script for  “The Bet.” He was responsible for episodes of the show like the darker “Kramer is a suspected murderer” plotline in Season 4’s “The Trip.”

Cherones insists to this day that “You can’t make a funny show about guns.”

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