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The “Zimmerman Rescue Hero” Story Continues To Fall Apart As Responding Officer Is Revealed…

Was George Zimmerman’s “rescue hero” story this week a plot cooked up between his friends and supporters in law enforcement?

We at Political Blind Spot were contacted this past week by someone claiming to be a “family friend” of the Zimmermans, as we reported this past Monday. They told us that the news would soon be abuzz with talk of George doing “random acts of kindness” (their words). This, they said, would be by design, part of a broader PR campaign of the Zimmerman family, to “rebrand” George as a good guy, looking out for his community.

Sure enough, that is exactly the sort of scenario that we were presented with Monday, as Zimmerman supposedly “saved” a family of four from an “overturned vehicle.” It was the first known sighting of Zimmerman since he left the courtroom following his acquittal last week on murder charges for the death of Martin. This rescue from a “fiery auto accident”, proved – in the minds of his supporters – that he is really just an honorable man who only wants to do good in the world, while “reverse racists” prevent him from being seen for the misunderstood hero that he is. Of course, few are mentioning what we pointed out almost immediately, that police reported “there were no injuries.” That’s right: no injuries. Zimmerman didn’t “save” anyone.

But now we find that the officer who responded to this auto accident is a staunch Zimmerman supporter named Patrick Rehder who lives in Lake Mary, Florida. Here is the copy of the incident report…


Who is this Patrick Rehder? According to his Facebook posts he is a long-time Zimmerman supporter, who almost instantly began circulating this story on social media. Shortly after the incident, Rehder posted the following…


It didn’t end there. He also had a number of other Facebook posts from before the incident took place and it turns out that he’s been a very public supporter of George Zimmerman’s defense for a long time.


Most Rehder’s Facebook posts, in fact, have been about the Zimmerman trial. This seems a little too convenient that a member of the same Sheriff’s Office which is tasked with guarding Zimmerman, just happens to be same officer who responded to a car accident that Zimmerman just suddenly showed up – less than a mile from his home to suddenly become a hero.


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