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This One World Cup Image Says It ALL About Brazil’s Inequality


Recently the hacktivist group Anonymous took down a slew of World Cup associated, and Brazilian government websites. Many outside of South America were left wondering what FIFA and the World Cup had done to get in the crosshairs of both Anonymous and thousands of protestors this year.

One image has answered that question for many social media users. It brings into sharp focus the insane levels of inequality that plague the country.

Many on Twitter have captioned the photo “the two faces of Brazil” or “Las dos caras de Brasil.”

The image shows fans throwing trash into a dumpster where a young, apparently homeless woman is living, or scavenging for food.

The picture was originally snapped during the Confederation’s Cup tournament which was held in Brazil last year, but it’s┬áre-emergence is further evidence of a growing backlash against the World Cup by many ordinary Brazilians who are angry at the nation’s decision to spend lavishly on the tournament while there is so much poverty and income inequality throughout the country.

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