This Time ‘Trayvon’ is a 19-Year-Old Black Woman Shot In the Head


Standing your ground? That’s what Dearborn Heights police believe. This time it wasn’t George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin, it was a Michigan man versus Renisha McBride, 19, who was shot in the back of the head*. The shooter told police he believed McBride was an intruder.

The police initially told McBride’s family that her body was “dumped” and discovered near Warren Avenue and Outer Drive. Now the police are saying that she died where she stood, on the man’s front porch, asking for help.

But to make matters worse, McBride was shot in the back of the head, by a shotgun, outside of the man’s house, according to McBride’s maternal aunt, Bernita Spinks. Still police are suggesting that no charges will be filed, in spite of the fact that there is no legal right to shoot someone on your porch, even if you believe they might be thinking about burglarizing your home.

Neighbors say that the shooter said that “somebody tried to get in his house … and he got scared and shot the person.”

McBride’s family is demanding answers, and is saying that she was there asking for help. The big question is why is the mainstream media sleeping on this story, as usual? It seems that we will have to get the word out ourselves, in order to make this known, and put the issue on their radar. SPREAD THE WORD!

*UPDATE: The article reported the earliest claims from the family and others, including that McBride was shot in the “back” of the head. As it turns out, she was shot in the face, through the screen door. 

About the author: M.B. David is the author of several scholarly works on Middle Eastern politics, history and religion, such as People of the Book: What the Religions Named in the Qur’an Can Tell Us About the Earliest Understanding of “Islam” as well as the recently published Sci-Fi novel Sleeper Cell 2240: Memoires of the 21st Century Interplanetary Revolution. He is currently working on his doctorate, writing a dissertation focused on the non-profit Hashlamah Project Foundation and associated global study circles.

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  1. Hargrove says:

    How was it self defense if she was shot in back of the head, y’all bout to start black folks turning in to niggas, if this shit keep on happening, it’s sad that another innocent life has been taken and how ppl try to cover it up, I’m pissed and my prayers go out to the family I hope justice is served legally or illegally

    • brian james says:

      the more ignorant we as black people become after an injustice. The tighter the noose will tighten.

      • marie says:

        How dare you say that? Shame on you.

      • GIL K says:


      • Bea K. says:

        brian james, so what ‘you’re’ saying is black folks need to just sit back and stay quiet, while incidents like this continue to rise up? Are you kidding me? What don’t ‘you’ understand, she was shot “in the back of the head”, and the cops don’t care?? If this was ‘your relative’ would ‘you’ still say this???
        P.S. I’m beginning to ask myself if America might be on the brink of a coming ‘race war’??

        • Shaquiel Boulware says:


        • Shaquiel Boulware says:


        • yourmom says:

          there will never be a race war because black people, for the most part, are intelligent enough to know they can’t win. blacks only know how to resort to violence to try and make their stand instead of becoming more educated and taking action with their minds. Statistically, blacks and mexicans are the lowest of intelligence as a race. Funny how the most opressed people turned their race around (irish, jews, etc.) Yet blacks never seem to progress. Perhaps if you rid yourself of the violence and hate you have, you can truly rise as a race and function normally in society. They hold to to the ideaology that the world is racist. Excuses become tiresome. Racism? We have a black (and I use this next word loosely) president, but we are in a racist society? Black votes help him get in office, but it is whites and gays that pushed him into office. And funny how majority of blacks finally get out to vote when a black man runs. What will you do in 2016? Both final candidates will be white. Will you not vote again? Or just pray that Biden gets there so you can vote because he was “down” with barrack. Too many excuses in this country. Black men could vote before white women. Should women be equally as angry? Of course not. They dont live in the past and hold on to an anger that is pointless. Black people being mad about slavery is just stupid at this point. Sadly, most blacks believe they were kings and queens from the nubian tribe. Far from the truth. Truth is, the slaves the europeans purchased in africa were already slaves and sold to europeans as such. Europeans didnt invade africa and just take people. They were sold by black rulers to white rulers. So should your true anger be towards your own race for selling you out? The indians were the truly oppressed people. And please tell me you have dealt with true racism and I will laugh at you. Someone profiling you? Sorry thats a human trait. Do you not profile every time you vote? Does that make you racist? I think not. Deal with a racism that MLK dealt with and then come talk to me. Furthermore, isnt it funny how mainstream media sparks all of this controversy. George Zimmerman is hispanic. Yet he was labeled a “white” hispanic by the media. When was the last time you heard that one? Point is, this country and the media NEEDS us to hate each other. Which is exactly why they fuel the fire. We have to educate ourselves and elude the hate they attempt to plant in our minds. Only then will we have true freedom as a nation. As for now…we are puppets on strings doing exactly what they want us to do. I pray for a humanity that overcomes the propaganda and unites truly with each other.

          • Gods Son says:

            Your ignorance doesn’t surprise me at all. I could be wrong but the way you write sounds like your a European. Some of your input is correct. However, things that you don’t no about you shouldn’t even attempt to talk about. First if your gonna do a history lesson start from the beginning. First, people found on the planet was in Africa, first empires noted were African empires. You are correct about the slavery information but only half way. If you are of European descent then the only reason your skin is the color it is, is from Pagea. Now let’s talk about racism. The laws, in this country are made for the European by the European to keep themselves above the rest. The only power they have point blank period is the laws and the use of firearms or any kind of weapon for that matter. Now voting, black men might have had the legal right to vote before woman but, what good is the right when you get killed, gunned down, hanged, family threatened, beaten, or your house getting burned down. Racism exist because of Europeans. Europeans could never accuse any other race of racism because it’s ur design, you made it now own up to it and claim it. It’s amazing that out of every good thing u created, you destroyed 100 times more. All for greed and money. The earth is falling apart all because of you. Stop drilling, leave the ocean alone, leave other countries alone. Some things are not for humans to know. Oh I forgot stop stealing everything, from people to Mother Earth. It’s a shame that the knowledge Europeans gather and learn is the knowledge that your ancestors put out so of course you know it, but you believe everything your people tell you, hint hint you are not the brightest people on the planet by far. Read about the Egyptians and the pyramids oh by the way again Egyptians are of African descent. Read more than just your European history before you start making comments. This was in reference to (your mom) comments. Not here to debate,anger,abuse, or point the finger. Just don’t like it when half truths are spoken. In all fairness I totally agree with you on praying for our humanity to overcome this foolishness but, we all know that’s not going to happen here on this earth ever. The most oppressed people are still being oppressed. Read up on slavery in Africa it’s in no way the same as what has taken place in America. Africans did sell slaves at first then Africans were being stole from there homeland by European force. Let blacks make the laws and hold you in oppression for hundreds of years and let’s see how angry and violent you become. Humans are here on earth for a set number of years then it’s on to the after life. What would be amusing is that everything that goes on, on this earth it’s reversed in the after life for the rest of your souls eternity. You can’t believe everything you read about religions because fact is you never been there yourself yet. So GOD bless you and your chosen deity.

          • DEE DEE says:


      • toya says:

        Brian idk what u mean when u say the mire ignorant we act the tighter the noose will get…I mean in the trayvon martin case we at by and waited for justice that ever ce several similar incidents have occurred since and we still sat and waited for justice that once again never came so to what ignorance are you referring the fact that we did nothing

      • Shana says:

        In some ways, I understand Brian’s point. As African Americans (within the last few decades) we only massively rally and support a cause after the fact. We are reactive instead of proactive. We have to learn as a race to get in front of these issues, truly understand the law, research, read the small print of the law that so many people in general simply overlook through procrastination and assumptions that it’s irrelevant. As an educator for over a decade, I’ve seen so many minority children’s knowledge base of things that will affect them in their adult life diminish. As a whole, we seem to live in the now instead of preparing ourselves for tomorrow. The ignorance is the aftermath of T. Martin’s case. Let’s be honest, just how much of a voice have we shed since the ruling? A few people cannot diffuse ignorance.

        The ignorance is our race’s refusal to support one another in a workplace through gossip and backstabbing, especially in the midst of other races. It is our refusal to work up to the highest potential when we receive free education, technology in our schools, and brand new books, and opportunities to advance ourselves. I’ve seen it too much from African American adults and our children. We have very little loyalty between us as a race.

        No…none of what we’re seeing is fair or right, but our justice system shall continue to take advantage of our rights and those invisible nooses will continue to grow tighter if we don’t show unity during the “inbetween” times prior to these incidents.

      • BL Spitz says:

        Sounds Like Something “Uncle Tom” Will Say. LAME! When It Does Pop Off Stay In Da Fu**** House BRIAN JAMES!

      • Art says:

        That was the dumbest statement I have ever read.

      • LaGayla says:

        Was I the only one who interpreted that as, by educating and asserting ourselves we can loosen the proverbial noose?

    • Lisa says:

      You got that right

    • Franny says:

      I can agree with you 100%

    • Adams219 says:

      Obviously you choose to overlook that part that says she was NOT shot in the back of the head but in the face through a screen door.

    • Alicia says:

      If you read more “*UPDATE: The article reported the earliest claims from the family and others, including that McBride was shot in the “back” of the head. As it turns out, she was shot in the face, through the screen door.”

  2. Ted Trent says:

    I’m speechless. Just speechless. I can’t believe this life was lost. I blame the NRA and the church who embeds in their followers that the end is near and do anything to defend yourself.

    God help this family.

  3. ashlee says:

    Send the story to every news station

  4. Tiffany says:

    As Black People we need to stop and think about our people and stop fighting one another because they is taking us out and so are we. Is it bad enough that we killing each other and to have everybody after our ass. Wake Up Black Race we are still sleeping and worry about who’s dress the best or who the best rappers or the latest dirt on people instead of worry about our people getting killed. No evil undone is going unseen. Wake Up that’s why the media don’t give a dame. Becausewe don’t care, so why should they. Wake Up!

    • Tell the TRUTH & Shame the devil, Well said, AMEN!!

    • Johari says:

      You’re totally correct. We (as a people) make more noise about things that just don’t matter. We need to learn what is important within our culture and stand by what is right and not by gangs, song, clothes and sneakers.

    • mayham says:

      We are thinking about our people…it has nothing to do with black on black white on white crime because thats been going on since kane and able….she was shot in the back of her head…for looking for help

    • Jason says:

      TIffany, I hate that this happens to anyone. I believe in stand your ground laws because I had a guy at my door trying to kill my wife and myself, he did everything to get inside my house but an incident at his house distracted him long enough for me to arm myself and prepare to fight – the man was armed and attempted to use the weapon on me. I never had to hurt the man as he ran away but if that law didn’t exist I would go to jail for this man trying to kill me, but ended up dead. All I had to do was show my weapon to him. He was hispanic by the way.

      This isn’t just a white on black incident. In fact I read about blacks killing whites all the time and they also get away with the stand your ground. The problem is, it isn’t racist in any means if someone kills a white person, so it doesn’t make the news. These black individuals got away with murder too and most of them were like this lady described here.

      Trayvon however was found to have attacked Zimmerman. He wasn’t innocent and using the concrete to smash someones head can be used as a weapon that can kill someone. Now did he run when he was shot? I don’t know but there was an attack by Travon so that’s why the jury acquitted Zimmerman. He does have the right to defend his life as we all do.

      What we need to stop doing in these cases is point out our skin color (AS IT SHOULD NOT MATTER) but look at the situation. If there is due cause the victim was walking away or retreating then it should be a murder. In this case, she was shot in the back of the head so it seems like she was running away. Just because she’s black doesn’t mean this was a hate crime. Not every white that shoots someone of a different color is a racist and vice versa. People when they are attacked or feel threatened tend to make bad judgements because reality is blown out of proportion. if this man who killed this woman has a history of attacking people for their skin color then yes he would be a candidate for a hate crime – until then we can’t accuse him of killing her simply because she’s black – as we can’t say a black man killed a white guy simply because he’s white.

      There are a lot of blacks killing blacks too… for what ever reason and that alone need to be addressed. There is no reason to kill anyone unless you are fighting for your life. Senseless killing over verbal disputes or “alleged” accusations should come to a stop. However, its not the gun we need to worry about its the people who own them.

      Guns have been proven to reduce crime. When the people who own them are responsible, then crime doesn’t happen and senseless killings don’t occur.

      We need to think smart. YES… the man who shot this woman in the head should NOT be self defense unless she was in the house where anyone has the right to shoot if the person was not welcome. She was shot in the back of the head and he should at least face manslaughter charges.

      • Bozack says:

        Jason Trayvon was murdered just like this young lady. George Zimmerman had called the police over 50 times on black men in the year prior to killing. He approached an unarmed young black man with a loaded pistol after being told not to do so. Trayvon has the right to stand his ground also after being approached by a stranger in the dark. He also said that this young man looked suspicious because he was wearing a hoodie. It was raining in February. And wear is the ground that you’re standing if you are following someone? He picked a fight to have to use his gun and kill that young man with an alibi. Ok lets reverse the roles. Say George is walking minding his business with a hoodie and a loaded pistol and Trayvon approaches him in the dark he has the right to stand his ground doesn’t he? That was pure murder and the jury dropped the ball. Hell he didn’t even get arrested the night it happened. He went home. Race aside, I cant kill someone and go home. Whether they were young old black or white. I’m going to jail until they figure out the details.

        • Nox says:

          Here’s where your argument falters.

          When one person goes to the ground, mutual combat is over, any attempt to further attack the person after they have fallen and failed to recover is considered felony assault to attempted murder.

          The first rule of self-defense is to attempt to remove yourself from a dangerous situation at the first opportunity.

          There must have been a moment, when Zimmerman was knocked to the ground, that Mr. Martin could have fled. When he chose not to flee and to follow Mr. Zimmerman to the ground, he was no longer acting in self defense.

          • Bea K. says:

            Nox, you’re dreaming and Zimmerman is a rotten liar who’s gotten so many to fall for his load of crap. ALL of that incident could have been avoided had he done what the police ‘told him to do’ by staying in his car, with his ‘loaded gun’ or even just driving away but did he do that NO because he thought he had something to prove.
            I so look forward to the day when the ‘truth’ about this issue WILL come out, but by your comments and others as well when it does happen you still won’t believe it.

          • Nox says:

            Dearest Bea K.,

            Actually, it appears to be you that has already made a character judgement, and is content that your interpretation is the truth, so I level the same remark back at you: If the “truth” is known, it would be you that does not believe it.

            I personally don’t care much for beliefs. Facts cannot change beliefs, therefore beliefs are firmly outside of the scope of reality, and thus fantasy.

            The eye witnesses attest that one person was on top of the other, beating him, and Mr. Zimmerman has injuries that concur with this testimony. So my conclusion above is not based on anything that the “rotten liar,” said, but of the preponderance of the evidence and testimony of witnesses.

            I think you are purposely deluding yourself as to what the facts are, and what is your opinion, and you may even be incapable of separating the two.

            I think that the neo-tribalism in America is one of the things that keeps us all in bondage, and the sooner we can break away from groupthink, the sooner we will be free as a people.

      • quazimu says:

        Go to hell!!! You should put your own child(ren) in the place of Trayvon Martin and this young girl, then see how much bs you would be saying then!!

        • Gii says:

          It’s easy to say put your children in trayvons position….but put yourself in zimmermans position according to his account….or allow your husband or wife to take zimmermans position….on the ground and in risk due to a decision made that ultimately turned out to be a mistake…..would you have shot the boy if your face was being plummeted and your head bashed…..we pretend kids and youth are innocent when they are also capable of committing life threatening actions…….the knockout game for example is a life threatening game played by youth (majority are black males) and innocent unsuspecting bystanders…..This proof is evidence that youth are not innocent and trayvon may have acted in a way that forced Zimmerman to murder…….if your son or daughter was shot by a black kid for interrogating, verbally abusing, and possibly physically abusing that kid ….whose fault would it be…..and would you put yourself in the position of the one who was being pushed to violence……… starts in the homes…..raise your kids to be aware….to say what is appropriate and do what is appropriate in unfamiliar or intimidating situations…..teach your kids how to communicate….if trayvon would have communicated without physical interference…he may have lived or Zimmerman would be in jail….this doesn’t justify murder….but the way we communicate as black people with other races and unfamiliar environments will determine our success as an individual …..

      • Gere Roehrig says:

        What happened to Mr. Martin’s right to defend himself. He was a young INNOCENT TEENAGER being FOLLOWED by a GROWN MAN. Who, might I add, was told NOT to FOLLOW Mr. Martin, had defense training, and a history of violence. If someone followed your wife would you expect her to not to defend herself? What about your son or daughter? I asked myself this question because a lot of people’s feelings are motivated by hidden or open racism. So with I ask myself if the table was turned would I feel the same way? If you would feel differently if it was turned or feel differently if it was your loved one in the victim’s or suspect’s seat or grave. That’s how you find the hidden racism within yourself and change it.

      • Zeal says:

        Did you even read the story get your facts straight before commenting and the innocent geroge Zimmerman has been showing his true colors lately havent he.

      • Don't Make Me Go Back says:


        It is hard to disagree with someone who makes such great points. However, I believe you are mistaken when it comes to both cases. This particular one doesn’t make sense to me in any way whatsoever. I believe other information will surface as to why it’s so “hush-hush”. I am from Michigan and know the town where this took place. The police are typical a-holes but not necessarily racist to this extent! They hound minorities whom they believe will bring disruption to the community but are not notorious for ignoring this kind of crime. With the gun rights in our courts the way they are this should have been broadcasted everywhere. There is a lot more to this story. As for Trayvon or any other young person who meets their demise by violence deserves justice. If Trayvon was strong enough to overpower Zimmermann than he sure as heck was strong enough to knock him out with “concrete”. How did Zimmermann get to his piece and get a clean shot when disoriented by the blows? Why was he so cognitive? Why was Trayvon crying for help when he was shot? Bad examples of cases for carrying firearms. We the people should be able to reasonably defend ourselves, our property, and our families; but only when violence is implied or enacted to an extent that escape is not possible. This gentleman could have closed his door and Zimmermann could have stopped following Trayvon as instructed. Those are avoidable deaths dealt by cowards with guns.

    • GIL K says:


      • Tom says:

        The fact people still say shit like “our people” or “them” is part of the problem. Keep yourselves apart and you’ll always be treated as apart.

        There’s only one race. Human. Why would anyone treat you the same if you dont believe you are yourself?

  5. Sonji Harris says:

    We need to stand our ground as the people

  6. Donna Reeves says:

    If the shooter is black he’s not gonna get away with it. And he shot her in the back of head that means she was trying to walk away. What is this world coming to. My child was shot in the his back and was killed I believe he tried to walk away from the incident. No one has the right to shot someone from behind if they are walking away. Prayers goes out this family i hope justice can be served because my son’s case was never brought to justice.

    • Michelle Grant says:

      My name is Michelle Grant and I live in Fortvalley, Ga. On November the 3rd I lost my 20 year old son Gabriel Jackson to violence. He was walking away and someone shot my son nine times in the back. Why? He did not know my son. My prayers goes out to the family I know what you are going through. Fight for justice and answers, because if you do not they will leave it as a Jon Doe file. In my son case it was due to his cousin going to get him to come talk to her boyfriend and she has not been charged. But I am fighting for Justice and will get it if it takes everything I got.

      • Tavia says:

        My condolences to you….My younger brother lost his life the same way….got into a fender Bender with someone as he was walking off he was also shot 9 times in his back…sad thing the person that shot and killed him was someone close to him with influences from his very own brother in law….they only gave my brother killer 14 years in jail in turned his self in….brother in law was not charged but hopefully that will change…

    • leah says:

      If the shooter was white, he is not going to get away with it. Theres no self-defense law that justifies shooting in the back.

  7. Cecelia says:

    Al Sharpton where you at. Where is Michigan Internal Affairs. It is clear there is a big cover up. Stay strong McBride family.

  8. Joan says:

    Shot in the BACK of her head ??????????????wtf

  9. Courtney says:

    If she was trying to break into his house, and he felt the need to shoot, wouldn’t he have shot her from the front? If she was shot in the back of the head that means she was leaving right???? Wtf ppl these days! Will do anything for attention.. SO SAD.

  10. Shari says:

    That’s mess up that everyone is using that same ass lame line I was scared if it was a black person we would be lock under the jail. Unarmed in need of help if something don’t happen fast about this there would be a racist war on our hand and there would be no stopping use then. Right now they are telling use it’s ok to kill. Cause stand your ground don’t mean shit shit it’s only there to help the white people.

    • Crystal says:

      ok first of all I am white and I take offense to your last statement. I know plenty of white people who are put under the jail too. I am so tired of everyone wanting to turn to violence that’s what is wrong with this world right now. I am very sorry for the loss this has caused her family because no one deserves what happened to her. I believe that the person responsible should be punished too. Just like I believe that the verdict George Zimmerman got was wrong I think he should have done time too. So maybe if we all stop throwing race cards out there and try to really fix problems instead of making more then maybe some good will come

      • Glenda says:

        I agree with you Crytal. There are bad people of all races.

      • me truth says:

        yes while you might know of many white people put under the jail,,, blacks get it the worst not just what you are seeing in media but generally definately in certain states in most of these cases if the shooter was white it would be read totally differently and no cover up would have been made it would have been made more drastic no life should be taken no matter what color you are and justice should be served on all counts no matter your color or how much money you have either

      • Tray Taba says:

        Or if we got rid of the white virus because history has showed us they know nothing but violence. They are worse than al Qaeda, bin Laden. The most violent crimes in this country are committed by white males. I picture a world with out them, tell me one good thing about white history..I’ll wait

    • Justin_Igger says:

      It is there to assist all human beings. N1ggers are not human beings, however.

      So they are excluded from protection.

  11. Josh Miller says:

    “Stand Your Ground” is what is WRONG with America!! DISGUSTING! It’s ok, though, she’s not in pain anymore… U_U

  12. not a victim says:

    What happens when a white or Hispanic person is killed in this manner? Nothing.. why? Becuase whites and Hispanics don’t have the victim mentality.. don’t have the free bad for me attitude that blacks do. Its disgusting and I’m tired of fucking hearing how blacks are innocent. Its pointless.. we all know this person was doing something shady.. and got caught…. why would I feel bad? … oh and that’s right I’m a racist, because I’m proud to be white.

    • ben says:

      A white kid was shot in the back but they arrested that guy and he’s in jail. Why report on a routine crime and arrest.

      If you can’t take race out of these incidents you are racist. If you were proud to be white you wouldn’t have to go around saying it on the internet.

      Who are you trying to convince us or yourself.

    • First, I’m glad that you have acknowledged who are, I don’t have to.Ones race has nothing to do with right or wrong. Why would you assume she ‘s up to something shady as she was shot from the back. His defense he was afraid. Have you not asked the question why didn’t he just close the door, he was inside looking out, close the door call 911. But he made the decision to shoot, and was shooting to kill with a shot gun in the back of her head, because she approached his porch. In my opinion he’s wrong and he has an attitude a mental one. Now he wants to stand behind the stand your ground law, please. Evil is real and I’m appalled at evil in so many hearts black and white. You’re disgusted? because blacks you claim have attitudes and it’s disgusting to you. Blacks are disgusted with this White folk mentality of senseless killing and using a law that justifies their act and wanting to be relieved of their wrong and they have been getting off–this apparently pleases you say, using your foul language. This man will undoubtedly have more questions coming his way he will not get away with this. He has taken a life, that Almighy God gave, and I’m praying for people of all races that do not know The Lord Jesus for the pardoning of their sins, including you. I pray for your heart, that God will help you with your way of thinking God made us all. It’s not an attitude, it’s the injustice played over and over again for the black race, that you think nothing about their rights. I fight for justice for all no matter what their skin color I fight and I write.

    • iqbal says:

      hy not it is victim? have GOD made you to kill innocent black people, have GODproduces supper than other nation, to kill them , to lift their child, for rap, this is doing animals not human is it written in your holly book[BIBLE]? IN OUR HOLLY BOOK quran CLEAR WROTE BLACK HAVE NO SUPPERMACY ON WHITE AND WHITE HAVE NO SUPPERMACY ON BLACK

    • rodney says:

      Wats going to happen is us blacks r going to take matters n our own hands..keep this shit up n BEWARE

      • Chris says:

        U should soldier up and head to Iraq to show how tough u are….. Beware for intimidation ! U think that all white ppl are afraid of black people…. Now that is ignorance at its finest! Hells Angels, The Outfit, & the Cartel run North America brother……

    • Crystal says:

      You are the reason people say things like they do about whites. we don’t know anything other then he “thought” she was going to break in. No one deserves to be shot in the back and honestly it takes a pussy to shot someone in the back. PS I’m white too!

    • Dorothy says:

      For your remark I would say you are just plain ignorant.


      Not A Victim…. How do you know she was doing something shady??? You are a heartless person!! You just spoke about the racist card, but you are judging a situation that you clearly know NOTHING about. You could have kept that comment to yourself!!! You don’t have the right to judge anyone, only GOD can judge us. Didn’t your mom teach if you.. “IF YOU DON’T HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY, THEN DON’T SAY NOTHING AT ALL” you need to start doing that. EVERYONE HAVE A BLESS DAY

    • Fuck you not a victim that is the most racist thing i have ever heard in my life that is like saying white people have a right to kill when they want i hope it is ok when a minority has a gun pointed at you or your family you racist fuck

  13. step up says:

    Shot in back the head and all for a cry of help but why would you move her body if you didnt do nothing wrong boy i tell ya its gonna be another sad case because the ppl hell and think all black ppl are bad its because some racist ppl make us this way im praying for the family

  14. Sh* t Gotta STOP says:





  15. God's child says:

    Come on people….God’s children have no color. Please quit trying to make this a Black and White Issue.

    • disgusted black male says:

      You live in an unequal, unjust, racist, society. Ignore it if you want to. That makes you just as worse as someone who is open about racism. At least I know where they stand. America is bigoted and racist country ran by hypocrites that own corporations. Government that protects them in interest of capitolism. Politicians who don’t have morals and ethics.

  16. Tiana Holmes says:

    For once, I wish people stop with using the race card when an African American is being killed. You have seek out the truth, and see if there’s any evidence backing up this man claim. Four years ago a man raped me in my own home, I cried for years, my intution told me something wasn’t right, but his race was black. The miseducated negro plays the race card in America, but they don’t know the difference between right or wrong, good and evil. Had I shot the man if I had a handgun I would have been vindicated by law. Next time, remeber A man if he’s godly, a warrior, protector, provider and righteous.

  17. Max Nelson says:

    I dont think it’s possible to shoot an intruder in the back of the head. If someone knows how to do this please explain it to me.

  18. courtney says:


  19. Mzmuffin so da**sad says:

    I am sending all condolences to the young ladies family I am wishing all justice is served shot in the back only means she was trying to leave what is the world coming to today when a young man cannot have a hood on his head and a young lady can’t walk away without their life being taken so again all prayers go out to the family I am so sorry for your lost but try and be strong

  20. Cam says:

    Can’t wait to start standing my ground. Going to talk shit to people, let em hit me a few good times then boom. Gonna shoot christmas carollers that come on my porch. Gonna shoot hobos at red lights….pshhh, all i have to say is i was scared and i can turn any situation into a blood bath.

  21. Marcus page says:

    First off. He is a man and that’s a 19 year old girl. What the hell he need a gun for. To shoot someone not in the back but in the back of the head he was shooting to kill. This was not an intruder. She was a victim and the damn police is obviously the KKK in disguise. I’m sick of these senseless murders and I’m sick of the police if they keep it up they we need martial law cause we gone take back our streets

  22. Megan says:

    For the uniformed people, here is the Michigan statute on the use of deadly force during the commission of self dense: M.C.L.A 780.972.

  23. April Hard says:

    you obviously are ignorant did you read the evidence before you spoke. I think not. he moved the body. so why would he do that if he was truly doing the right thing and protecting himself. that was murder. plain and simple. and hes getting away with it. playing the race card is absolutely necessary because I see all the time black people going away for life shooting someone to protect themselves. if this wasn’t a common occurrence then it wouldn’t be such a big deal. but sadly it happens too often. so before you open your mouth do some research. im sorry about your rape but race has nothing to do with it. i think you have this opinion because you were raped by a black male. so it makes sense to have hate for that race. but to be honest white men rape too. just as much if not more. im white. but most of my family is black.

    • Jason says:

      How strange… a white man kills a black lady and its “necessary to play the race card” .. a black man rapes a white women and ” race had nothing to do with it” You sound like the ignorant with your contradictions … and to be honest whites shoot whites.. blacks shoot blacks too… so just saying

      • Clarissa McClendon says:

        No blacks hispanic whites they all rape but who kills and says they were scared our looked like gangsters our intruders obviously whites because most blacks will fight to protect really don’t need seasons just saying

      • Britney Robinson says:

        1 out 4 girls are sexually abused before the age of 18, usually by family members or friends of the family. So all people of all races are raping and molesting young girls unfortunately. I am very fortunate to know that I wasn’t abused and if I was I have forgotten about it.

    • mayham says:

      Thank you! Well said

  24. April Hard says:

    and lets say that she was there not asking for help but to do something bad. he was a grown man and could have protected himself easily without a weapon. but she didn’t even get in the house so why not shut the door lock it and call the cops? that’s what a normal person would do. but again to shoot someone in the back of the head means she was facing away from him. that is not self defense. ITS MURDER

  25. Austin says:

    WILL EVERYONE PLEASE SHUT THE F*** up. Im so sick of this shit. One person shoots another, that person will meet their fate whether through justice or through karma. Does not matter the color of their skin. The shooter will see his fate. However, this stand up African brothers crap needs to stop. Obviously white and black have very different diverse lives, each side will see it differently. As white and black people, the laws were written by us, as well as other ethnic groups in our legislative bodies, we made the damn laws. If you have a problem with it, petition something. But this blogging on random web pages and more important projecting racism with only make you and others around you more furious, hence doing nothing. Pick up the pen as all of our medias tell us to do, if not, then sit there and stfu. Do nothing. But don’t you dare speak another complaint on how this country is ran if your are just going to bring it down even more by polluting friends minds and your own with you slander of “How things haven’t changed.” They have changed, but with the crap y’all keep spreading about white vs black is just going to keep us in the past. Educate yourself and stop living in the slave day, because I garun-fckn-tee none of you reading this know a damn thing about what the slave days were like.

    • Ryann says:

      Austin…I don’t think you realize how ignorant you sounded with that comment. “The laws were written by all of us (black and white).” Really? Are you sure about that one? seems that if you knew anything about the history of our country and the structure of our society, you wouldn’t have let yourself type that dumb ass comment. Our society was in fact built on the basis of inequality (i.e: slavery, 3/5 compromise,the rise of the KKK during the reconstruction…need I go on?). The only reason things have changed somewhat in this country is due to small groups speaking out against injustices. Today, we experience inequalities and injustice not only blatantly, but through something called institutionalized racism (through the judicial system, corporations, educational instututions and so on and so forth). So the next time you want to advise others to become educated, I suggest you do the same…because you don’t seem so intelligent your damn self. It’s people like you that continue to wear blinders and not realize the truth of reality. Word of advice: Do some more research and learn how to critically analyze everything you read/hear.

      • Erotic Indulgence says:

        I love it!!!!!!!!!!

      • gemini says:

        Let me inform you! KKK is no longer under the white hood, they are in blue collar shirt, siting in your government making laws! How to keep other race in chains without them really knowing they are still in slavery with out the chain, even if they have to do it to there on. To justify there on need and for there kids. Believe it or it’s just not the black folks need to weary, it’s the minority of all race.

  26. American says:

    No mention of her blood alcohol level being at 0.218% with marijuana in her system as well?

    • Voice of reason says:

      Amen, not to mention she was on HIS property, drunk AND high. If I think my family is in danger, you’re dead and that’s it. Man or woman, black or white.
      Stop playing the victim all the time and look at the facts.

      • Brian Smith says:

        finally; two people that make sense!

      • what the hell says:

        whoa drunk AND high. we all know that drunk and high people really have their wits about them, so it’s understandable that he saw a major threat. ESPECIALLY in a young woman like herself. sometimes they get laser vision that can penetrate walls and kill you. his only choice was to shoot her, obviously. cowards like him don’t stand a chance against the stumbly movements of a drunk girl… especially when she’s walking the other direction. dangerous stuff.

        • dm says:

          So that means u were there? I have seen women drunk and high get violently out of control…maybe u are a stumbling calm drunk but not everyone is..u comment as if u knew the victim personally and we’re there as an eyewitness lol…what a douche…listen if someone knocks on my door at 3 am acting crazy I’m shooting first and asking we questions later…With the way society is today u have to protect ur family in any way u can even if that means taking things to an extreme. ..ur making comments and remarks that u cant back up. .nobody was there so I can’t judge one way or the other but the facts are she was drinking and driving and crashed her vehicle and was stoned and wondered around for hours lost..witness claim she was acting erratic. .so u tell me that u were there and know what happened and I’ll let u ride high on ur horsey!

        • Voice of reason says:

          You “lazer vision” comment show s just how serious you take things. The fact of the matter is that you were not there. So you don’t know what the man percieved as a threat.

          If the girl wasn’t drunk and high, she wouldn’t have been on the man’s property and would still be on this earth. Her irresponsibility was her downfall.

          • Clarissa McClendon says:

            Really a drunk woman is incapable to whoop a grown ass man ignorance to race prohibits u to see his wing doing good bless your racist heart SMH

      • Dewayne says:

        What drunk and high have to do with anything 70% of america gets drunk and high. I’m quite sure you drink and get drunk occasionally. People need to look in the mirror first and quit trying to down play actions of another person as if they haven’t did it.

  27. renee says:

    How the HELL they can put black man in prison for some damn dogs, but white man can kill our black kids go Scot free?? What the HELL. Is the world come too.let it had been some f**king white kid person would have been under jail..

    • Viki says:

      Because it all begins with animals, those who hurt or kill poor innocent animals, are more likely to do the same to a human! Hopefully the truth will be told about this story and the family of the girl gets justice!

      • dm says:

        This article is over a month old…If u are smart enough u will research the story for ur self and u will see he has been charged with 2nd degree murder and that she was shot in face and not back of head and oh again her blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit and she was high on weed…she crashed her car because she was drunk then she wonders around for hours and knocks on a guys door at 3 am in a bad part of town acting drunk and high so tell me what he may have been thinking instead of throwing put the race card…people have already vouched for him that he isn’t racist..I don’t get why every time a white person kills a black person the race card gets pulled but when a black person kills a white person or another black person nobody pulls any race card so tell me who sounds like the real racists here? Anyone?

        • Tray Taba says:

          Let me help you. Blacks were slaves for 400 yrs by white people, so when a white person kills a black person and gets off, it then goes to race. Second black people aren’t killing white people they are killing other black people. in both cases they go to jail so that’s why you don’t hear about it. here’s a fact though, the most violent crimes in this country are committed by white people. Since that exist we should be looking at them and lock them up every time, but instead more blacks are in jail and white viruses getting off free.

          • kristy says:

            Black people were slaves to other black people before white people had black slaves

          • Justin_Igger says:


          • Jessica2248 says:

            that’s just as stupid as saying since John Wilkes Booth did it first, it was okay for Oswald to assassinate a president. or that the devils angels are not as bead as he is. and it’s unbelievable (well, maybe not) that 66 people agreed with that foolishness.

          • tim says:

            One fact is black people where inslaved by their own people not white ppl they just bought them and made an industry out of it.

          • Jessica2248 says:

            sigh…..i really detest willful ignorance.

          • Latoya says:

            People pull the race card all the time. Which in fact the people that pull the race card are in fact racist, whether their black or white. People shouldn’t see color. A young woman lost her life and the cops gave a bullshit reason. The family has to deal with it, no one really cares. You can be killed just because you have the wrong directions, and walk up to the wrong house or just be in the wrong neighborhood. But should people live in fear? Because “white people” aren’t the only people killing blacks. And playing the race card places a lot of hate in the hearts of black people.

          • Justin_Igger says:

            If a White person kills a n1gger, they are a national hero and get an automatic pass to heaven.

    • Brian Smith says:

      what the hell; when people can’t make coherent sentences and use punctuation, let alone making sense. Looks like the educational system is dead too; omg!

    • Justin_Igger says:

      Because the life of a n1gger has no worth, to put it bluntly. No one cares.

  28. Kirry 29 says:

    It is a shame another innocent life has been taken… The stand your ground law needs to be banned immediately… Since his acquittal… The poster boy for the stand your ground law (Zimmerman) has been arrested twice… Once for threatening his soon to be ex wife and her elderly father with a gun… Then he threatened his current girlfriend with one… They gave him a free pass and now he feels untouchable… Sadly to say he will kill again… If the law was such a good idea both the governors of NJ and NY stated that they would not pass such a law like that… Gov. Christie stated that it would be havaoch and all types of killings if he did so.. Everyone would use the defense… No one is above the law… I live in jersey and in our tru state last year there was more killings than in Afganistan… We can’t afford this foolishness where we come from… We already got to deal with the racial profiling of cops and their stop and frisk laws… Can’t afford to have civilians displaying their racial bias and taking out more people…

  29. Ovencio says:

    Listen…this is common sense. If you are capable of shooting someone in the back in the head…..without a weapon..(as far as the evidence concerned), wouldn’t you rather shoot them in the leg or somewhere else? Why was there an immediate intent to kill? Obviously, the person wasn’t facing them…when that person was shot in the “Back” of the head…thus making them less of a threat. If this person gets away with this, there might as well be no laws.

  30. YVETTE says:


  31. Lovelypook says:

    I don’t understand why there hasn’t been any charges filed. Maybe it varies from state to state. I know for sure that the law in North Carolina says if someone is intruding upon your house, and they are armed and facing toward you, you have the right to open fire if you feel threatened. There’s no mention of a weapon, AND she was shot in the back of the head? AND she was on the front porch? If people could see her, I highly doubt she’d have been trying to break in. And if she wasn’t facing toward him, what reason did he have to fire?

    Black or not, this girl needs to have justice served. It continues to break my heart seeing so many younger black folk dying. It terrifies me to know when I have kids, I’ll have to figure out how to explain this kind of behavior to them.

  32. Ron says:

    @Ryann, Well said.

  33. Twin says:

    if that was lil suzie homeboy would be in prison right now just sayin. My daughter is mixed/light but i would rather her get the same consequences as anyone else instead of being treated different because shes ‘lightskinned’. shot from behind? no charges? shows you how much a black life is worth. opinion stated. moving on. sad as hell.

  34. Bothered says:

    You know what bothers me the fact that we all sit here and make comments regarding this female who got shot in the back of the head and we scurry our little fingers to type offensive words to each other, try to out smart each other and disrespect each other on this blog, site, page ect. And it amazes me how silly we can be, if you committ a murder you pay for your crime everyting that you do on this earth that is wrong and against the law you pay for. So if she was doing something she wasn’t supposed to and got shot then she was at the wrong place at the wrong time. We have to admit that if our society whom ever it is black, white, hispanic, indian or Asian are lurking around trying to committ a crime and we are faced at the end of a gun and that person pulls the trigger then we should of thought about our actions before we decided to do what we were doing at the moment we lost our lives. Self defense is self defense it’s kind of weird she got shot from behind and I truly hope that this is investigated to the fullest extent and that if the person behind the gun pulled that trigger for no reason then he should be jailed. We have to take action for our responsibilities.

  35. Djoudy Saint Paul says:

    I don’t know why everyone killing themselves….This is the end of days…don’t be surprise to see Justice, or injustice….from a black man…

  36. Jonathan Hill says:

    This is completely sad shot n the back of the head on the front porch which means her back was turned from the door last I checked its impossible to to break into a home with your back turned to the door. Really in the cops see nothing wrong with this. The world is doing nothing but repeating history converting right back to slavery

  37. Bismark says:

    when will we ever learn, there is no Race so conscious of itself like the Black race yet we are so lost. was this what people like Medgar Evers fought for? they did the crawling but until we learn to walk we can never run. just let no truth be left untold.

  38. CJ says:

    Yes, I agree with people, we live in an unjust, unequal society. Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, European, Gay, Straight, Transgender, lets rattle off all of the labels we all comfortably place ourselves in. I am a white male, a gay white male, there, now my label is out there and free for you all to judge what I have to say in your way you’re going to judge it. We live in an unjust society because we’ve drawn lines in the sand, saying “if you’re white/black/Hispanic etc… you can’t come in this neighborhood. You don’t understand us or what we’ve been through.” We draw our own lines of inequality. I don’t care if it was a Chinese man and Hispanic woman, a life was taken. What she was doing there, I don’t know, this article is a little vague. I’ll wait to make any conclusions until I see facts in front of me. Was she in trouble? If she was, did she not have a cellular device in the car with her to call for help? If there was an accident and she needed assistance and it was that bad, wouldn’t someone nearby have stopped to help or call for her? What kind of road was she on that that may have no been a possibility? These are things I ask myself before I even consider what may have lied beneath the surface of the shooting. It says clearly that this young woman’s family is asking for answers, and I hope they get them, but if they don’t know what’s going on, what right do we have to sit here and presume it’s a race issue? It very well could be, I’m not taking that away from anyone. However I hear a lot of people say “something needs to be done about this!” What would we propose as non-racist people that the government do? Step in and make everyone think the same way? I think if they had the power to do that, they would have ages ago. Then if that was the case, interracial relationships, gay marriage and anything that isn’t considered a social “norm” would have no problem existing, but unfortunately it does. Wars wouldn’t be waged against religion and everyone would be living in harmony. Do I wish for that? Sure I do, so does every Miss America contestant, yet we continue to laugh at their infamous “world peace” answer. We cannot become one, we cannot begin to understand one another if we keep drawing lines. Yes, people of a different race that is other than Caucasian can’t run from their skin color or facial traits, they cannot walk out of a room and escape racial profiling and for that, I cannot stress my upset enough. No one trusts the other and until each group of people loses their extremists and supremacists, we will never have peace.

    • ReecesQueen says:

      When the police lie there’s your doubt they said at first she was dumped on an outer road. They had to recant that. When you are shot in the back of the head what does that tell you, she was walking away?

      • Justin_Igger says:

        Tells me that it’s just another dead n1gger, and no one will ever care. Well, except for a few n1ggers of course, but their feelings and opinions do not matter.

  39. Viki says:

    A few years ago in Raeford NC, at around 2am we woke up to loud knocking at the door and a girl screaming for help, looked very similar to this lady. My husband opened the door and let her in, which I told him not to do, but he did anyway. She said she was in a car full of guys who started pulling out guns on each other so she screamed for them to let her out and we are the 3rd house on the street and for some reason we were the first door she ran to for help even though she had a working cell phone she said. She pulled out a box cutter while telling her story of what happened, saying that’s all she had to protect herself. She could have been telling the truth.

    As soon as he let her in, I called the police, not because of her color, but because there had been stories on the news about people knocking on doors asking for help and then men would wait outside and bust in, or if you go out to check around they take over..etc. You never know who to trust no matter what color the skin, so the police came to get the girl and take her home, her stories didn’t make much sense because she was so young and out that late from home. I don’t believe this young girl above should have been shot, police could have been called if he was worried and thought others might have been involved. Prayers for all

  40. Bruce Holloway says:

    I think, everybody just need to calm down, don’t let the evil one win, these are the times where your faith will tested more than ever before, the evil one needs soldiers, so understand how the evil one works, and keep on your armor of God, because God is a good God, Ya see, the evil one dose what dose to the fiscal body, but it can’t do anything with the soul unless you surrender it to the evil one yourself, God do give us that choice, your decision can either put you on God side or it can put on the evil ones side, it’s your choice. But I say to the McBride family please pay no attention to individuals that speaks black people this, white people that, (so on and so forth) because that is only one of the tricks that evil doer uses to weaken you, keep your head to the sky and let clouds tell you why. the only thing that shooter did was released her, once the body dies the spirit move on and she will always be alive as long as she’s in your hearts and nobody can take that away, and remember, only God has demeanor over the soul & spirit, not unless you gave it to the evil one yourself. trust in no man, because man is imperfect, they will always say and do things to distracted you just keep off balance, put on your armor and read ROMANS 12:19,20,21
    May the lord be with

  41. Billy D says:

    Any Means Necessary…

    “We declare our right on this earth…to be a human being, to be respected as a human being, to be given the rights of a human being in this society, on this earth, in this day, which we intend to bring into existence by any means necessary.”

    Malcolm X

  42. Armanni says:

    Guys, I don’t agree with what happened at all, but I feel like it needs to be pointed out, that tiny section that really should be in bold so it doesn’t look like info that should be ignored states that there was an update to the story. She was shot in the face through the screen door. My guess is the exit wound led people to believe it was a shot in the back of the head, but that is not the case. Nonetheless, it is still a tragedy. It’s just not as simple as her walking away and being shot for no reason.

  43. From an International point of view says:

    I came from another country far from America and spent 10 years of my life in the U.S. I’ve spent plenty of time in the ghettos, suburban and urban areas to say that racism is still a big issue of this society.
    Sure, nowadays not many dare openly make racist statements or actions but take a step back and look around. Do we truly treat all races the same as if skin color does not matter one little bit? Never heard anyone ask in situations like this “Was he black? Was he white?” To this day I still see the racial barriers in social life that are preventing people to really accept each other and that is just plain tragic. Perhaps many Americans don’t realize this; as much as there are a lot of people who view america to be a selfish and ignorant country, there are also many who view America as the beacon of hope and justice in a world that is suffering terribly. Trust me, about 80% of the world does not have the chance nor the resources to make things right but you guys do. I really hope you guys set the example right this time.

  44. Cheryl says:

    Did anyone of you read the update that she was shot in the face through the screen door, but to me that doesn’t mean anything, she was asking for help, he could have been a hero by helping her instead he is a murderer. People stand up and pay attention we are losing the next generation, is that okay with you. Stop the bull****.

  45. Erika says:

    UPDATE: The article reported the earliest claims from the family and others, including that McBride was shot in the “back” of the head. As it turns out, she was shot in the face, through the screen door. 

  46. Harold says:

    Make no mistake about it my brothers and sisters. The war never ended. We simply took our eyes off the struggle, to enjoy the splendor of our freedom; but the systematic process, designed to destroy us, has always been active, and remains in place, politically, socially and psychologically. We need to stay vigilante, now, more than ever before.

  47. Clarissa McClendon says:

    All I’m saying is the ignorance of believing there is no race problem the people who says that needs someone of a different race to hurt or kill either they kids or love ones to not wishing harm on anyone just need them to open they eyes because it happens frequently

  48. Tony says:

    I’m getting to the point to stop visiting the state of Florida. I’m not the only one feeling this. Stand your ground is just another way of saying and giving white cowards the right to legally shoot young people of color and Hispanic kids. As you see, the police, city and state officials don’t give a dam about their own citizens.

    One African American woman fired a warning shot in the air and got sentence to 20 years without killing anyone and they denied her the stand your ground law. Think about it.

    Have you heard of any black person killing white kids on that law? Florida, keep guns out of cowards hands!!! Otherwise, you going to start something that you can’t finish.

  49. Rob says:

    I would’ve done the same thing. Best believe if I believe someone is intending to harm me or my family, they’re as good as gone. Salute to this man for protecting himself and his family. Where’s the other side?? She might’ve been threatening to come back and kill him/set house on fire/whatever, yet the media won’t cover this. They’ll just make it racial. White, black, Hispanic whatever, if someone wants to harm me – bye bye.

  50. Mind Games says:

    Check this out… Seems when a white person is charged with murder of a black person its always second degree flip the situation and its first degree.
    Not untill blacks AND whites stand shoulder to shoulder as they did in the days of MLK
    and DEMAND EQUAL JUSTICE nothing is going to change.

    • Justin_Igger says:

      Nope, nothing will ever change. You’re still n1ggers, we’re still in charge, etc. Better get used to it, or better get dead. Your choice.

  51. beth says:

    While this is a very sad and tragic event I could not help but notice all of the people who did not fully read the article. Her family and friends said she was shot in the back of the head but police and first responders said that she was shot in the face through the screen door. Therefore, she did not have her back turned. Regardless, this is hard to hear and prayers go out to the family. I just wish everyone would have read the whole thing.

  52. tegan says:

    If everyone would please read the very last paragraph/statement of this article. Just proves half of you stopped reading before the end….if you can’t read the whole thing your two cents does not count.

  53. MARCON says:

    There will be no race war because no one else will acknowledge it, nor do I believe there should be one, There are so many subjects at hand that are so much worse than this happening to our country of ours.
    We no longer have the time or the actual freedom to fight each other because of overzealous people claiming racism, You have to be able to look at the whole picture and all it contends, then break it down into logical modularized segments of what action is needed and how it affects the whole picture. You can fuck with your white or Mexican neighbor on the streets and maybe feel good about yourself, but in the end your actions are worthless unless what your doing can change us or divert the current “path” as a whole.
    We don’t need people fighting each other on the streets, this is not medieval Europe. We are a nation and as a nation we must work together. There will always be warmongers and warlords out there, whether they be in the middle east or at home in your streets. We need peace and correct action to fix the wrongs we’ve so quietly accepted into our society. As a Mexican American I acknowledge that our country is no longer what we all hoped it was, but i don’t see anyone doing anything about it except reading/ watching our bigoted “News” outlets and letting the actions of a few humans shape your world view.
    We are allowing them to show us carefully crafted and modified information which is guiding our minds toward anger, hate and ultimately fear! Out of the 317 million citizens our country contains, there are only a few bad men and women and and infinitesimally small majority with all the power. but what you must truly understand is that the majority of us are good.
    We are humans and we love and hate all the same, but what we all are geared towards absolutely is the subconscious ability to want to help each other out. We know at our very core as “ugly carbon bags of mostly water” is our happiness depends on each other. Together we will shape the future we love.

  54. JCole says:

    If thats the case black people live in Florida need to stand on there porch in say to white people hey come here in shoot/kill them stand your ground in I bet they change the law

  55. Andre says:

    Half of y’all are so wrong trying to justify a murder he’s wrong point blank period if she had a gun I could agree with what he did 100% but for the simple fact that people say a threat is enough reason for murder has my mind blown I am a proud black man an I don’t think this is a black or white thing is a person that wasn’t ready to have the responsibility of owning a fire arm what kind of grown man is scared of a 19 year old women to the point to shoot her in the face sound like a coward to me. The police are here for a reason if they were called than she would have went to jail for trespassing an DWI as well as PI an she would at least still been alive an he wouldn’t be in jail at all people say he was protecting his family well now he’s not there for them at all do to his ignorance and people are not saying the man is racist we as black people are against us geting longer jail sentences for non violent crimes than whites get for taking another humans life it wrong an u can’t defend or deny the fact that racism in the judicial system is very much alive!!!!
    Prayers go out to the family of this young women .

  56. Angela Thompson says:

    This case needs to be prosecuted. I’m sick and tired of those who have guns illegally using them to kill innocent people.

  57. jellis says:

    I don’t want to justify it but in the words of Tupac it may be time to start shooting back….isht only gets real when real shows up. because what were doing now blatantly ain’t working. That will get some laws changed….

  58. no justice says:

    The problem is this stand you ground
    Laws only applies when whites claim
    There were threatened or feared for their lives. If a black person is standing their ground this law does not apply.
    Example: black woman boyfriend keeps
    Beating her up, comes to her home where she gets a gun and shoots in the ceiling!! She was given 20 plus years in prison.
    This woman did not even shoot at the victim she was defending herself fearing for her life.
    This is not the only case where a blk person has applied thus see and it’s hasn’t worked in their favor.
    Zimmerman, Dunn & the shooter inthis case are cold blooded killers & if
    This was the other way around they all would have been convicted period!!!!!

    • Carlos The Danger says:

      You can’t claim you reasonably believed your life or anothers was under imminent danger if you have time to fire warning shots. Firing a warning shot means you’ve pulled your weapon too quickly.

      • Brian says:

        Wait so are you saying that it takes less time to shoot a person as it does a wall. A warning shot shows intent. Just because someone is holding a gun doesn’t mean they are willing to use it. She decided that it is better to shoot an inanimate object than a human being. She shouldn’t have to have been in the process of getting beaten to fire her gun, the established pattern was that he was planning to beat her. who is to say he would have stopped until she was dead. instead 2 people are alive and there is a bullet in a wall. We call that mutually beneficial resolution. No one is injured and no domestic violence occurs.Shooting him would have possibly killed him but according to your logic she would have at least not gone to jail.Stand Your Ground doesn’t mean kill somebody with no witnesses and make up what you want as you were the only one there.

      • OfficialDre_P says:

        Warning shot is no different then a fatal shot same amount of time to pull a trigger. Stop the bs

        • Carlos The Danger says:

          I don’t see where our disagreement lies. The whole point is firing a gun is deadly force which can only be lawfully used when there is reasonable fear of imminent danger justifying deadly force. By firing a warning shot instead of shooting the intended target you’re showing that you don’t believe the danger is imminent enough to require deadly force.

      • SG says:

        Or it could mean you didn’t want to kill prematurely! Who wants someone’s blood on his hands unless he is a cold blooded murderer. Because a jury of your peers says you’re not doesn’t mean that YOU are not! It simply means that you got away with murder.

    • noin007 says:

      Roderick Scott 2009.

      Get off your racial bullshit.

    • BADMOJODADDY says:

      Stand your ground in Florida has been used more times successfully by Blacks and Latinos than it has for whites. Fact.

  59. Ben says:

    your mom, your comments and way of thinking and people like you are the problem…enough said!

  60. Jaxx says:

    I really wish everyone in this country was blind. Then we wouldn’t have everyone out here screaming race this and race that. It’s not just color it’s the human race that is the problem. You have whites that feel that blacks are just lazy, welfare riding, good for nothing thugs (which you are completely wrong because there are just as many blacks in college as whites). I find it offensive that the word thug is being applied to young African American males. Young Caucasian males can be thugs too. Anyone can be a thug. I am a African American woman who is educated and has traveled the world and am ashamed of my own country because from the blacks to the whites all I hear is race this and race that and everyone pointing the finger at the other. Everyone seems to have a problem when it comes to black on white, white on black, white on white, and black on black crime. It’s happening everywhere. Some cases get national news some don’t. It doesn’t help when everyone starts throwing the race card around. My ex-husband is Caucasian and he says the same thing everyone needs to stop looking at race and focus on the issue. Zimmerman was just as at fault as Trayvon that night. They both could have made better choices, but neither did. Dunn had options, but he chose to do something else which resulted in him being found guilty of attempted murder. Zimmerman (according to his own interview) stated he wished he’d made a different choice that night because the death of that child is really getting to him. People need to stop race baiting and it’s all over the news. If this country was blind to race and only focused on the facts their personal feelings would not come into play because no one can tell me that hasn’t happened. If you sit in a room with eleven other people and hear the same evidence how is it that over half can say one thing and the other half say something else? Does it mean that one is less educated? No it means that personal feelings have come into play. Some feel that Dunn should have been acquitted some feel he should have had the book thrown at him. Well none of us were on the jury so our opinions don’t mean shit. Until we as Americans stop feeling the other race is beneath us or less educated than we are our country will only get worse. Unless you have sat down and crunched the numbers and know everyone in the whole US of A you do not know if all blacks are lazy,no good,uneducated,welfare riding, good for nothing people. As I said before I am an African American woman and I’ve never been on welfare, gotten in trouble with the law, I haven’t gotten so much as a speeding ticket and I am forty years old. People need to stop thinking that only black males get in trouble with the law because that is far from the truth. Again, I wish everyone in this country were blind because lady justice took her blindfold off a long time ago. Take your emotions and personal opinions out of the equation and start thinking with your mind and what you see before you. As with Dunn, I’m sorry sir, but like my grandmother used to tell me not everyone tells the same lie and what you do in the dark will eventually come to light.

    • Tony says:

      You mentioned that Zimmerman was just as at fault as Trayvon that night and they both could have made better choices and you said we should focus on the issue. The issue with that case was simple. Trayvon was an innocent kid minding his own business on the phone walking home. That was his choice. Zimmerman, on the other hand IS at fault and could have made better decisions not to approached this young kid. Please follow your own advice!!!

      • Thomas Weiss says:

        Obviously you didn’t watch the trial.

        • Tony says:

          I don’t have to watch a lame azz trial to know who was really guilty, I just use common sense, which MOST people don’t use at all, like that all white jury. The system sucks because the ones whom implemented the laws are the very ones that allow that murderer to walk free.

          • Thomas Weiss says:

            “”I don’t have to watch a lame azz trial”””

            You do if you want anyone to take your opinion seriously, you see facts are stubborn things…

            “The system sucks because the ones whom implemented the laws are the very ones that allow that murderer to walk free.


            So you think the jurors wrote the laws under which the trial was conducted?

            “like that all white jury””
            You know Zimmerman wasn’t white? He was Jewish (Semitic) and Hispanic, so…what would a white jury have to do with his acquittal?

          • Tony says:

            “You do if you want anyone to take your opinion seriously, you see facts are stubborn things…”

            My opinion is exactly what it is, mine! I can care less about how you or anyone else takes it.

            “So you think the jurors wrote the laws under which the trial was conducted?”

            I did not mention that the jurors wrote the laws. If it does not affect you, you wouldn’t have a clue what I’m talking about.

            “You know Zimmerman wasn’t white? He was Jewish (Semitic) and Hispanic, so…what would a white jury have to do with his acquittal?”
            Once again, I did not mention Zimmerman being white. If you know anything about black justice, you would know what I’m talking about. Allow me to school you.
            Black people are always pointed out as the suspect no matter what the problem is. Black victims are black suspects regardless of the situation and your system will do whatever it take to brainwash folks, like yourself, to believe it.

          • Thomas Weiss says:

            “””My opinion is
            exactly what it is, mine! I can care less about how you or anyone else takes

            Allow me to school you, if your opinions are not rooted in fact, you look like a fool.

            “”I did not mention that the jurors wrote the laws.”””

            Sure you did: You incorrectly
            “”ones whom implemented the laws are
            the very ones that allow that murderer to walk free.

            “”Once again, I did not mention
            Zimmerman being white””

            Then why bring up the “”all white
            jury”” ?? Whats the point??

            I wonder if you realize just how sick people (including a lot of black people) are of hearing the constant drone of “””victimhood””, you ought to go to work for the phony liar Al Sharpton, Twana Brawley and Trayvon Martin, you sound just like him, no facts to back up what you say except for crybaby victimhood.

            And if you’re going to comment on a
            trial, WATCH THE TRIAL DUMBASS../….

          • Tony says:

            “Allow me to school you, if your opinions are not rooted in fact, you look like a fool.”

            *** Since imbreeding causing your brain to malfunction, let me tell your imbred azz what opinion means because you have no clue. An opinion is a judgment, viewpoint, or statement about matters commonly considered to be subjective.

            Sure you did: You incorrectly
            “”ones whom implemented the laws are
            the very ones that allow that murderer to walk free.

            *** IMBREEDING really got your brain fried. WHERE DO YOU SEE THE JURORS????????? ASSWHITE!!!

            Then why bring up the “”all white
            jury”” ?? Whats the point??

            *** I think you would better understanding your uncle, father, brother, father, Hog, uncle. YOU ARE LOSE PEE BRAIN!!!

            People like you should outta be tired of being in denial of the facts about what goes on in America! My bad, Denial of the facts means:

            Someone avoids a fact by utilizing deception. This lying can take the form of an outright falsehood (commission), leaving out certain details to tailor a story (omission), or by falsely agreeing to something (assent, also referred to as “yessing” behavior). Someone who is in denial of fact is typically using lies to avoid facts they think may be painful to themselves or others like YOUR IMBREEDING DUMBASS!!!!!!!
            Now, allow me to not waste anymore energy discussing something you don’t have a clue about! GO FIND A CAT TO SCREW!

          • Thomas Weiss says:

            “”An opinion is a judgment, viewpoint, or statement about matters commonly considered to be subjective.”””

            Wrong again, sheesh you’re dumb..


            :a belief, judgment, or way of thinking about something : what someone thinks about a particular thing
            : advice from someone with special knowledge : advice from an expert
            : a formal statement by a judge, court, etc., explaining the reasons a decision was made according to laws or rules….

            Without facts to SUPPORT your opinion, you look like a fool. Do you get it now??

            “””very ones that allow that murderer to walk free.::
            Genius, who let Zimmerman walk free? Was it the jurors??
            You can’t even keep up or seemingly understand whats coming out of your own mouth tonight… Whats the problem?
            To many Skittles and Arizona watermelon Ice tea??

          • FishscaleBoy Run C says:

            I watched the trial now enlighten me, because from what I saw, a murderer got away with murdering a innocent black kid. Did you see anything different homeboy?? And don’t even get me started on how that murderers temperament has been cited over and over since the trial .

          • Justin_Igger says:

            That’s niggersense, not common sense.

      • Justin_Igger says:

        Trayboon was a guilty punk thug n1gger who was burglarizing houses and being a typical n1gger while drinking codeine cough syrup as so many other worthless n1ggers do.
        Glad it’s dead.

    • Justin_Igger says:

      That’s why God made n1ggers stink so atrociously: so even blind people can hate them.

    • Mary Jones says:

      You say Zimmerman was just at fault as Trayvon walking home with a bag of skittles and a ice tea talking to a friend on the phone with a hoody is a crime if Zimmerman would’ve listen to the police instead of trying to be one Trayvon would’ve been alive today

  61. Mia Maclin says:

    To be honest I just heard about this story and I don’t really get where all the arguments are coming from like why are y’all attacking each other how I see it don’t care what color he is he still murdered her but I don’t think people shud play the race card saying whites keep killing black folks Cuz I know plenty of blacks who have actually killed there own race and white people so how I see it everybody is corrupted anybody cud kill sumbody and get away it so if yu guys don’t agree that’s fine I’m just a kid who was stated her opinion

  62. Marc P. says:

    I really wish the moon crickets of the world would learn something about the trayvon martin case, for one STAND YOUR GROUND played no part in it.

  63. Jamyil Thomas says:

    guess ima start shooting random white people because i’m anticipating they will try to kill me, im just standing my ground.

    • Justin_Igger says:

      Then we will be standing on your face, on the ground, little n1gger. You know you aren’t going to do anything, so save it for your n1ggers. At least they might believe it, toby.

  64. GuestusPublicus says:

    If the truth is that she was NOT shot in the back of the head, why not put that in the headline and the first paragraph of the post? Easy, peasy. Truth has no place on this blog if it is in YT’s favor..

  65. Reagan says:

    This is an old case that I am just now hearing about. However, I would like to comment on how sad I am at the fact that racism will never become “just a thing of the past”. (I am not necessarily saying that this man was racist for murdering the girl so there is no need to attack me with “race card” comments.) What I am saying is just by reading the comments, it is clear that people’s opinions are truly reflective on the racial injustices that happened in the past. These injustices have created a permanent imprint on our society, and this is why people will always, always, ALWAYS pull the race card. NO ONE can convince me that mankind will become blinded to race. It’s far too late for that. As much as I would like for that to happen, I truly believe that race will forever play a factor in incidents like this. So for everyone that is asking “why is the race card always being thrown?”, honestly, it’s rooted in our history, and every incident will continue to build upon that.

  66. BADMOJODADDY says:

    She didnt’ “Shoot in the air”,,.. She shot at his head and missed.. And he had one child clinging to his leg and another in the next room where the bullet went.. Quit perpetuating lies.

  67. Motherof2 says:

    I absolutely forbid my children to set foot in the state of Florida and I will never visit this state again. This is crazy!!!

  68. soap box says:

    Seems like this poor girl may have paid the price for the fear instilled into scared folks due to the craziness they see and hear of in the Detroit ghetto areas daily. Carjackings, shootings muggings, burglaries, creeping out to the burbs got already scared,nervous people even more on edge. Will we ever really know what happened? Nothing good about any of it.

  69. Ruby says:

    To all that are upset with the system. There is only one word that explains its injustice and that word is “sin”. No matter how you choose to look at it. It is sin. It’s not prejudice. Sin is anywhere and everywhere you go in this world. There is only one way to ease the fear, pain, anger and frustration that you all are experiencing and that is accepting the one and only way to a peace of mind through the son of God Jesus Christ and to know that one day sin will be no more.

    Wait for it. …. SIN will soon show itself , causing you to be angry in disbelief of what was just said about it.

    What have you got to lose? Is there any other way to have a peace of mind in this sinful world? I know that there isn’t any other way.

    I will always need God’s forgiveness and mercy through His son Jesus Christ. I know that without Him, peace is obsolete.

    To the families that suffered the loss of a loved one
    and there are many, my prayers are with you and for you.

    Be blessed

  70. DEman19901 says:

    Racism is strong in America.

  71. ReecesQueen says:

    The point is the police lied, they said she was dumped on an outer road trying to cover up. How can yell stand your ground when you shoot someone in the back of the head its BS.

  72. Beryl King says:

    Not only did we take our eyes off the struggle but the chains they use to lock us up with are now invisible….We are considered slaves in this country still with NO RIGHTS! They know if your white it’s no big deal….We must come together and learn thelaw like our brother HHey Newton did because ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  73. Nevorchi says:

    Perhaps I’m wrong for this but…

    Had that been my sister… and I KNEW where this murderer lived… some body would have to die, and it wouldn’t be me.

    If this is not a wake up call then I do not know what is.

  74. Paul says:

    I thought about this case two nights ago as I was awakened by someone frantically ringing my doorbell and knocking at my front door at 1:40AM. It was a young white female about 19-20 years old needing help because she just crashed her car. Being half sleep (and mindful of the bad things that people do sometimes), I simply turned on the light, let her in and locked my screen door behind her (while I was still waking up), I talked to her to calm her down as I dialed 911. I could have easily approached the door with my gun drawn, but there was no need just as there was no need for this guy to SHOOT this young lady, let alone draw the gun on her. Oh and I am a black man. My story ended peacefully and I was thankful that she was not seriously injured (flipped her car) and that I was in a position to be helpful. The young lady returned to my house the next morning with her mother and sister thanking me for the quick response and assistance provided. There is nothing spectacular about my story, it is simply how we should treat one another, with respect and compassion.

  75. sean says:

    Probably was trying to break into the house, its in the nature of blacks to commit crimes. We should have a law allowing people to shoot blacks as they please in order to help eliminate the scum from society.

  76. Britney Robinson says:

    Why was she on someone’s porch though? I once locked myself out of my apartment, couldn’t get the landlord to open it up so I went to boyfriend’s house instead, it was like 1-2 in the morning. He almost shot me! He was pissed! He didn’t shoot me once he knew it was me, but he did have his gun out!

  77. Logic_Bomb says:

    I think the thing to take away from this is that the “Stand Your Ground Law” is a nonsensical law that has no place in society, especially in its current form.

  78. tim says:

    Zimmerman wasn’t even white ppl he was Hispanic so what you got to say about that one.

  79. Latoya says:

    So many people are playing the race card. Yes, many black youth are dying behind this stand your ground law. I have family that is scared for their own children to go out of town. The real problem is so many youth are dying and justice is not being served. Only excuses are being made for the death and everyone is OK with. When wrongful death has pulled your card. Will you want justice or just accept the excuse ” I was standing my ground”? Are you a criminal? Everyone should undergo due process. Taking matters in your own hands make YOU the criminal and if the law, that’s supposed to protect the people, turns a blind eye, God will get his vengeance. TRUST and BELIEVE. This is why other countries don’t take America serious! The politians and everyone in higher power only care for the money. They don’t care about the people. Just the dollar bills. That’s why we are fighting in wars now because we have to prove how strong we are constantly. I’m Sad to be an American.

  80. Nils says:

    “The big question is why is the mainstream media sleeping on this story, as usual?”

    You mean like how mainstream media ignored Trayvon?

  81. Justin_Igger says:

    Nah, n1gger. No peace for any of you. You’re right in the middle of a race war, and you’re doing our work for us while we kick back and relax.

  82. Justin_Igger says:

    You know damn well you n1ggers will get killed quickly if you ever had the balls do ever do that. Which you don’t, n1gger.

  83. Britney Robinson says:

    I will never click on this site again. They allow people to be harassed by racist people and allow people to be called the N word. This site is evil.

  84. Ibcamn says:

    this story won’t hit the MSM in a big way at all,never,maybe a little blurp on the screen,but nothing big!wonder if micheal O had a girl if it would look like her!??!what a load of sh!t… sharpton,where you at?mr jackson,how about making an appearance for them,donate some cash!!???!…corruption will not allow for it to happen,and all this does not fit the narrative the liberals want!!

  85. WSHH Top Comments says:

    Black teen

  86. Jaheyla says:

    The system was set up to destroy us all. Both ends . The devil is a liar.

  87. kebceb says:

    More white children’s need to get kills so they can see how we feel

  88. kebceb says:

    but this crazy because we got blacks fighting for United States of America and still get no justice I think we also move to another country or maybe back to Africa,it seem like we don’t belong in the United States of America

  89. kebceb says:

    this is not the land of the opportunity no more it is the land of the crackers just like what Michael Jackson said they never care about us

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