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TOP FIVE Most Ridiculous Arrests For Facebook Posts

Many people exercise poor judgement on Facebook, a site where Freedom of Speech may no longer apply. The following cases are the TOP FIVE Most Ridiculous Arrests For Facebook posts we have come across on Political Blind Spot.


Five Months Cruel and Unusual Punishment for Crude Comments

Recently, young Facebook users who have posted controversial status messages have ended up in jail. Justin Carter is a 19-year-old who has been in jail since February 2013.

The reason: he was allegedly insulted by a fellow League of Legends gamer who questioned his mental state and retorted:

I think Ima shoot up a kindergarten / And watch the blood of the innocent rain down/ And eat the beating heart of one of them.”

Sometimes the messages they typed were actually offensive. Other times they were jokes gone terribly wrong. One teen was even arrested for posting violent rap lyrics.


The Case of Cameron D’Ambrosio, aka Cammy Dee

On May 1st, Cameron D’Ambrosio, aka Cammy Dee, was skipping school and messing around online. He posted some lyrics that included a vague reference to the Boston Marathon Bombing and called the Whitehouse a “federal house of horror.” Shortly after that he was arrested and charged with Communicating a Terrorist Threat, a felony that carries 20 years in prison.

The post contained no specific threat of violence against any person or group of people, and in the context of the rest of the lyrics and Cams’ rap persona, it was clearly nothing more than a metaphor. A search of Cam’s house found NO evidence that he was planning any violence, but a judge still ordered him held without bail pending trial, until public outcry prompted his release.

Most of the time, the Facebook offenders are impulsive. They type before they think, and lately they’ve had to pay serious consequences.



A teenager in England, Matthew Woods, was sentenced to three months in jail after making numerous inappropriate comments about a five year old, April Jones and a four year old, Madeleine McCann, who had disappeared. The statements were disgusting, no doubt, but it was clear that Woods was trying to shock and horrify with his comments. No one believed that he was involved in the child’s disappearance.

To compound the problem with the arrest, the offensive comments stemmed from Sickipedia, a site that encourages the swapping of tasteless jokes. Woods’ Facebook messages included: “I woke up this morning in the back of a transit van with two beautiful little girls, I found April in a hopeless place.” and “Who in their right mind would abduct a ginger kid?”


Smash Down in Northwich Town

A more understandable arrest was that of Jordan Blackshaw, 20, and Perry Sutcliffe-Keenan, 22, who used Facebook to try and encourage a riot in England and they were sentenced to four years in prison.

Blackshaw created a Facebook event for “Smash Down in Northwich Town.” Sutcliffe-Keenan used a Facebook account to create a page for The Warrington Riots. The Guardian reports:

“Sentencing Blackshaw to four years in a young offenders institution, Judge Elgan Edwards QC said he had committed an ‘evil act’. He said: ‘This happened at a time when collective insanity gripped the nation. Your conduct was quite disgraceful and the title of the message you posted on Facebook chills the blood.'”

In this case, an actual crime was being encouraged. But strangely enough, there are people still walking the streets who encourage pedophilia, racist killings, race war and so on. Still, the UK continues to crack down on such hate speech more and more, so this one perhaps gets a pass.


A Nasty Divorce 

While going through a nasty divorce, Mark Bryon wrote about his wife on Facebook. A judge ordered him to either apologize or go to jail.

Mark Bryon and his wife were going through a messy divorce and his custody of his child was in jeopardy. He blasted his wife on his Facebook page saying:

“… if you are an evil, vindictive woman who wants to ruin your husband’s life and take your son’s father away from him completely — all you need to do is say that you’re scared of your husband or domestic partner…”


His ex-wife found out about the post  and brought it to the authorities. From USA Today:

“Domestic Relations Magistrate Paul Meyers found Mark Byron in contempt and ordered him jailed for 60 days beginning March 19 — or to post for 30 days on his Facebook page an apology to his wife, written by Meyers, if he wanted to avoid jail. He also had to pay her $1,156 in back child support and her lawyers’ fees.”

Mark Byron’s lawyer was shocked. “In a million years, I didn’t think he’d be found in contempt,” she told USA Today. “He did nothing but vent. She didn’t like what he had to say. That’s what this boils down to.”

Here’s the full, court-ordered apology Mark Byron wrote his wife to avoid jail time:

“I would like to apologize to my wife, Elizabeth Byron, for the comments regarding her and our son … which were posted on my Facebook wall on or about November 23, 2011. I hereby acknowledge that two judicial officials in the Hamilton County Domestic Relations Court have heard evidence and determined that I committed an act of domestic violence against Elizabeth on January 17, 2011. While that determination is currently being appealed, it has not been overturned by the appellate court. As a result of that determination, I was granted supervised parenting time with (my son) on a twice weekly basis. The reason I saw (my son) only one time during the four month period which ended about the time of my Facebook posting was because I chose to see him on only that single occasion during that period. I hereby apologize to Elizabeth for casting her in an unfavorable light by suggesting that she withheld (my son) from me or that she in any manner prevented me from seeing (my son) during that period. That decision was mine and mine alone. I further apologize to all my Facebook Friends for attempting to mislead them into thinking that Elizabeth was in any manner preventing me from spending time with (my son), which caused several of my Facebook Friends to respond with angry, venomous, and inflammatory comments of their own.”


All in all, it seems that our freedom of speech is rapidly eroding. Be careful what you say on Facebook, including jokes… Big Brother is Watching!


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  1. Kamiko says:

    People dont think twice about what they write anymore, and dont care about consequences or the hurt they leave in their path. especially the man making horrible untrue comments on his ex. some day his child will see what he has done, what do you think the boy will feel towards his father? what kind of man do you think he will be being mistreated by his father, because of his hatred for his ex? many grow up and repeat the mistakes of the father, because that is all they know of how to treat a human being. sadly.

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