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US Troops Kidnapped 4-Year-Old Survivor of Drone Strike From Hospital

A four-year-old Afghan girl whose had her face literally blown off during a US drone strike in Afghanistan has been allegedly kidnapped by American troops. The girl’s family claims that now the US military, in concern with an international organization, is hiding their daughter from them, to avoid pictures of their daughter going viral and raising awareness about the drone-based War on Afghan Civilians.

The girl, named Aisha Rashid, had been traveling with her parents, a sibling and other relatives. They were journeying from Kabul to their home village of Gamber in Kunar province on back in September. That’s when a drone bombed them.

One of the girl’s uncles, Meya Jan, was at home on his farm in their village when he received a phone call about the strike. He and neighbors rushed to the site to find Aisha, with her face destroyed by the American drone.

They heard Aisha moaning the word for “Water, water…”

Her hand was blown off, along with her face, and her leg was severely lacerated.

She was rushed to the nearest hospital in nearby Asadabad, but doctors said they could ultimately do nothing. An ambulance then took her to a hospital in Jalalabad, where surgeons tried to patch her face up a little, in spite of her missing nose and eye. Ultimately, they contacted the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), who then arranged for her to be sent by medical helicopter to Kabul four days later.

Finally, at the Kabul hospital, Aisha was then visited by Afghan President Hamid Karzai. “She had lost the whole family, the entire family, 14 of them, in the bombing in Kunar. And that day… that day, I wished she were dead, so she could be buried with her parents and brothers and sisters,” he said, recalling the visit five months later in an interview with the Washington Post.

“She is walking now, she is in America. We arranged for her to be taken to America. She’s there now,” Karzai said… But Jan and Hasrat Gul, two uncles of Aisha, said that the family never gave permission for her to be taken to the US, and when they asked to go with her, her family was all refused by the US forces who took her against the family’s will.

Since then, they have not been told any news about their niece. They believed the US military is trying to hide her because drone strikes are such a controversial subject.

We were informed that she didn’t have any family,” says Patsy Wilson, one of the founders of the group Solace told a reporter. The press office at Walter Reed would only say that the family should contact “local representatives at the base in Kunar about Aisha’s condition.”

“They probably don’t want her to become a poster girl for drone repercussions,” the family said. Some of them have said they doubt she is even alive anymore.  said. They even start doubting whether she is alive.

But Karzai says that he spoke to Aisha at the end of February, before his interview. “I called the family with whom she was. She’s still blind; she will not be a normal girl again. They’re trying to conduct plastic surgery on her,” he recalled. “The lady that looks after her, an Afghan lady, says she keeps asking about her younger brother who was 3 years old when they were killed.”

But Aisha’s uncle Gul said that while Afghans have been compensated $2,000 per victim in drone strikes, this is nothing more than an insult. “They want to give us money, but we don’t want America’s money. We have said that the only apology we can accept is what it says in the Koran: 100 camels.”

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  1. Angel says:

    100 Camels! What an idiot! This little girl is going to have a much better life here in America where she is considered MUCH more valuable than a lousy bunch of beasts of burden. These people are so much worse than ignorant… wishing her dead so she could join her family… anyone who believes these brain dead people should just go over there and live WITH them. This poor girl… the drone strike was horrible and wrong, but this “family” is almost WORST if that’s possible!

    100 camels indeed. Religiious people everywhere are nothing but a waste of space. Religion needs to be ABOLISHED!

  2. Justin_Igger says:

    Might as well just killed her, she was a filthy sandnigger terrorist anyway, or soon to be.

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