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WATCH Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’ Debate ‘Answers In Genesis’ Founder At the Creation Museum


Bill Nye “The Science Guy” is at Creation Museum in Kentucky, debating the founder Ken Ham, from “Answers In Genesis”.

Nye became famous as a children’s science show host. He has always been critical of creationism. He has stated that is harmful to teach the theory of creationism to children.

Ham is the founder of Kentucky’s Creationist Museum, and has said that Nye “doesn’t understand science correctly”.

We aired the debate streaming live on Tuesday night, but you can still watch the video of it below.

NOTE: You will have to FAST-FORWARD to around the 13:00 mark when the debate itself starts. 

(Article by James Achisa; image via HuffPo)

5 Comments on "WATCH Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’ Debate ‘Answers In Genesis’ Founder At the Creation Museum"

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  1. rtaylortitle says:

    Which god are you referring to? Man can’t even create a flea, but he can create gods by the dozens.
    Morals are not subjective…they can be derived objectively.

  2. Eleanor Clemons says:

    I am trying to watch but it’s not coming up .Don’t know why. I want to see this, and hear it if not read it. What’s going on?

  3. John says:

    Well worth watching or listening to.
    Your world view will determine who won the debate.

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