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What Saudi Prince Alwaleed, the Second Largest Shareholder of Fox News, Is Accused of Saying


Forbes lists him as the #1 Billionaire in Sa`udi `Arabia, and #26 in the world. In fact, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, sued Forbes for undervaluing him by 9.6 billion. Prince Alwaleed bills himself as the “world’s foremost value investor.” He might be right, as he is one of the major shareholders of Twitter stock, who refused to sell any shares when the company IPO went public. Prince Alwaleed did not buy in to the company because of a personal obsession with tweeting. He rarely uses the site and his profile follows no one. Instead, he bought in to Twitter right as the Arab Spring temporarily spread to the Sa`udi Kingdom. It was around that time that we stopped hearing about protests being organized in the Kingdom.

Moreover, it was Alwaleed’s uncle, Saudi dictator King Abdullah, who ordered the imprisonment of tweeting journalist Hamza Kashgari, who tweeted an imaginary conversation between himself and the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

But Prince Alwaleed is the second-most shareholder in another company that sways public opinion. This company isn’t involved in organizing protests, but instead shaping public opinion about them. That company is Fox News. To be specific, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal owns the second-largest block of stock (7%) in News Corp., Fox News’ parent company. This is no minor issue, as issues like the above plight of Kashgari, have been soft-balled or outright ignored by Fox News.

Recently Alwaleed has been accused of saying, “A strong U.S. government is not good for us,” a quote which we have been unable to confirm or refute. But whether these words came from his mouth or not, they illustrate an important point, if Prince Alwaleed wants a weak U.S. government, or simply wants stories about the dictatorship of the Sa`udi Kingdom to be swept under the rug, Fox News will do his bidding. Still to this day we cannot find a single story on Fox or News Corp. websites about the imprisonment of Kashgari. This is only one example of many. Reports of anti-government protests in Sa`udi `Arabia have not been deemed newsworthy by corporations which Alwaleed has a financial grip on.

Does this seem right to you? If you know anyone who thinks they are getting the real story from the Sa`udi Prince Alwaleed, and Australian Rupert Murdoch controlled Fox News – if you know someone who thinks this news outlet really has the United States’ best interests at heart – then let them know just who is running the show at News Corp.

(Article by Isa Abu Jamal and M.B. David)

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  1. Paul Browne says:

    Rupert Murdoch is an American Citizen now. Are you saying a old, ultra-rich, white, American businessman doesn’t want a strong, democratic Government? Hard to believe there are many like Murdoch about?

    The Waltons, the Kochs, Sheldon Gary Adelson, Bernard Marcus, etc, etc ,etc………

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