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White Power Leader Who Tried To Take Over Town Is Released From Jail


Craig Cobb, the white supremacist, Neo-Nazi leader who terrorizing and tried to over-run the small North Dakota town of Leith, is now being released from jail. Early Tuesday, a judge accepted Cobb’s please in the case that charged him with felony terrorizing and menacing.

Cobb had been held in the Mercer County Jail in Stanton since he and disciple Kynan Dutton were arrested back on November 16th when they went on what they called an “armed patrol” of property Cobb had purchased. Others in town described the events very differently, saying that Cobb and his followers showed up to directly intimidate those who had installed security cameras on their own property.

Cobb’s plea deal will allow him to serve four years of supervised probation but with no additional jail time. Cobb had already entered guilty pleas back on February 27th, in relation to one charge of felony terrorizing and five counts of misdemeanor menacing.

South Central Judicial District Judge David Reich followed these please with a request for more information before accepting the plea agreement and passing sentence on Cobb. Part of this pre-sentence investigation included a psychological evaluation, which apparently Cobb passed.

The best news for the people of Leith, North Dakota, a small town near Native American communities, is that Cobb said when he is released, he plans to move to his home state of Missouri if that latter’s probation system will accept him.

“I’m just going to go and try to get a 62-year-old girlfriend and companion,” he explained. “I want to retire from white nationalism, because I’ve had it.”

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