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Why George Zimmerman Was Arrested Immediately When He Abused A White Woman


Since George Zimmerman’s recent arrest and arraignment on charges of aggravated assault, battery and criminal mischief all I have thought about is how different this outcome is than when he shot and killed Trayvon Martin. Don’t get me wrong I am glad he was arrested on these charges; domestic violence should never be ignored, but it makes you wonder. Why is it that it took six weeks for Zimmerman to be arrested when he shot and killed an unarmed black male, but is immediately arrested on far less serious charges when the crime is perpetrated against a white female? The answer sadly is that even now, in 2013, the life of a white woman is still worth more than that of a black male’s.

Full disclosure; I am a white female, but I am also the wife of an African American man and the mother of a biracial child. When I first heard about Trayvon Martin being killed it made me worry about my son. He fit the general description of Martin; he was 17, large and tall, darker skinned, and often wore a hoodie. Apparently fitting this description makes you a threatening individual that one must use deadly force against. Then when Zimmerman was acquitted it felt like open season had been declared on African American males. Yes, many were outraged by the lack of action by the police, and then by the subsequent acquittal, but so many were not. So many people believed that Zimmerman was justified in killing Martin simply because he was a ‘scary black man’. It made me wonder how many people would now say he was justified in his actions towards his white girlfriend? The answer is none. No one has said it was because of the way she dresses, or because he ignored his instructions, or because she was in the wrong place. No, nobody is blaming the victim this time.

Perhaps the best place to view the difference of coverage is Fox News. When Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin, according to Fox News it was because he was a dangerous thug. Geraldo Rivera said that “the hoodie was as much responsible for the death of Trayvon Martin as George Zimmerman was.” But now that Zimmerman has been arrested for domestic violence against a white women he says Zimmerman “is a borderline psychotic”. Rivera goes on to list Zimmerman’s brushes with the law, conveniently leaving the killing of Martin off the list. So killing a young black male is understandable because Martin was dressed like a dangerous thug, but the assault on a white woman turns Zimmerman into a dangerous criminal.

No one is running to Zimmerman’s defense, there have been no monetary funds set up for his lawyer fees. During his arraignment his high priced attorneys were absent, his family was absent, there were supporters this time. Apparently, assaulting a white woman is taking things too far.

(Article by Kori Whittaker)

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18 Comments on "Why George Zimmerman Was Arrested Immediately When He Abused A White Woman"

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  1. Tyler St. Mark says:

    Let’s not forget that, at the time he murdered Martin, Zimmerman already had a criminal record for violence against a police officer as well as his girlfriend.

  2. Whizzbangmcguirk says:

    “The answer sadly is that even now, in 2013, the life of a white woman is still worth more than that of a black male’s.”

    Should one be worth more than the other? Please explain.

  3. Kori, I’m so glad that you pointed out these facts. If I can add one point. Had Trayvon Martin been a Caucasian female, would Zimmerman have identified himself as Hispanic?

  4. dimplz1026 says:

    His soon to be ex-wife was on Katie Couric yesterday and she stated that she is afraid of him also. She stated that he seems as though he is a ticking time-bomb. That man got off on a technicality with Trayvon but I’ll bet anything I own they will cross the I’s and dot the T’s with this one!He’s just like OJ! You got away with murder and instead of thanking God and going somewhere to get out of public eye and live your life peacefully, you do everything you can ton stay in it! Like a throwing it in the faces of the family kind of thing. He will get his and it’s going to be sooner than later if someone does not pull reigns on that psycho!

  5. Kent says:

    Funny how you don’t post the name of the writer of this article.. Are they a coward hiding behind a computer??

    What a piece of crap article this is.. based solely on the writers emotions.. Worthless as my friend Jennifer’s rants and obsession with Zimmerman.. Get over yourselves you cry babies..

    99% of America

    • MBD says:

      The author’s name is listed at the bottom of the article, as it has been since the article was published. It seems that you might have posted your comments before reading the article.

    • I love the whine of conservative fighting against moral shifts in public consciousness with their warped self-righteousness.

    • Come out that racist closet says:

      Funny how you, even you, fail miserably in understanding what you read. Look at the bottom of the article and you will see the writers name. However, does the TRUTH even need an author?

    • That 99% says:

      Correction you do not speak for 99% of America, only your small corner of the world which feels it’s okay to kill a child of any color based on his attire.

      I wouldnt be surprised if you were one of the many misguided folks who sent in money to fund his lawyer fees during the first trial. The only question is now will you be so quick to send in your contribution this time.

      Your comment in itself show your lack of judgement and depth, and I truly feel sorry for any offspring you may have fathered because they will most likely be just as misguided and ignorant as yourself.

  6. MrUniteUs says:

    Brutally honest article Korri. Thanks for sharing PBS.

    Clik here to see how

    Zimmerman self inflicted head wounds with gun

  7. Gwendolyn says:

    Frank Taaffe, is running to George Zimmerman’s defense obviously he’s the only one. Then remember Taafee, likes being on Nancy Grace & Dr. Drew on call & after dark on HLN. Frank Taaffe, put up the bond money for Zimmerman which was probably a front for the family.
    I wonder where the jury members are now they found him not Guilty & what they are saying about George. smh

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