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Will Europe Never Learn? Picture of Greek Woman Kicking Roma (‘Gypsy’) Child Hits the Internet

Greece Street Musician

While the United Kingdom has seen a rise in xenophobia, Islamophobia and racism amongst political adherents to the so-called “English Defense League” (EDL), other nations like France have targeted the Roma people (formerly referred to by non-Roma as “Gypsies”), even ethnically cleansing tens of thousands of Roma people in 2010. Famously oppressed along with Jews and various enemies of the Nazi Third Reich, the continued oppression of the Roma people has not fallen out of vogue with France, nor garnered the same public outrage and shaming as with other groups.

But France is hardly alone. Nations like Greece have been experiencing their own resurgence of fascism and racial xenophobia. Greece’s Neo-Nazi “Golden Dawn” party has recently received soaring numbers of supporters.

A viral video, which swept Greece, documented about 40 husky men, led by Giorgos Germenis, a right-wing Golden Dawn party law-maker. Germenis and company were filmed “marching through a night market in the town of Rafina demanding that dark-skinned merchants show permits,” according to the New York Post.

Some do, and they are left alone. But the action quickly picks up, as the men, wearing black T-shirts with the party’s name, destroy a stall with clubs and scatter the merchandise. “We saw a few illegal immigrants selling their wares,” Mr. Germenis says in the video. “We did what Golden Dawn has to do. And now we’re going to church to pay our respects to the Madonna.”

Now, a new viral documentation of the racism and Greece is sweeping the Internet in Europe. The picture shows a photograph of a female shop owner shoving a little Roma girl street musician on a walkway under the Acropolis. Roma children are often in this area playing music for donations, or selling flowers and the like. The action apparently infuriated this right-wing shop owner.

The photo originates with Associated Press photographer Dimitris Messinis, who was frequenting this busy tourist spots in Athens, near the main Metro station and now the New Acropolis Museum.

Many witnessed the event, but no one intervened. The Department of Child Protection of the Security of Attica has since launched an investigation to try to find this woman due to the bad publicity and uproar it has caused both outside of Greece, and inside amongst those who are fed up with the rise of fascism in their country.

(Article by Mikhayah Khalilan; Photo from the Associated Press)

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9 Comments on "Will Europe Never Learn? Picture of Greek Woman Kicking Roma (‘Gypsy’) Child Hits the Internet"

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  1. Alex says:

    Hi Im Alex im a Roma (gypsy) Emigrated To Canada In 1997 From Czech Republic and im really sad for mine kind of People whats happening in Europe its a shame to tread us like this looked this poor little girl this Woman is stepping on her like on peace of garbage.Not even animals get treated this abusive way they don’t get slept on,but the worst of all that it is just a little child whom play music most likely just to make some extra money to help her smaller Brothers sisters .Imagine how she was feeling how scared she was all this for a Music playing child its not Fair at all.
    We us a Roma (Gypies) we are not bad people we have good heart we love are kids we love to share ok i admit there is some bad Roma (Gypsies)
    but you can’t judge us for all the same .
    The problem whit the European People is that most of them are racist but some of them are good so im not judge all the People the same like most of the people judge us .But the trout is that White man can kill a man,beat they on mother,starve they kids,molest they kids .
    And nobody talks about it but the Gypsie going to still for they kids to eat not to get greedy and rich all media going to talk about it for days.Thank you very much if you not racist God bless you
    and God Bless Gypsies specially the kids have a good day

  2. Tracie M says:

    I hate this woman already. Someone needs to kick her in the azz. If someone recognizes her, throw a show at her azz like George Bush. ha ha!

    • Power to the Roma says:

      She should count her blessings that I wasn’t there and If that child was mine, that woman would be picking her teeth up from the ground. I do not condone violence but I would of defended that child by any means possible.
      An injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere. MLK
      Chumer mandis bull racista!

  3. How can anyone even have a conversation about when it’s ok to KICK A CHILD. GOD DAMN THIS WRETCHED HATEFUL WOMAN TO HELL.

  4. PHIL B says:

    How can a human being even think of abusing and bullying a child?

  5. Dinka says:

    “And now we’re going to church to pay our respects to the Madonna.”

    …Nevermind that Jesus and his disciples were basically gypsies themselves, going around from nation to nation and living off of the goodwill of strangers?

    Nevermind, because he and his mum would TOTALLY approve of this sort of treatment of others, amirite?

  6. Nelson Robison says:

    “We found a few illegal immigrants selling their wares and we did what Golden Dawn has to do. Now that we have done what we had to do, we go to pay our respects to the Madonna.” Like any god/gods would give their approval to giving a beat down to an illegal immigrant!

    There are no surprises in this article, because in times of economic upheaval the uneducated and unenlightened cease to be compassionate, if they were in the first place, and give in to their basr natures; that baser nature being one which hates and prejudges those who are “the other.”

  7. Ronnie Biggs says:

    The money men who screwed the world economy are probably quite happy for people to be blaming kids who look ‘different’ instead of looking at where the trouble really comes from. Same as it ever was.

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