Woman Dies after Her Arm Gets Stuck in Donation Bin

Woman tragically dies after getting stuck in clothing donation drop-off bin.

Woman tragically dies after getting stuck in clothing donation drop-off bin.

A woman died after she got her arm caught in a clothing donation drop-off bin and could not get it loose. The woman, Judith Permar of Mount Carmel, PA, was described as short, and apparently had brought a stepladder with her to use to reach into the bin. The stepladder collapsed under her, causing her to slip. The fall broke her arm and wrist and caused her arm to become trapped inside the door of the bin. Her feet did not quite reach the ground, so she was left dangling from the bin.

Police believe Permar went to the drop-off bin around 2:00AM. When she exited her SUV, she left the engine running. She went to the drop-off bin to either donate or remove clothing when the incident occurred, and she was not discovered until six hours later, around 8:30AM. At that time, her arm was still stuck, her feet were off the ground, and the engine of her SUV was still running. According to Weather Underground, the temperature had dropped to 21 degrees that night.

Instead of donating items, police conclude that Permar was removing them. They reached this conclusion because of the bags containing clothes and shoes that were found on the ground near the bin, the fact that engine of her Hummer was still running, and the unusual time she arrived at the drop-off bin. They also note that three months ago they received a report that a woman driving a black Hummer was removing items from a clothing donation drop-off bin.

Permar was pronounced dead at the scene. Following an autopsy, the county coroner determined the cause of her death to be hypothermia and blunt force trauma from her injuries. Her death was ruled accidental.

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