Shoppers Beg Police to Stop Beating Man in Walmart (VIDEO)

Police Beat South Carolina Man in Walmart

Despite Women Crying and Pleading for Them to Stop, Police Beat Man Brutally in South Carolina Walmart

While making an arrest at a Greenville Walmart store, South Carolina police officers were recorded as they repeatedly punched a suspect in the head despite shoppers’ pleas to stop. According to the footage captured by cell phone, the officers pinned Sandon Matthew Sierad and started delivering punches.

As per the police report, Sierad has been acting weird in front of the store, probably due to alcohol or drug intoxication. He said “I’m 911” before entering the store, which is when the officers decided to take action. To ensure that he stayed down, a second deputy tasered him when he resisted arrest. However, eye witnesses believe that the police went too far.

“There were a lot of women in tears saying ‘Hey, stop, stop,” said David Chimera. “There was no call for that, I don’t know why they did it.”

 In video footage, a customer can be heard saying,“Please don’t punch him like that. Please don’t. Don’t punch him no more.”

After the arrest, Sierad was taken to the hospital for observation. After reviewing Walmart security footage and phone video recordings, in a news release, Master Deputy Johnathan Smith said that the Walmart cameras show that the officers spent around 30 minutes trying to control Sierad and arrest him. Smith also said that Sierad is facing multiple charges including assault and battery since he tried stealing from a cash box and tried to take a knife from one of the officers who tackled him.

To prove justice, Smith mentioned that one of the arresting officers have been placed on leave due to an internal investigation. However, in light of recent events, it seems that officers may truly be above the law.

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