Write to Marissa Alexander the Mother of Three Who Endured Domestic Violence, Now Sitting in Prison for 20 years

The following is a letter Marissa Alexander. This is the real life human being. She is not a news item. She is not something to discuss around the water cooler in the office. She is not a concept, she is a real-life mother of three. She is the real life victim of domestic abuse. She is the living, breathing human being locked in a catch for firing warning shots – “standing her ground” – in the state of Florida. This is the woman who was brought to court by the same corrupt prosecutor who never wanted to arrest George Zimmerman, and who – once he was finally prosecuted 45 days later – threw the case.

Hello Everyone,

I want to thank each and every one of you for writing me, praying for me or even thinking of me in your heart and are continuing to do so. For the most part, I’m hanging in there, as well as one could in this environment. Prison is definitely NOT what’s happening. It’s dreadful here, but hey, it’s supposed to be, it is after all captivity.

My good days out weigh my bad days only because God is my source of strength. Please know that you all inspire me thru your communication and please know that the prayers that you offer up on my behalf are being answered. I’m so very blessed to have some of the most extraordinary people and organizations who are committed to supporting and encouraging me in every way. I will continue to believe in our justice system. I choose to do so because I have complete trust in God, and we are still a nation that has this fundamental belief embedded in our core, displayed in our courtrooms and written on our money, and more hopefully in our hearts.

Truly I couldn’t begin to express to you how much I appreciate your wonderful letters of encouragement. Please know that I do not take your time and kindness for granted. Your heart-felt concern I am most grateful for.

With all sincerity & respect,

Marissa Alexander

What can you do? First and foremost, SPREAD THE WORD!

Second, sign this petition to Florida Governor Rick Scott, and email Governor Scott directly.

Sign in to Facebook and “like” the Free Marissa Now national campaign Facebook page.

Finally, you can write to Marissa at the following address.

As with all prisoner correspondence (do not forget about other political prisoners who need the hope and encouragement of your mail), please include a self-addressed stamped envelope so that she is not forced to slave away for pennies to receive commissary money, to buy stamps.

Marissa Alexander #J46944
Lowell Annex
11120 NW Gainesville Rd.
Ocala, FL 34482

Write her NOW and spread the word, rinse and repeat.

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  1. Rod says:

    Too bad you wont print the TRUE story about Marisa….but that wouldn’t fit your agenda would it?

    • bhaggen says:

      Yeah, Wasn’t she convicted of 3 counts of aggravated assault? She fired the “warning shot” at her husband and his two young sons, nearly missing them. 2 of the charges were ligit because of the kids, the 3rd charge was a bogus overcharge in my book. But this bitch prosecutor Corey has a penchant for overcharging. They might have gotten a guilty verdict with Zimmerman for negligent homicide, but murder? Not a chance in hell!

      • PBSpot Admin says:

        Agreed on the over-charge of murder for Zimmerman. The travesty of justice was that the jury was allowed to consider lesser charges and they didn’t. But clearly a lesser form of homicide would have been more fitting. As for Marissa, we have absolutely zero proof that the original story of her abuser was true (that the bullets hit near them). He later recanted these claims and admitted that he ruthlessly beat her for everything from not talking to him the way he wanted, to being on the internet. Show me a child molester in prison for 20 years. This woman didn’t even hurt anyone, and she herself was the victim of abuse by all accounts. 20 years and still people say the prosecution isn’t racist.

        • jessica says:

          I am just curious. I live in Florida. Around the same time that Trayvon Martin was killed I was dealing my own son being killed by a man who ran a red light after it had been red for 30-45 seconds, was not tested for drugs and alcohol and not charged criminally for my sons death. The state did not schedule the traffic court date in enough time so his civil right to a speedy trial was violated and his citation – for running a red light – was dismissed. Both he and my son are white. I wrote Governer Scott a week before he appointed a special investigator to look into the Trayvon Martin shooting to ask him to please help my family. This man got away with murdering a 17 year old boy…same age as Trayvon Martin btw…and you know what Gov. Scott said? He is forbidden by the Florida Constitution to get involved in local police matters. Not even a week later I see that he has in fact gotten involved in local police matters with his actions in the Trayvon Martin case. The sheriff was replaced. They held the trial. GZ was arrested and still it is not enough. Yet my story of injustice is not the only one like it. I personally know of five just like mine. Nearly identical detail by detail. Yet we are told to accept our children were killed. Maybe not by a gun but a weapon nonetheless when used by a person who consistently makes bad decisions behind the wheel. Yet I bet you would not have a problem telling me what happened to my son was just an accident and I should accept it. Well guess what not every case is going to fall under stand your ground law. How about you try looking into cases where black people have successfully used stand your ground? Why are you not outraged by the officer in Florida who was outside went into his house to get his weapon, came back outside, shot his son with no clear threat to him at all and was found not guilty? Have you covered that story? Do you urge people to write anywhere on that story? Or do you just pick and choose which injustices you want to help make right? Cause if you want a list I have a list. I can find more. Everyday people are killed on our raodways and in most states unless the person is drunk or committing a crime in the process of killing the person they are issued a ticket. A ticket!! For killing someone. And you want to talk about injustice?? You make me laugh. The justice system is a fucking joke. There is no such thing as justice in this country. Not for me, not for my son, not for my husband, not for you and not for this woman if what you say is true.

    • PBSpot Admin says:

      The “true story” about Marissa is that she was brutally beaten repeatedly, fired shots at the wall to scare her abuser and was thrown in prison for 20 years. Let me guess, you think it is cool to shoot an unarmed African American teenager after you stalk him for block after block and he busts your nose, but a woman who shoots no one, only a wall, in a state of distress from being beaten for years – through no fault of her own – should be in prison for 20 years. No insert comment about how not racist you are.

      • Tiffany says:

        My understanding is that she went out to her vehicle, grabbed the gun, went back into the house and then fired the warning shots. I thought the problem was that she had gone out to her vehicle (hence she had the opportunity to flee) but came back and fired a weapon. I think if the gun had already been in the house and her husband was assaulting her I think the story may have been different.

  2. Eulenia Bell says:

    Praying for you

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