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“Yeah, I shot that kid” – An 8 Year Old ‘Trayvon Martin’ Was Just Shot

CBS News 11 in Dallas, Texas is reporting that an 8 year old African American boy was shot in the face while playing a game of “tag.” The youth, “DJ” or Donald Maiden, Jr., was shot by a Caucasian man who simply said “Yeah, I shot that kid” according to witnesses.

DJ’s mother, Latamarin Locklin, recounted, “When he ran in I just screamed. His mouth was just hanging off and it was just a big hole. I just threw him on the couch and laid him in my arms and put pressure on his mouth with the towel.”


His father, Donald Maiden, Sr. said “When I first saw him in ICU I started crying. I just put my head down in his bed and was holding his hand at the same time. And he opened his eyes. And when I raised back up I looked and there were tears rolling down his eyes and it gave me a little bit of spirit in my heart. It was joy, I guess he was kind of happy to know I was there.”

The shooter, 46 year old Brian Cloninger, was driving a pickup truck and had been seen loitering around the apartment complex where DJ lived.

There is a $2.2 million dollar bond for Cloninger, but no motive has yet been pinned pointed, leading most to conclude this was a hate crime.

(Article by Shante Wooten)

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43 Comments on "“Yeah, I shot that kid” – An 8 Year Old ‘Trayvon Martin’ Was Just Shot"

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  1. Fred Kearse says:

    Hey we can continue to sleep its people like yout George Zimmerman that will make thst sleep permanent. We keep thinking that some great powrr is going to come and intervene in this what they have planned. But remember poor planning makes foor soft targets wake up

  2. CAT says:

    The victim’s crime? Existing while black!!!

  3. Jim Wetherell says:

    Stand your strikes again. This a perfect example of where the use of capital punishment is justified.

  4. Judy Wood says:

    What’s he going to claim? That he was standing his ground? There is no way he could have felt threatened by an eight year old child. Just look at his picture, he is just a hateful man.

  5. OVERU says:

    This asshole needs to be put in the Gas Chamber TODAY & NOT tomorrow and stop wasting my fuckin tax Dollars!!!

  6. Col. K.Frazier says:

    There is never a happy moment when a tragedy like this strikes … and I feel for the young man and his family ….
    Still ; why wasn’t there a big fuss , where was the media … when those two black teenagers killed the 88 year old white veteran ?
    There was some coverage .. but; nothing like what happens when white kills a black person … and this is just wrong …
    Equal reporting would be nice for just once …. and stop the instigating between the races …

    • Anon says:

      The media only reports stories that are profitable and will shake the general population. It’s pretty much accepted blacks do most crimes so it doesn’t get coverage. More people tuning in equals more money in their pockets.

      • plainjane says:

        Whites commit as much or more crimes as blacks.the only difference is the whites don’t get punished so it don’t go on record unless they are poor white ones. The blacks get punished to let the white people know they still have a little bit of control over them.

      • tara says:

        Although it is accepted that blacks do the most crime its one of the biggest lies/coverups for the real criminals stealing our hard earned money through taxes stealing our property and taking lives only to sweep it under the rug or justify it in any way they choose.

      • Michael says:

        Are you seriously turning this into a platform to talk about race issues? Because God forbid white people not be the focus of everything. You both need to seriously rethink your lives.

      • J. Bev says:

        Do your research…there are just as many whites committing crimes as there are blacks.

      • Ken says:

        your right, the media only goes for the stories that make them more money. it doesn’t matter what color the person is, a crime is a crime, and it is all fu*ked up. there are a lot sick people out there killing kids for no reason, and those assholes just need to be put down.

      • Terri Byrd says:

        The media is always putting the whites in a great light and for one to make any other analogy is insidious. Zimmerman was wrong and it’s coming out and for a white man to shoot an innocent eight year old baby it unheard of. Had it been a black man that shot a white boy Nancy Grace would have been all over it. I hate that these ignorant white people are acting as if it’s okay what this spineless, slime, psychotic, prejudice, redneck did to this little baby. He was wrong and had it been the opposite I would say the same. It’ never okay to kill children and for anyone to stand up and make insidious comments about a race is just as ignorant as the one who did it.

    • Rob Easter says:

      Maybe Col., you could ask that question if thousands of blacks were lynched and murdered for no other reason other than they happen to be black. Or to make it clearer trying to eat at a lunch counter. Or use a drinking fountain. Or not riding in the BACK of the bus. Or they were accused of looking at a white girl. So when you ask yourself why isn’t a fuss made when a black person kills a white person, when they make such a deal over a white killing a black. Maybe you should look at history. Maybe it’s time we did make a fuss.
      Of course nobody should be killing anyone. Color should not be considered, but it is.

    • black and loving it says:

      Here we go again about why they didn’t have more coverage about this white person or that white person that the black guys killed well here is why…white people been killing blacks for years and getting away with it that’s why and when blacks kill whites 9 out of 10 times they don’t get away with it even if they didn’t do it.

    • tara says:

      Did you really just take a moment to bring up an old man being killed over children being shot and or killed? An 88 year old man has been on earth 88 fucking years that child has only been here 8 years. Killing is never okay but being robbed of your whole life and being robbed of a couple years isn’t equal. You don’t hurt children!

    • black and loving it says:

      right now this is about a 8 year old child…anyway it didn’t take long to make an arrest in the case of the 88 year old man…let’s see how long this arrest will take.

  7. whyyesyou says:

    Why did the police lie about the man age who they arrested.?And why is he not charge with attempted murder?

    • Terri Byrd says:

      He should have been arrested on attempted murder. I just pray for the little man and hope that he’s able to get through this. However, there are going to be constant struggles for him. Perhaps surgeries after surgeries. Whose going to pay those hospital bills. The United States are going to Hell in a hand basket. God is going to deal with all of this when He comes back. Where is Nancy Grace!!!! With her big mouth…

  8. nanci little says:

    Finally, Texas.. convict someone worthy of life in prison.. Let’s see if you can manage attempted cold blooded murder of a child. btw, if you cannot do the right thing even when it is staring you in the face.. Rick Perry… PLEASE TAKE YOUR STATE AND BECOME NORTHERN MEXICO!

  9. Brent says:

    Can we at least use proper English? ‘Pinned pointed’ needs to be changed to pin-pointed.

  10. Joshua says:

    When people like Zimmerman get acquitted because of a lackluster prosecution and bad laws, it just sends a message to people like this asshole that crimes like this won’t be prosecuted. Even if they’re wrong that’s what they think. How much you want to bet his lawyer tries to claim he was acting in self defense because he thought the 8 year old was ‘threatening” him somehow?

  11. E. K says:

    Excuse me, but what the hell kind of charge is injury to a child, when this 46 year old ass, deliberately shot this beautiful 8 year old in the face. Excuse me, but, where would any black 26, 36, 46, year old man, or whatever age black person be if he was the one accused of this horrific and disgusting crime. So many white people would want to blame it on our President just because he’s black. Saying, blacks are out of control now that our United States has a black President…Hello…Not saying all…but white people are out of control and have been out of control no matter what the race of our President is. If anyone is offended by what I just said, and not offended by this inhumane act of a white man shooting a black 8 year old boy in the face, don’t just feel offended, wear it, so we can really see who u are. This is a race issue, and even if it wasn’t, any person who does such a thing to an innocent child deserves to have a book the size of a building thrown at him…

  12. Seth says:

    Don’t call him the “8-year-old Trayvon Martin”. The issue with the Trayvon Martin case is that George Zimmerman (not white, by the way) got away with something he should have at least served time for.

    This instance is nothing like that.

    This has a guy saying “yeah, I shot that kid” with no claims of self defense. This guy will be properly dealt with. Don’t sensationalize it by calling the poor kid an 8-year-old version of Trayvon Martin. That’s like calling Chris Lane or Delbert Belton the “White Trayvon Martin”. The circumstances – and I’m sure the outcomes – are different.

  13. Jon says:

    Dont call him a “Trayvon Martin.” This is not the same thing. This is straight up murder, Trayvon was… Murder… But more ambiguous.

  14. shan says:

    This is horrible! Some people really have no hearts :(

  15. shiranna says:

    How is this boy the 8-year old Trayvon? Was he dealing drugs when he was shot?

    Why does the media make these connections btwn completely difernent cases?

    I am so upset about this little child , there is no self defence in this at all. Just out right hatred and evil. He is no Trayvon. He is just an innocent child.

  16. Jimmie G says:

    This happened in Texas? No surprise there. White people in Texas have been outraged about President Obama’s election & have billboards declaring Obama as Hitler. They applauded when the coward, Zimmerman, was acquitted of all charges although he murdered an unarmed teenager. Each time a black murders a white, as when the two teenagers killed a vet, there is swift justice. But it isn’t the same when a white or white Hispanic murders a black child. I am sure the state of Texas will barely convict this child murderer. He will probably have a light sentence & get a sympathetic all white jury who cannot justify putting away a white male for life because he killed a black child. Black children’s lives are not valued or looked as in the same manner as whites. That is the bottom line.

  17. tom says:

    1- Don’t kill people. Everyone just stop it.

    2- Have some compassion. Shut the F up and be respectful.

    3- To all white people (of which I am), don’t compare your situation to that of other peoples who are more oppressed than you.

    4- And to all the scum of the earth, may justice be served.

    My sympathy’s to those affected. This shouldn’t be.

  18. Devon says:

    This is just getting ridiculous. People can shoot children and murder them in cold blood now, this isnt even a race thing for me, but I know it definately plays a role. It seems like the pussies with guns and more bullets than morals are just plaguing our country. I hope you rot, and if you dont get convicted I’m sure a good samaritan will do him the great honor of delivering karma.

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