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Yes, Monsanto Actually DID Buy the BLACKWATER Mercenary Group!


A report by Jeremy Scahill in The Nation revealed that the largest mercenary army in the world, Blackwater (later called Xe Services and more recently “Academi“) clandestine intelligence services was sold to the multinational Monsanto. Blackwater was renamed in 2009 after becoming famous in the world with numerous reports of abuses in Iraq, including massacres of civilians. It remains the largest private contractor of the U.S. Department of State “security services,” that practices state terrorism by giving the government the opportunity to deny it.

Many military and former CIA officers work for Blackwater or related companies created to divert attention from their bad reputation and make more profit selling their nefarious services-ranging from information and intelligence to infiltration, political lobbying and paramilitary training – for other governments, banks and multinational corporations. According to Scahill, business with multinationals, like Monsanto, Chevron, and financial giants such as Barclays and Deutsche Bank, are channeled through two companies owned by Erik Prince, owner of Blackwater: Total Intelligence Solutions and Terrorism Research Center. These officers and directors share Blackwater.

One of them, Cofer Black, known for his brutality as one of the directors of the CIA, was the one who made contact with Monsanto in 2008 as director of Total Intelligence, entering into the contract with the company to spy on and infiltrate organizations of animal rights activists, anti-GM and other dirty activities of the biotech giant.

Contacted by Scahill, the Monsanto executive Kevin Wilson declined to comment, but later confirmed to The Nation that they had hired Total Intelligence in 2008 and 2009, according to Monsanto only to keep track of “public disclosure” of its opponents. He also said that Total Intelligence was a “totally separate entity from Blackwater.”

However, Scahill has copies of emails from Cofer Black after the meeting with Wilson for Monsanto, where he explains to other former CIA agents, using their Blackwater e-mails, that the discussion with Wilson was that Total Intelligence had become “Monsanto’s intelligence arm,” spying on activists and other actions, including “our people to legally integrate these groups.” Total Intelligence Monsanto paid $ 127,000 in 2008 and $ 105,000 in 2009.

No wonder that a company engaged in the “science of death” as Monsanto, which has been dedicated from the outset to produce toxic poisons spilling from Agent Orange to PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls), pesticides, hormones and genetically modified seeds, is associated with another company of thugs.

Almost simultaneously with the publication of this article in The Nation, the Via Campesina reported the purchase of 500,000 shares of Monsanto, for more than $23 million by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which with this action completed the outing of the mask of “philanthropy.” Another association that is not surprising.

It is a marriage between the two most brutal monopolies in the history of industrialism: Bill Gates controls more than 90 percent of the market share of proprietary computing and Monsanto about 90 percent of the global transgenic seed market and most global commercial seed. There does not exist in any other industrial sector monopolies so vast, whose very existence is a negation of the vaunted principle of “market competition” of capitalism. Both Gates and Monsanto are very aggressive in defending their ill-gotten monopolies.

Although Bill Gates might try to say that the Foundation is not linked to his business, all it proves is the opposite: most of their donations end up favoring the commercial investments of the tycoon, not really “donating” anything, but instead of paying taxes to the state coffers, he invests his profits in where it is favorable to him economically, including propaganda from their supposed good intentions. On the contrary, their “donations” finance projects as destructive as geoengineering or replacement of natural community medicines for high-tech patented medicines in the poorest areas of the world. What a coincidence, former Secretary of Health Julio Frenk and Ernesto Zedillo are advisers of the Foundation.

Like Monsanto, Gates is also engaged in trying to destroy rural farming worldwide, mainly through the “Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa” (AGRA). It works as a Trojan horse to deprive poor African farmers of their traditional seeds, replacing them with the seeds of their companies first, finally by genetically modified (GM). To this end, the Foundation hired Robert Horsch in 2006, the director of Monsanto. Now Gates, airing major profits, went straight to the source.

Blackwater, Monsanto and Gates are three sides of the same figure: the war machine on the planet and most people who inhabit it, are peasants, indigenous communities, people who want to share information and knowledge or any other who does not want to be in the aegis of profit and the destructiveness of capitalism.


So why were so many media outlets, editorialists and bloggers clamoring to say that the purchase was a “hoax”?

That’s a good question. The more cynical among us might suspect a financial incentive from Monsanto itself to such “journalists.” Monsanto indeed has hired a public relations team to seek out critical blogs and websites reporting on their crimes against both Nature and humankind. We have seen this first hand in comments on articles on Monsanto. It is not beyond the realm of possibilities that they have created blogs where seemingly legitimate authors write organic thoughts, observations and rebuttals. The public presumes these are real-world people, when in fact they are working PR for the company.

But the core argument of those who claim that the Monsanto purchase of Blackwater is not true lies in the fact that we can only officially document Blackwater being hired by Monsanto for years. Immediately following this extensive work that Blackwater did for Monsanto, they sold the company. Because of the nature of how the sale transpired, it is impossible to document who the sale was to. The obvious and logical conclusion to insiders (particularly in the private security industry), however, is that the sale was in fact to Monsanto who had been employing the group.

Xe (now Academi) has, indeed, been purchased, and while there’s no way of DOCUMENTING who the new owners really are, the logical conclusion would be that Monsanto, who had been employing them prior to the sale are the new owners. This, of course, would also make sense of the secrecy surrounding the deal and the identity of the new owners. The company was bought out by private investors via private equity companies that don’t have to divulge any of their dealings, with Bank of America providing much of the $200 million in financing for the deal.

New York-based USTC Holdings said it will acquire Xe and its core operating subsidiaries, but did not disclose the price or terms of the agreement in a statement.

USTC Holdings is an investor consortium led by private equity firms Forte Capital Advisors and Manhattan Partners.

Various researchers have been trying to document the buy via a paper trail, but so far without much luck. That, of course, is the point…

Keeping it private

One thing that is known: Forte Capital Advisors is the baby of long-time Blackwater ally Jason De Yonker:

DeYonker has unique experience with the Company that dates back to its founding in the late 1990s. He advised the Company through development of its early business plan and expansion of the Moyock training facility as well as supporting negotiations of its first training contracts with U.S. government agencies. Between 1998 and 2002, Mr. DeYonker co-managed Xe founder, Erik Prince’s family office which included management of Mr. Prince’s portfolio companies.

What does that mean? The guy is a glorified accountant.

Prior to joining Forté, Jason co-managed a +$100 million family office. In addition to actively managing various platform companies, Jason was a part of the executive team responsible for family wealth management.

Jason has spent the last 18 years advising on various mergers, acquistions and divestitures with an aggregate transaction value greater than $1 billion. Jason’s experience include: transaction advisory, portfolio management, real estate development, venture capital and cross border dealings. Jason began his career with Arthur Andersen Corporate Finance Group, and was a Director in Deloitte & Touche’s Corporate Finance Group. He also was the Finance Director for the West Family Trust, a venture capital group focused on cross-border transactons.

Jason recieved a Bachelor of Business Administration, with a concentration in finance and accounting, from the Univeristy of Michigan.

The other investor? It looks like the very junior partner will be Manhattan Partners, a private equity company – a shop that gathers money from anonymous rich investors and uses the pool of cash to  leverage buyouts of big companies they wouldn’t have been able to take over on their own.

Manhattan Partners invests in “compelling growth and special situation transactions,” but this will be their first known foray into defense industries – reports (via Spencer Ackerman):

Manhattan Growth Partners is led by Dean Bosacki and Patrick McBride. Bosacki serves on the board of “the world’s largest commencement photography business,” among other companies. Manhattan Growth Partners, which describes itself as “a progressive thinking private equity firm,” also holds a majority interest in Hugo Naturals, a line of organic, vegan-friendly soaps, lotions, scents and soy candles sold at Whole Foods and other greenwashed retailers.

At the end of the day, it would seem the logical conclusion is that in spite of arguments to the contrary, Monsanto in fact did by the Blackwater mercenary group… or at least the renamed Blackwater Xe (now Academi) Services group. The big question now is why?

About the author: M.B. David is the author of several scholarly works on Middle Eastern politics, history and religion, such as People of the Book: What the Religions Named in the Qur’an Can Tell Us About the Earliest Understanding of “Islam” as well as the recently published Sci-Fi novel Sleeper Cell 2240: Memoires of the 21st Century Interplanetary Revolution. He is currently working on his doctorate, writing a dissertation focused on the non-profit Hashlamah Project Foundation and associated global study circles.

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  1. Timo says:

    Following the trails in this research, I have a feeling it is not Monsanto that bought Blackwater. If you can borrow 200$ mln from the government at no rent, wouldn’t you do that?

    So it looks more like they founded the hedgefund to leverage the personally owned 10$ mln into 200$ mln, enough to buy the company out of their own hands, get the 200$ mln in their pocket and keep running the show.

    Sounds to me more profitable than selling out to some other company. The Manhattan Partners are exactly what it says to be: partners in crime. Maybe that is the vehicle Erik Prince is using to leverage his own capital.

    • MBD says:

      It’s a bit more problematic for the government to buy Blackwater. Monsanto seems to have the likely motivation since they had been so exhaustively hiring them prior to the buy out. If the government bought them then they would have to be accountable for their abuses, and that is precisely why the government likes using such contractors as contractors, because of plausible deniability when atrocities are committed. Since Monsanto hasn’t hired any new similar company since the buy out, it seems logical that the reason is because Monsanto bought them out.

      • Timo says:

        Still you are only talking about Monsanto and government. I state that it is not wise to sell out. I state that, if they really want to be rich, they created a hedgefund, lend $200mln from the Feds, which is legal, to leverage their own capital. Then they bought ex-Blackwater from themselves.

        This would make them a member of the 1%, keeping control over their own organisation. If they sold out to Monsanto, they would only be sitting on a pile of cash, with no real influence.

        That is why I think it is not Monsanto, but the founders, buying out themselves through 2 hedgefunds.

    • mike says:

      sell your soul to devil means your nothing but dirt going to hell not American at all not military at least the one ,I swore to god country corp.

  2. Patricia Wetterman says:

    Not to worry. Monsanto owns our government with their support and pledges; the members on the FDA and other Administrations. And works through this organization to help cover-up for the government abuse. Covering each others back. First a military group; second the food and wham!!! Control of the money system and the “free people”.

  3. Sethdarknight says:

    So now the glorify 1% has a mercenary army in their back pockets. This is not a game of private protection, this is a game of social and economical dominance. Mr. Gates, you made brave move in acquiring these assets however it has not gone unnoticed. We are the eyes and ears you wish to be blind and deaf, we are stars yet to shine, we are the voices in the dark, we see all and hear all. Try to be more clever next time, now let us see if Mr. Gates will insure the public in trust in revamping his industries (meaning Apple Inc.) back to the USA.

    • Everybodhi says:

      Gates has nothing to do with Apple, other than being rivals. Gates own Microsoft.

      • cmcc says:

        Just to clarify, Bill Gates does not own Microsoft. It is a public company. He was CEO, then stepped down. He remains on the board of directors but at a limited capacity.

        • Thetruth says:

          This guy “Seth Darknight” is an anti-american communist radical. He claims all sorts of “facts”, but he just pulls them off the Daily Show. his name is David Macht, lives in a trailer park in Kentucky and never leaves his trailer. Why, cause he has enemies everywhere and his wife is a wanted felon. He is a coward and malingerer who feeds like a parasite off the government teet.

          • What?? says:

            @THETRUTH: Im sorry and you are?? Who exactly?? Microsoft and Apple merged couple of years ago to “help” each other. Get your facts straight

  4. pearl connell says:

    I’ve been following Blackwater for a long time now. It doesn’t surprise me that these 2 two killing machines would buddy up. It does however scare the hell out of me.

  5. anon says:

    And Facebook is censoring photos of kids holding signs against Monsanto & not showing posts about Monsanto in the news feed. FB has sold out too.

  6. Neuza Maria Nunes Pereira says:

    Last time i heard about Monsanto, they were operating in Brasil, even Xingu tribes were trying to defend against them. Then they moved to Portugal, something about genetic food i think.

  7. Pat says:

    Monsanto is evil, no doubt. Keep it there. You cannot compare Gates and Monsanto. Look at the missions of the two. While Gates and his business practices may be in question, he has also donated to groups for good causes and is not hellbent on feeding everyone poison. On top of that, Monsanto has earned government protection for their evils and now has free reign to spread it, and Microsoft got targeted by the government several times. But as already stated, Gates doesn’t own them…and hasn’t for a while. Yeah Windows might be a bit buggy, but Monsanto is the real evil here, leave Microsoft out of it unless it’s an article about the evil of changing a good operating system into something useless or the pointlessness of a Zune player or Bing. By the way, I defend Gates and I’m on all Apple at home.

    • Kerry Frazier says:

      Gates is involved heavily in GM food projects around the world. His foundation helped to fund a GM rice research project in some third world nations and is heavily funding others around the world. His foundation does fund many humanitarian projects, but what good is the fruit if the core is rotten. When you enter court, the judge does not say ” well you did a lot of good things in your life, so the death of a small child can be overlooked”. My fellow humans, there are many evils in this world and we cannot overlook those who commit atrocities because they gave some schools computers.

  8. James says:

    Pretty sure Gates owns Apple stock, I’m pretty sure… Good grief, I just looked at the top shareholders of Apple stock. A who’s-who of corporate gangsters: JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, etc…

    Microsoft makes great software these days… their marketing, publicity and brand are in a terrible state though… Even as the company continues to grow 10% year on year

  9. James says:

    Update: The Vanguard Group is the biggest shareholder of Apple and Microsoft, and the 2nd biggest of Google.

    Who is Vanguard Group?

  10. Eggyolkio says:

    The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation bought 500,000 shares of Monsanto stock in 2010 . That’s the link you guys are missing.

  11. WHOCARES says:

    @ Eggyolkio – Great point. Planned Parent Hood was founded by Margaret Sanger & Bill Gates father “William Gates Senior” and they were targeting immigrants mostly black.. Margaret Sanger quoted the following “…human weeds,”… “reckless breeders,”… “spawning… human beings who never should have been born.” Margaret Sanger, Pivot of Civilization, referring to immigrants and poor people.
    Monsanto will use Black water to occupy other countries much like Corporations have used the Marines to strong-arm countries that were not on-board with the agenda. Monsanto’s agenda is world domination ..

    • Eggyolkio says:

      Don’t you guys understand we’re all in this together? Money may buy you a seat on the boat that manages to float after the shit hits the fan, but will it buy your kids a seat on Planet Earth 10, 20 or 50 years from now? Regardless as to whether you have a family, or not, are you really that heartless? Wouldn’t it be more in line with your hearts to use your money to stop this “apocalypse” from happening. You CAN do it by investing in organic farms, and calling out the evil that companies like MonsatanO, Cargill, Dow, Bayer, and the other GMO companies that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation want you to buy into as “feed the world GMO solutions” *cough, cough*.

      Above all, don’t invest in these companies on any level, because money is the only language they understand, . We need an agricultural revolution to put a stop to the insanity, but we need people to wake up first.and make corporations such as the ones stated above recognizable as the 4th branch of our government, not as the corporatocracy future world leaders.. Teachers take note!

  12. Dunnomuch says:

    Vanguard is just an index fund. They buy a percentage of every stock available depending on each company’s capitalization. You can then buy Vanguard Mutual Funds and your investment then goes up and down in harmony with the stock market. I used to own some Vanguard funds. (sold’em to buy a car).

    • MBD says:

      Yeah, i didn’t look into what that commenter was talking about, but if they mean Vanguard Mutual Funds then yes, they are one of i think two or three companies that has the weight to by into DFA funds, which is – as you said – really just index funds with a few very minor tweaks. Vanguard is the most popular though. i used to actually work for one of the other DFA-buying companies. They were totally bummed on how big Vanguard was compared to them. Anyway, i just designed for them though.

  13. mary says:

    Hmm . . . the FDA, USDA, and EPA have all given Monstanto their blessing when they shouldn’t have, and M got it’s way with Congress too. Now the State Departments private military (it’s past militia – don’t know it’s current one) is at Monsanto’s beck and call. Just a few thoughts while musing about “why”.

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