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Does George Zimmerman’s Willingness to Fight DMX Prove He Murdered Trayvon?


Much of the world is watching the news of George Zimmerman’s “celebrity boxing match” in horror. George Zimmerman is no celebrity, nor should he be made into one. A petition to stop the match has gained a lot of traction in a short period of time, but ultimately we all know that there are no legal grounds to stop this fight that would not result in Zimmerman being locked up. Petitions like this emerge because we know that it is ultimately unfair and unjust that Zimmerman shot an unarmed 17-year-old, who he vastly outweighed.

How was it unjust, a few of you out there might unfortunately be asking?

Zimmerman and his supporters based their arguments, of his need to shoot the unarmed teen, on George’s supposed inability to fight. Zimmerman had trained in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), but his defense even called George’s MMA instructor to testify that he couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper sack. So why is Zimmerman now challenging everyone from Kanye West, to DMX to fight?

DMX is no slouch. With a criminal rap-sheet touting over 25 arrests, he has been in more than a few fights in his day. Zimmerman, however, painted himself as a defenseless man, who could not grapple with a 17-year-old who he stalked for blocks, after the 911 operator he called told him not to.

Zimmerman’s defense said that a much lighter teen in full mount on George was a life-threatening situation, even though he only had a small cut and minor topical abrasions on his head. Even though there was no evidence that his life was actually in danger, Zimmerman’s attorneys focused on the hypothetical “next hit” that “might” have killed George had he not drawn his gun (somehow, which has yet to be effectively explained, if Trayvon was in full mount), and fired upon the youth.

Now the dust has settled, and Zimmerman is a free man (aside from his massive legal debts). It seems strange to see a man who based his criminal defense on his inability to fight now picking fights with people who should have no problem destroying the man described by the defense in the trial for the murder of Trayvon Martin.

What do you think? If Zimmerman thinks he can fight DMX, why couldn’t he fight Trayvon Martin, without pulling his gun?

(Article by M.B. David; image via PBSpot)

3 Comments on "Does George Zimmerman’s Willingness to Fight DMX Prove He Murdered Trayvon?"

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Let them fight. I pray that DMX pounds his a** into the mat and shows him what a REAL fight is like!

  2. rosi says:

    It would be good if no one bothered to fight him, and didnt continue to feed the machine. GZ is effectively exploiting the act of killing a 17 yo boy in the name of fame and status.
    This is a seriously bizarre outcome to a terrible tragedy. So sad.

  3. Ramon says:

    Damn Right let him fight! D, I will contribute to you whoopin that ass!

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